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If you have seen my top 10 ero mangaka then you already know of my adoration for Takeda Hiromitsu. ImaRia is one of his works and his first released in English uncensored thanks to Fakku. I decided to jump and see if the weight of expectation hurt this volume or was merely a worry about nothing.

Kazuya is a normal guy but with a special sister. His sister Honami is an incredibly successful idol. She constantly demeans him and ridicules him whilst he cannot help but think dirty thoughts of her despite their blood relation. One day, upon hearing some noises, he spots Honami masturbating up against a poster of himself, uttering all sorts of lewd things she wants done to her. She notices him though and thus begins a spiral into a sexual mire.

I liked this set up a lot; it’s not complex but simple and streamlined enough to keep it open in terms of what can happen. I particularly like the route it eventually takes with idols as they degenerate into sex obsessed girls. The progression also felt natural and it paces perfectly with new scenarios being thrust onto the page just when you think it might be becoming a bit overused or overdone.

I’ll get this out of the way; yes a lot of what you will read in here has been done before in some form or another but that does not mean it is average or retreading the same path. With his exquisite art, salacious sex scenes and well written chapters Takeda Hiromitsu perhaps reaches the pinnacle of a mind break series with a wealth of erotic beauty.

The content here is most certainly not for everyone. It is very demeaning, degrading and objectifying whilst containing rape, mind break, pet play, NTR, gangbangs, incest and more. If you’ve ever read any of the mangakas work you have a good gist of what to expect. It goes without saying that if any of that sounds off putting to you then steer clear.

Though there are a couple of excellent one shots here the main crux of the book focuses on Honami. From her time with her brother where she lets out her perverted inner self to the time she has to go on a shoot and that is where the fun begins. Reluctant at first she slowly but surely begins to break under the constant stream of pleasure. From wearing the tiniest of bikinis on a beach photo shoot to being rubbed over with an aphrodisiac drug to being awoken from her sleep and raped to the final irresistible breaking of her it is a fun ride.

She begins feeling pleasure against her and tries to brush it off. She locks herself away thinking of her brother to try and get through this but she cannot escape. As the crew bind her, blindfold her and begin fucking her she slowly begins to feel the pleasure increasing ever more until she gets to the point where she cannot resist anymore. This is where the degrading elements step up drastically and the fun takes another step up.

Costumes depicting her as a cow, treating her fans with sexual delights, having mindless full blown sex with anyone she can whilst sending video message to her beloved brother, begging for more sex, more pleasure she has broken but not completely. A further phase is needed to fully break her in. What comes after that manages to keep up the intensity, escalating levels of sexual scenarios until the finale which is the perfect culmination of all that’s gone before as the girls feel no shame anymore and delve right into the sexual abyss.

One of the side stories focuses on another idol Seika mid way through all of this. She is facing a downturn in popularity with her record label ready to drop her so she will do just about anything to redeem herself. This chapter involved a really creative game show for the idols to redeem themselves. Naturally this means all manner of lewd and erotic events!

It’s here where we get a glimpse of what we could be getting further along in the book, idols doing incredibly erotic and degrading acts to get popularity and it works oh so well. She wears a very skimpy outfit, has to climb across an aphrodisiac coated rope, ride an ugly fat mans cock, pedal a kids bicycle with a fat man fucking her and more. Every act becomes increasingly more degrading, arousing until the girls break one by one at various stages. It is beautiful and the finale really capped it off.

Picking out a favourite scene amongst all of this is just too hard to do; it is a constant stream of fantastically erotic content, scene after scene piling on more and more lewdness. If anything I’d say that what comes after Honami leaves for her photo shoot makes the initial sex scenes with her brother seem pedestrian in nature. Similarly it is hard to pinpoint anything I didn’t like in this. Everything just goes that one step further to make it stand out, to make it that more enjoyable a read.

The art here is by Takeda Hiromitsu and oh boy does he deliver in this department. He knows how to draw girls in a state of ecstasy, how to draw the female form to accentuate all their proportions on their voluptuous bodies with sizeable breasts, ample curves and incredibly seductive outfits. He also has the art of position nailed down with the girls displayed in ways that you can feel their lewd and vulgar bodies brought to the fore. Whether the girls are giving oral, taking it anally or in their pussy you see the perfect angle that shows their pristine bodies being defiled and seeing how they succumb to this pleasure.

A quick word on the release itself, Fakku have brought this over to us 100% uncensored, full size and with full colour illustrations, basically what you get in the Japanese copy (which I also have) you get here in all its glory. Full credit must go to Fakku for releasing this as it does not fall into the vanilla category most ero in the west fall into so have taken a risk, especially as some of the content will no doubt offend some.

After reading numerous doujins by Takeda Hiromitsu I was eagerly anticipating his original works and ImaRia has not let me down. With the eroticism and lewdness turned up to eleven he has delivered a fantastically salacious work which will satisfy any fan of the genre and style. Go buy it, read it, read it again and then go beg Fakku to release more of his works. You’ll feel you’ll need to.

Mangaka: Takeda Hiromitsu
Release: 2013 (Japan) 2016 (US)
Length: 7 chapters, 1 volume
Available: JList, Fakku


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