Feature: Top 8 Wanted Lilith Anime Adaptations

Liliths track record with anime adaptations has become mixed, with Pixy at the helm they crafted fantastic anime (especially when Teruaki Murakami was involved) but it has slowed down a bit now with ZIZ created and taking over these duties.

Recently with ZIZ now handling the anime duties the outlook has got a little less rosy with less of an output, with Taimanin Yukikaze, Kimi no Mana wa Rina Witch and even manga adaptation Boku no Yayoi-san they are crafting anime that range from wonderful to slightly underwhelming. l believe they can craft a fantastic adaptation even if they are taking liberties with the source. Boku no Yayoi-san was fantastic and I enjoyed the Yukikaze anime so I believe they can make more but what to adapt?

I am going to be sticking with their VNs for this list for 1 main reason; it is what they are known for and what they create more of. Most of these games I have not had the pleasure of playing through in English because of the general lack of translations so I’m mainly going off of the scenes and characters themselves.

Here is my list of 8 Lilith games that I want adapted into anime:

Ryoshuu Ichiba ~Wana ni Hamerareta Elf no Onna Shoukou~

Having already had a live action version featuring the wonderful Rei Mizuna and Kurea Hasumi I feel like I’m being greedy asking for more but I do want more. As good as that live action was though certain strong aspects didn’t translate as well, the art being the main one of them and the scenarios being the other.

The art is from ShindoL who is absolutely one of my favourite artists. His style is very distinct and it really helps to elevate what could a relatively normal story and scenarios up and be beyond. He knows how to draw girls in a state of ecstasy, how to accentuate features, what to focus on and how up the level or eroticism.

The scenes themselves are sensational with copious amounts of rape, gang rape, humiliation, stomach inflation and mind breaking to name but a few. Seeing Anastasia and Danes endure this, slowly break their mind in the influx of pleasure is wonderful. These acts that they go through are simply not possible to replicate in live action without considerable expense and even then it would look out of place which is why I’ve chose this.

I would have reservations though. The Taimanin Yukikaze anime has shown that an incredible art style might not always translate well into anime. Same here as ShindoL provides the art and his is a very particular style.

Cara The Blood Lord

Vampires may be done to death but in the ero world they still work immeasurably well when done right so coming across Cara the Blood Lord and seeing the titular Cara garbed out in an erotic outfit I had to check it out and was pleasantly surprised.

The story may be your typical revenge style story but it works ever so well with the element of control always at the fore forcing these girls into hellish, sordid acts to humiliate and satisfy their urges. Cara may be the focal point but the girls under her offer a variety of designs, body types and fetishes that set up a number of delectable and perverse scenarios sure to arouse and satisfy.

The scenes here offer a range of acts that is sure to satisfy the hungriest of viewers. Many scenes take place in a school as the girls are treated like sexual objects. Abused, tortured, degraded, humiliated and broken. It is beautiful and also manages to conjure up some scenes I haven’t seen before nor had I imagined them but result in the most lurid and arousing of scenes. Just when you think they’ve done enough along comes another scene to whet your appetite.

Kagami is the artist and his art is once again so finely tuned in the realm of perversion you cannot help but be drawn in. The way he presents these girls in their hellish ordeals is divine and since his works have had no issue with transitioning to anime. I want this to be animated above many other because it takes the vampire form and really messes with it and in ero works vampires are limited.

Taimanin Kurenai

We’ve had Taimanin Asagi adapted to much success and Taimanin Yukikaze to lesser success as well as cameos of Murasaki in Makai Kishi Ingrid so why not adapt the remaining Taimanin game which is also the most recent?

Kurenai follows the same pattern as other Taimanin games in that Taimanin are dispatched to rid demons and complete missions but whereas Asagi and Yukikaze go down two routes in terms of content Kurenai is right in the middle. There are hardcore elements the series is known for certainly but there is much more as well to whet the appetite.

From Ayame being take out for a walk as a pet (jammed full with sex toys and sporting a nose hook whilst fully naked), gathering information in a seedy hostess club as well as the usual, body modification, mind breaking and humiliation we have come to expect from this franchise. Seeing these animated would be a joy to see as well as give a new layer to the Taimanin world as Yukikaze did.

ZOLs art is recognisable but not as difficult to replicate well in the animated form as others mentioned here with some of his previous works adapted and keeping his wonderful salacious style. It should be no issue adapting this and remaining faithful.

Koukaku no Ai ~Senzai Ishiki e no Mesubuta Kokuin~

If you hadn’t guessed already from my list I like humiliation, degradation and the like in my ero works above many others so it should come as no surprise that Koukaku no Ai is here, just look up the title in English. So why this above some others which do the same?

Simple, it’s the broad range of scenarios and content that we get from this. With body modification, public use, humiliation, demonic rape and more that really showcases the dark and twisted minds of those inflicting this. Ai is the lead girl investigating an organisation that kidnaps women, releases them after sometime only for them to end up as prostitutes. You can probably guess what happens but that is what I like.

The full training of Ai is witnessed throughout the game including some heinous, degrading, humiliating and animalistic like scenes that show the true nature of the organisation she is investigating and their inhumane actions. It takes these scenes as far as it can with extreme uses of torture (naturally including the sexual variety), body modification, mind control, mind breaking and copious amounts of rape. It sets itself apart in the brute harshness of it all and it is a joy to behold.

ZOL is the artists here and like any other of his works I have listed it will likely have the same issues if any when transitioning to anime. I have no qualms about that but he depicts a brutal yet salacious world in the game and seeing it on the screen with Ai and her powers would be a real pleasure.

Kangoku Senkan 3 ~Nessa no Sennou Kouro~

The Kangoku Senkan series is one of my favourites from Lilith and I’ve chose the third one here as the second one did get a live action adaptation. Following mother and daughter duo Beatrice and Kila it follows the same mainstays that make the franchise so good: brainwashing, humiliations, rape, gangrape and mind break but makes subtle changes to ramp up the perversion.

What makes this the standout though is how refined, how perfectly executed it has become. That after three instalments they can continue to inject new erotic, salacious and degrading scenes is a real achievement. Of course it helps that the extreme acts are some which never cease to bring enjoyment to me. Seeing these authoritative women submit to pleasure, be brainwashed and have little clue as to what’s happening is fantastic.

The two characters here Kila and Beatrice are suitably different from their predecessors in the series both in mind and in body so this is partly why I chose the third game here. They bring something new, something different thanks to their mother daughter dynamic which creates so many more opportunities and their breaking, enslaving and mind tinkering is all the better for it.

It would need to be 3 or 4 episodes to get the best from it as the manga adaptation managed to cover it in 1 volume and keep in all the good stuff. I see no reason the anime could not do the same and Kagami’s art, as had been proved on so many occasions now, is prime and perfect for anime.

Onmyou Kishi Towako ~Hebigami no Inma Choukyou~

Magic and sexy women, what could go wrong? Special powers are nothing new in Lilith games and have been present in a number of their VNs but this sets itself apart thanks to its setting and those powers themselves as they unleash stand like powers from JoJo. But that setting is just one of many reasons I want this to be animated.

What really got me here was the broad array of scenes and sexual fetishes. There is a lot, and I mean a lot. From the standard etiquette or rape to fisting, public toilet plays, gangbangs, exhibitionism humiliation plays, pissing, public pleasuring and even scat among many more. Some of these you don’t see that often in anime which I would love to see.

Yagyu and Reika are the two main girls here and both feel the full force of the perversion inflicted on them. They fight as knights against those who have become corrupted and use their power to abuse and sustain themselves in unflattering, inhumane ways. They act differently but when it comes to pleasure neither is resistant against it.

The art here is a combined effort of ZOL and Kagami, a near perfect collaboration brings forth a plethora of delectable, perverse, lurid and undeniably rapturous sex scenes. All the girls here are diverse in figures and looks and the setting helps it set itself apart from other titles by Lilith.

Monsters Survive ~Makereba Monster ni Seishoku Sareru~

Of all the titles on this list this one differs the most because of the subject matter and what it entails. If you’ve read the title you might have inkling, yes monsters. This is a weird and wonderful tale giving focus to some of the bizarre and disgusting elements of natures animals that can have unwieldy wonderful effect sexually on the girls.

Two girls Elma and Ark fight to survive knowing that is all they can do on. Out in the wild if they lose then they are subjected to some of the disgusting acts imaginable by the most heinous of monsters who want to reproduce with them once they lose and they struggle to save themselves from these overwhelming monsters.

Most of the time you think monsters and usually get orcs but here oh no you get the full array of bizarre life forms. From snake like monsters to insects ready to plant their seeds and offspring in the girls to amoeba like slims and pig life wildlife and so much more there is a diverse range of monsters to see have their way with the girls and this is the selling point. Of course it is not just this and some humans take advantage but that is where the fun is.

The art is provided by ShindoL once again and his signature style will once again raise a few concerns for me on whether it can be transitioned faithfully but his monster designs should be much easier and is on the prime reasons I want this animated. Monster girls may be growing in popularity but the truly grotesque monsters can provide just as much perverse fun.

Boku no Elf Onee-san

A very recent game and one I have become particularly fond of.  The reason is the elf in this Sophia Arudisu Fairglyn and what happens to her. With elements of NTR and some sublime sex scenes we are catered to with a deeply arousing story.

The content here is not as extreme as some of the others I have listed (far from it in fact) but it doesn’t have to be. The situations Sophia is forced into are more than erotic enough to translate well into anime and stand out from the crowd. She is forced to expose herself on camera, get down on all fours to give oral, have sex with older men, be torn away from her lover and wallow in cum.

It’s also lengthy enough to have 2 or 3 episodes and go at a good pace without skimping out on any scenes. It’s ideal in this regard as there would not be any padding or rushing through.

The only worry I would have is whether the art can be transitioned well enough into the animated form. In the VN it is gorgeous, Nobushito at his best as Sophia is gorgeous, a tanned beauty with a sumptuous body and delectable curves. Given the limited budget for ero anime I could see it suffering but from past experience this should not be an issue though.

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