Review: Ochita Yume no Naka de

I first discovered Arai Taiki whilst looking around for new manga that matched my particular kinks and found one of his works: Ochita Yume no Naka de. I was hooked from the voluptuous girl on the cover which seemingly showed she had a dirty secret and after delving in I found a new favourite doujin. Let’s see why that happened.

The setup here is simple, school idol Mifuyu Fujinaki is adored by all, lusted after by boys but appears unapproachable, deemed too sweet and innocent. Little do they know she hides a secret: she has been hypnotised by an ugly, gross teacher to become his sex slave. This is run of the mill generic sure, its bare bones and sets up what it needs to, that is it. I don’t see a problem with this, it gets to the point quickly and gives the reader enough to get pleasure out of this.

This mini-series contains a lot of salacious content; hypnotism, humiliation, scat, pissing, rape, gang bangs. This is degrading content and not for everyone, if any of this sounds off putting to you then stay away for your own good.

Volume one covers Miufyus reveal of her hypnotism, from initial reveal to her pleasuring sensei to going to a love hotel with him to experience some extra salacious acts. It takes us through what she’s going through, from sucking on his dick, giving a rimjob to wearing an incredibly lewd outfit under her school clothes it ramps up the erotic whirlwind every page.

The second volume continues by leading on from the last, sensei takes her outside for a walk, after forcing her to not shave, take a shit or piss he parades her around, treating her like a sow before taking her to school to squeeze out some more perverse pleasure. Again the ante is upped and the elements remain incredible.

Volume three offers a fitting climax as Mifuyu enters her final stage of training: fucking other guys. Sensei takes her to some associates for a week of full on training where she descends into a true sex slave. It matches the progression from previous volumes and never feels out of place. Seeing her being devoured by these old men is a joy to see and she salivates at the prospect of both pleasuring them and herself.

A special mention on the emphasis of nose play, from early on as sensei strokes his dick against her nose it is prominent and the frequent use of nose hooks and even piercing is most welcome for me personally. From the fingers stretching her nose to the old men licking her it taps into a favourite kink of mine.

As this series is about moral degradation and turning the perfect girl into a sex slave it ups the ante with each scene progressing her path towards this. As the reader I am excited to read on, to see what new form of humiliation comes next. It helps that gross guys training innocent girls is totally my kink but here it paces so well. It makes you anticipate the next volume and when the final page comes your thirst for more is palpable. That is a sure fire sign of knowing a manga like this has nailed its execution.

One key aspect I like is the way Mifuyu commentates on what she is doing, how much she is enjoying this filthy pleasure, how much it arouses her and that she can’t live without cock. Sometimes in hypnotism based works they just leave the girls in a blank trance but I liked how unknowing she is in this, how absorbed in being degraded she is. Hearing her describe, in detail how she pleasure sensei, from her steps to giving him a rimjob or seeing her voice break in pleasure at the prospect of the more humiliating acts is what I want out of a series like this.

I may be gushing here but there is one area it falters for me: scat. I am not a fan of scat and it is present here in second and third volumes. I find it disgusting and very off putting. I know it is supposed to represent another level of perverseness and of Mifuyu becoming a do anything slave but it is negative for me. It is a big focus in those scenes as well, pissing I am fine with but this just steps over my personal line of what I enjoy.

Artistically this is stunning. Mifuyu is given the finest of details. She is incredibly voluptuous with curves to die for, huge breasts and a body that oozes erotic nature. With there being a lot of different scenarios here that allows for Arai Taikis artistic talent to come to the fore. Whether it is Mifuyu being led around naked in the streets, being gang banged or wearing the most lewd of outfits it always gives her full focus and emphasises her salacious points.

One aspect that really came to notice for me was Mifuyus facial expressions. Throughout the 3 volumes her facial expressions are a delight to see from the lusting, to the tongue sticking out as though she was salivating from the prospect of humiliation she is always in a state or perverse euphoria. Facial expressions are key in helping show off the girls state and this worked perfectly always giving you a visual of her whatever situation she is in.

As a doujin series this is near perfect for me and for any other lovers of numerous kinks they will likely find it also. Sure the plot or setup is minimal at best but the mangaka knows what the real focus is, doesn’t try and pad it out and it gets right down to the point. Bar some off putting kinks involved this is something I can recommend to anyone who finds the moral degradation field to be their thing.

Mangaka: Arai Taiki
Release: 2017
Length: 3 volumes
Availability: Mandarake


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