Review: Inshitsu Otaku ni Ikareru Kanojo

It takes a lot for an ero work to stand out, especially so in the NTR and mind break genres where there are an abundance of anime out there. Based on the VN of the same name by Pin-Point this offers a look at a murky world and stalker but does stand out on its own or get lost in the sea of blandness?

Saki is a beautiful girl who lives with her adopted brother Shuuji. Being adopted and always with each other there are rumours about them and they themselves cannot help but feel strongly toward each other. They decide to go at it as a couple in a platonic relationship. Not being enough for Saki she masturbates to her brother at night. Little does she know one of these times she is secretly filmed. This perpetrator threatens to expose her to the world if she doesn’t go along with his demands and she reluctantly accepts.

As far as setups go there isn’t anything extraordinary about this, it’s simple and to the point and does not shy away about the sibling love. What is different and what does raise questions is how the stalker got a camera into her room and how he knows her number? Usually stalkers prey on their victims in public places where they are more vulnerable but in the safety of their own homes is a fresh twist on it.

Saki is fairly standard as lead girls in these types of series go. She is reluctant, fierce when needed, has a deep love for her brother and will do anything to protect him. More interesting is her brother, he isn’t the idiotic guy most males in this situation are, no, he is smart and notices when Saki is acting differently. When he finds out something is off he wire taps (no really) her clothes and follows her. It was a pleasant surprise to see someone act on it like this.

The sex scenes here are both plentiful and varied covering all three episodes. There is a lot of rape, slave play, mind breaking, humiliation and degradation in this series. It comes with the territory but to warn anyone who does not like seeing this then I would recommend not watching this.

It starts off tame but quickly knuckles down into the nasty side. Saki is alarmed at the orders given to her, flashing her panties in broad daylight to hundreds of commoners but this escalates quickly as the seeds are planted. Ordered to a love hotel she is blindfolded and ravaged all night by her stalker, he tortures sexually by biting her nipples and stripping her down. The roughness made sense here, he is a stalker and he finally gets his grubby hands on his new toy.

From there we move onto all manner of scenarios. Saki is forced to wear a vibrator and has an exciting encounter on the train which brings a new direction for her in the form of anal, she is molested at a cinema tries to fight against the anguish and hold in the noises of her feeling pleasure, the sex becomes more aggressive until she finally admits to being a slut and submitting. A lot of this has been done before sure but the way it displays it and the magnificent art pull it above others.

I felt the strongest scene here was the incredibly perverse finale. Whilst I will not spoil things it tied up just about every seedy part I liked and dialled it up a notch. Saki is a wreck of mixed emotions, she wants pleasure, she wants to be owned but there is still a small part of her holding out hope. A rough gangbang and a drug cocktail later and she is writing in agony, her speech pattern broken, head on the floor covered in cum excited at the prospect of more men to satisfy her lust.

One of the strong points of this is the way it handles the NTR elements. Usually you see brief glimpses of the boy but the main focus is on the girl. Here the main focus is on the girl but the boy gets his fair share of the spotlight also. Frequently it cuts to him, whether it is him seeing the photos of Saki on his phone or investigating. You see subtle changes in the way he acts, become agitated and distraught knowing something horrible is happening to Saki and it is lovely watching him as helpless as he is. Then just when you see a glimmer of hope for them the way Saki has been treated and trained comes back to haunt her.

Something else I really loved was the progression of Sakis breaking. As a good mind breaking should go the changes come one by one over the course of the three episodes and a scene in episode 3 showcases the progression made. Returning to the spot Saki reluctantly exposed her panties she is wearing none and begins masturbating as a crowd gather and she puts on a lewd show of sorts. It was the perfect way to show how she has changed and what she will do.

I did have my problems though and it comes down mainly to the story. A camera was placed in Sakis room but you never find out how, you never find out how the stalker got her number and it does weaken it somewhat. There are hints as to who it might be through little nods such as ‘I didn’t raise you to be a slut like this’ or the closeness to be able to place a camera in her room which leads me to think it was her father but it is never addressed especially as he is away on business. The father element would have worked wonders and added that bit more perverseness to it but is never confirmed.

Visually the show is somewhat of a mixed bag. It can appear rough around the edges at points and the animation whilst smooth for the most part is prone to frame recycling and limited movement outside of sex scenes. There are some lovely angles on show here though to display Saki in all her salacious glory in all manner of situations from the up skirt shot of the vibrator falling out of her pussy to being forceful with her. The art is glowing here and provided by Takeda Hiromitsu. It showcases his style well with Saki who has lovely curves, large breasts and a thin body in the right places. Her facial reactions could have been a bit better but that is nitpicking.

I really liked this show and have re-watched multiple times but the unresolved issue of who was setting her up still niggles at me though. In the grand scheme of things it matters little as the remaining content is salacious and lurid enough to keep you watching and wanting more and that is all you could want really.

Studio: Studio 9 MAiami
Release: 2011
Length: 3 episodes
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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