Review: Onna Kyoushi Reika

Teachers and exhibitionism are two kinks that I don’t often see together so when they do I am naturally intrigued. I’d never heard of the artist before but upon seeing the very distinctive art my interest rose. Delving into Onna Kyoushi Reika I instantly became a fan of this artist. But why, why did this, in a sea of similar works stand out? Let’s find out.

Murakawa Reika is a teacher, she may appear upright but she has fantasises about teaching her class nude, she is an exhibitionist but such thoughts are taboo for a teacher. When one her students Mirina is irritated that a boy won’t go out with her because of the crush he has on Reika she hatches a plan, along with Ryouji a rough looking delinquent boy they trap Reika masturbating to them being sexually active in class. With this in hand the blackmail plan is put into effect to humiliate her but little do they know that she secretly longs for this.

The setup here plays into the teacher holding a secret which I like, the way it leads into her getting blackmailed I thought was kind of iffy as Reika didn’t really display any outward signs of her being this way, teenagers can be petty and a girl doing something like this just because a boy rejected her rings true. The events after this bring more unique turns and while this setup isn’t unique per se its execution brings it up to a couple notches.

This manga contains a lot of exhibitionism, blackmail, light mind break and training elements. It kind of blends these elements to the point of where you’d expect fairly quickly so if any of this sounds off putting to you then do not read this.

When Reika is first blackmailed she is forced to display herself in front of class. Giving the class a full look at what she is before Mirina decides she is not the one making decisions. She forces her to strip down to her bra and panties before forcefully pulling up the panties into her crotch as punishment for not following the correct procedure. As the boys get more and more excited she is forced to perform oral on one of the boys. The entire scene is a first taste of what is to come for Reika. It feeds into her desires and you can see her slowly getting into it, too much for Mirinas liking. The look of shame is quickly overrun with pleasure, she’s given an opportunity to show off her body and is taking it by the reigns.

One of my favourite scenes is when Reika comes into the school and is immediately given a vibrator in her pussy with the remote elsewhere. She is going to teach one of the highest performing classes and the overseer knows of her promiscuous activity and will in effect train her. As she begins teaching the overseer begins thing at her removing her clothes bit by bit as she becomes more excited before one student stands up and tells her to just undress. She gladly does so, dropping her panties in front of the class to see. She gets down on all fours, pussy dripping, her state of arousal just too high and one of the students is ordered to look at her ass and remove a loose hair. The pleasure of being humiliated and expressing true self takes over page by page, it is a joy to read.

This marries up the teacher and exhibitionist angles well. The two mesh nicely to each other and there is never a dull moment. The focus on exhibitionism as a form is lovely. From Reika walking around the class or the school, proudly showing off her beautiful body the mangaka knows how to handle this. They understand the thrill of exhibitionism and it comes through strongly. That said I do wish this was expanded on a bit more outside the school, I know the appeal is within the school as a teacher but exhibitionism can go further. Minor quibble in the grand scheme of things.

This results in relatively few actual sex scenes until later on. You get a few with Reika but generally it’s either masturbation, walking around of blowjobs. This to me helps as when you get to the actual sex scenes they have more meaning; it presents a further escalation and development of Reika acknowledging her desires. It won’t be for everyone but it does eventually descend into more lurid scenes as Reika drowns in the pleasure she could only dream of, bringing out her true self.

The pacing’s perfection from the very beginning of Reika spiral into perverseness it incrementally delves into Reika and what she wants. She knows she loves exhibitionism but is still reluctant to fully embrace. Each degrading aspect peels away another layer and you slowly start to see her mind chance to fully embrace this lurid reality. This culminates in a fitting ending for Reika that draws on everything she’s has gone through.

Visually this does have a distinct if dated art style. You can see the dated look from the outfits the students are wearing, they look like they come from the 90s, similarly the facial expressions which look like they come out of an older manga like Crows. I’m not saying this as a negative though, the style works but there are some who find older looking art a bit too hard to get into.

Reika is an incredibly voluptuous beauty. She has large breasts, insatiable curves and large hips and waist. The exhibitionist elements are tailored here, whenever Reika is in frame the panels always show the large area around her, whether that is students looking on, gazing at her or her walking along flaunting her body, It always emphasises her situation of being leered at.

I came away from this manga with a newfound favourite artist and feeling satisfying that the kinks offered are a wonderful interpretation and representation. Sure the art may be too dated for some the relative lack of actual sex scenes may deter some but these were non issues to me. It played up the exhibitionist and teacher angles so well that I keep coming back to re-read and that to me says it all.

Mangaka: Ryuichi Hiroaka
Release: 2003
Length: 7 Chapters 1 Volume
Availability: Mandarake


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