Review: Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru

I’ve reviewed some of Takeda Hiromitsus works before and found them to be exquisite so whenever he announces a new work I eagerly await it’s release, hop onto Mandarake and order as soon as available. He never lets me down, or does he? Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru is the new original doujin released at Comiket 94 so what can it bring.

Nanao is the manager of schools baseball club and has a secret relationship with one of the members Shouya since they’ve been friends for a long time. The coach Tougou finds out about this and threatens to demote her boyfriend and reveal their relationship unless she does his sexual bidding. Worrying about Shouya she agrees and becomes his sex slave. It’s run of the mill stuff here and I found the reason for the sexual blackmail a bit too lacklustre.

This doujin contains blackmail, rape, training, humiliation and netorare elements. If any of this sounds in any way off putting to you then I would suggest this is simply not for you.

There are a bevy of luscious scenes here each one bringing a new humiliating angle to Nanao. The opening scene really sets the tone as Nanao is orally pleasuring Tougou, you can see the disdain in her eyes as she does this, always thinking of what’s best for her boyfriend as Tougou taunts her. He quickly flips her around for a 69 position as he begins licking her out which causes her to cum straight away, pupils lit in the heart shaped manner she can’t believe someone made her cum so quickly. It’s a short satisfying opener and taste of what is to come.

The remainder of the scenes come in short bursts, there isn’t really an extended long scene which I found interesting. From seeing Nanao in her form revealing gym uniform stretching as Tougou presses against her to when she cuts it down for an almost orgy of pleasure later on it is a gradual training of the body until she can take no more, cat ears donned she accepts Tougous cock as it gives her untold pleasure.

My favourite scene came towards the end as Nanao is dressed in a slutty school gym uniform and cat ears, fucked against the window, roughly and slowly but surely she admits to the pleasure, it is a breaking but not quite what I expected as only her body breaks. Her mind doesn’t quite break though leaving her in an unstable state as she still loves Shouya. She wants Tougou to unleash her pleasure but is distraught at what it is doing to her. It feels like it is not finished though, that it is part 1 of 2 parts with the second that truly shows her descent.

After reading this I had taste of disappointment on my tongue, there are multiple reasons for this. There is a lack of uniquely perverse outfits for Nanao to wear. Sure she wears school gym uniform and the cuts into it to expose her pussy and nipples are salacious but it doesn’t feels like she degrades enough. Her mind is going crazy through the pleasure and she admits it but her wearing a perverse outfit would cement her descent into depravity. Prior works from Hiromitsu have done this and it works each time because it’s the gradual path they are heading down to be that perfect sex slave. It is a missed opportunity.

This latter point ties into how far Nanao goes with the coach. It never digs deep into the salacious acts you might expect. Is there some form of them? Sure but not quite perverse enough, never quite tipping the scales given what Nanao goes through. It all feels rushed. Whether down to rushing or just not getting the ideas, content wise it feels subpar compared to the rest of his works. The ending hints towards a part 2 and if we get it I will happily amend this.

Visually this is beautiful, Takeda Hiromitsu has his art fine tuned to perfection. Nanao is a bastion of voluptuous beauty with every part of her body oozing sex appeal. Every panel she is in the frame the angle always emphasises a part of her body. Whether that is her sizeable breasts when she is stretching, her legs as she wraps them around the coach or her mouth as she gives oral it all is framed in an slutty manner. Her ahegao faces are to die for as well, with the heart shapes in her eyes, tongue out it is a picturesque view of her absorbing the pleasure.

I still enjoyed this doujinshi, it has all the hallmarks of Hiromitsus work, gorgeous art and it is ludicrously erotic. I have re-read it multiple times and still find new things to arouse and impress me but can’t help but get the feeling that this work was rushed or not quite finished. I still recommend reading it as you will get enjoyment from this but maybe lower expectations.

Mangaka: Takeda Hiromitsu
Release: 2018
Length: 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake


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