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Dropout is a manga from Fan no Hitori (a really great ero mangaka) and later on adapted into 2 OVAs. The manga is made up of multiple stories, some standalone and others tying together whereas the anime of Dropout adapts the first few chapters of this and splices another one in. Having already fell in love with the manga I was excited for the anime but had trepidation about whether it would do it justice. Does it fly high or flounder?

The story is as bizarre as it is interesting. Basically in the near future the government has passed a bill, this bill means that the youth who fail to get into college must enter into the Dropout programme. This programme puts them into different roles because of their failure to get on in life. One of these roles is for the beautiful girls to serve as the sex slave in effect of high performing students to reward them and push them to perform even better. This is the story of Niimi and the girl he has fallen for.

Now that right there is a really good take on the sex slave genre. It’s so stupid yet so fascinating that something like that has been passed in this world. Granted to watch anime in general you have to have a real sense of disbelief to get the most out of it and this is the case here. It goes in the direction you may expect but along the way throws a few curve balls as Niimi comes to terms with having Reika as his personal sex slave. It reminds me a lot of Ryuta Amazumes Kimi no Na wo Yobeba adaptation in the way the girls are treated like tools but this one isn’t as dark or depressing as that one was.

The focus of this anime is Niimi and Reika Shichijou. Niimi is a model student, always studying, always wanting to do his best. He also has taken quite the liking to a senior student Reika but never has the guts to ask her out or approach her and feels his chance is blown as she graduates with her boyfriend. So basically most kids in his position. He is somewhat reluctant to treat Reika the way she wants when they meet again under those circumstances but he gradually gets into the swing of things and gives Reika what she desires.

Reika herself is incredibly intelligent and had her pick of colleges and careers to go after but she took a very different path and chose to become a Dropout. What is nice and refreshing is that Reika actually wants to be this. The revelation came that she chose to become a dropout as she was just so fascinated and entranced by seeing a dropout and the pleasure she could derive from it for the first time. She wasn’t mind broken into this nor was she forced in any way. She just let her urges take over.

The content in Dropout covers a vast array of fetishes; oral, pet play, exhibitionism, humiliation, bondage and more. There is rape but it is not at the forefront of anything here. It is mainly used as a side-effect of the Dropout system being enforced as the girls who are placed into this understandably try to resist and get punished for it. There is a hint at some NTR but nothing ever comes of it as it is swiftly swatted down by Reika herself which was nice to see.

The animation is fluid and whilst small scenes are re-used it always looks the part. Is it great by even seasonal anime standards no but we know that most if not all ero anime are done on a budget and you can tell they really put the effort in. After umpteen ero anime with the most limited of animation you really appreciate a show like this when it comes along.

The art is very faithful to Fan no Hitoris work in the manga and the colour palette used is beautiful. The girls are drawn as salaciously as you’d expect with an idealist view of the girls. Just the right curves, breast sizes, lovely legs and any other facet of the female form you admire. Reika being a dropout wears the uniform but underneath a bondage esque outfit wrapping around her body and even gloves whilst also wearing a colour with her name. I also liked the little details, that the school had various ‘equipment’ ready to use on the dropouts, that they get cleaned and returned at night like tools. In a twisted way it makes sense.

In terms of difference between the manga and the anime there are a few. The main one is the beginning and how the characters are introduced. I like both ways so no problems there. Another change is the end of the anime. When Niimi is walking Reika into the boys toilets for a piss he begins to start teasing her and let the boys shove dildos and sex toys into her but no penetration because she is his property. In the anime adaptation, possibly realising that they need to fill more time they add in Shizuka (another girl in the Dropout programme) from a later separate chapter in the book. I do like this inclusion, gives the finale more of a climatic feel and gives a bit more action.

One thing I was not fond of was the tease of Reika tied up even more in full bondage and even more degraded ready for more being cut from the anime version. A short and minor shot cut out but one I really liked that finished the story. A small quibble at best though.

I do wish there could have been more, that we’ll get another episode or chapter as I want to know what happens and what sordid activities they get up to. Unlike the aforementioned Kimi no Na wo Yobeba above in this we do not know what happens to the girls when they get older which is a shame. Are they are given to another student if / when they graduate or do they leave? NTR is both a love and hatred of mine so seeing Reika being shamed by others is not a nice idea.

Would I recommend the manga over the anime or vice versa is a good question. The anime is more expensive but it looks lush in full colour whilst the manga is cheaper and comes. If you are interested in this series I would read it first and then watch as I feel the manga is structured slightly better. You get the best of both worlds and get to enjoy a real treat of an ero anime.

Label: EDGE
Episodes: 2
Release: DVD Singles
Available at: Amazon, CD Japan


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