Review: Itadaki! Seieki♥

Red haired girls have always been my Achilles heel, I also like vampires and demonic beings so combine them together and you should have an anime I am rearing to watch. So does Itadaki! Seieki based on the manga of the same name by Doumou combine these elements well or does is splutter into a mess no one should watch?

Kanzaki gets a note of someone wanting to declare their love to him, he goes to meet them but finds out the girl is a bit forceful and only wants him for one reason: his blood. Turns out the girl in question, the adorable Mari is actually a vampire and wants to feed off of him for life energy but she cannot handle bloods taste, however she can gain life energy by other bodily liquid, how will Kanzaki react and will Mari get enough? I really like this plot, it’s simple, plays into vampire lore well and makes a bit of fun out of it and gives a valid reason for the semen Mari needs.

This anime is very vanilla, there is one scene where it can get a bit forceful but is quickly resolved. There is not a second of anything hardcore besides that so if you are into vanilla then this right at home for you.

The first scene features Mari coming onto Kanzaki, she’s seen how active he is and deems him suitable for blood taking. What follows though is Mari eventually moves onto something more lurid. As a vampire she is able to extract from any fluid and begins to pleasure him to take his semen. It’s fun to see her be the controlling and forceful girl here, she knows what she wants and changing appearance to make her target shall I say become more aroused is enjoyable. The scene itself is typical but because of the energy Mari puts in and the way it’s presented it doesn’t feel dull. There are some lovely shots of Mari leaning over, giving a paizuri whilst in her underwear, seeing her erotic body in full display.

The second major scene is where she is extracting again from Kanzaki but two of his classmates interrupt angry at them. They tie him and begin forcing Mari to pleasure them, it is forceful and bordering on assault but in another nice twist she turns it around on them by biting one of their penises (which made me wince). Then she begins to pleasure a tied up Kanzaki before inviting with her exposed ass for the two guys to join in for a foursome. It is a wonderful scene, I especially loved the turnaround from Mari, I love girls being raped in hentai but sometimes a sprinkling of something fresh works ever more and this is the case here. Her almost succubus tendencies come to the fore as well as she leads the boys into this.

The sex scenes here are vanilla yes but they have that added spice which is crucial for me, that being the vampire girl. Her wings are plenty visible, her hair colour is demonic and she is energetic and controlling. Together these give every scene that bit of a lift, injecting that extra something that keeps me interested.

I also liked the comedic aspects here. Mari is kind of an airhead which I do find funny, she is either oblivious to certain, crucial elements around her or just plain too blunt. It works in a lovely contrast to her supposed demonic traits being a vampire. Throughout the episode these will add moments of flavour and humour which put a smile on my face. There is nothing revolutionary about it but her ditzy nature is sweet.

The special that comes with this is a nice dose of fun for its 4 minute run. When Mari is worried that Kanzaki is losing interest in her as she is she starts to alter her appearance to better suit and hopefully re-engage with him. It’s a quick romp that continues where the main episode finishes. Seeing Mari transform into various forms (though I didn’t like the very curvy version she transformed into) is lovely and her eventual cat like form is incredibly sexy so Kanzaki can do nothing but reciprocate. A simple extra dose of fun.

Visually this show is a treat, you can really tell they put some effort in here. The animation is silky smooth with limited use of scene recycling, some long and panning shots remain but the camera is always putting great focus on Mari. From high shot as she is giving Kanzaki a blowjob to close-ups of her ass as a tantalising prospect for the other boys as she fucks Kanzaki it’s usually moving and erotic as it should be.

The art is also lovely. The colours are vivid and bright though Mari’s red hair looks a tad faded. The school, the characters and scenes all brim with colour which pleases the eye. Mari herself is kind of nondescript bar her hair initially but her power to transform into a voluptuous girl is where she gets to show off her delectable body. She has curves, ample breasts and in general airs a seductive manner. The vampire / devil wings and her red hair are what set her apart though and they tap into what I love most.

To me this show is the epitome of what I want a vanilla show to be, it adds extra flavour into it through the characters looks and forms, it turns around the boy in control commonality and most importantly the sex scenes are hugely satisfying thanks to their energy, bright visuals and turns they take, it being uncensored on the western DVD release helps. It leaves me wanting more which is only ever a good sign.

Studio: Kitty Media
Release: 2014
Length: 1 episode + 1 special
Availability: United Publications



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