Feature: My Top 10 Ero Mangaka

I read a hell of a lot of ero-manga. I mean, I love porn and manga so why wouldn’t I? As such I have read countless one-shots, volumes and even series. It’s given birth to new fetishes I never thought I’d even consider or think of let alone come to love. It is of course those behind these works that have given us this deluge of delectable content. Reading the amount I do I like to think I have a good grasp on what makes a good ero-mangaka so here is my list of my favourite ero-mangakas and some recommendations for each. Enjoy.

Katsurai Yoshiaki

Variety is the spice of life as they say and Katsurai Yoshiaki knows this. His works deviate from all manner of genres and fetishes: bondage, training, humiliation, vanilla, mind breaking, rape and more. That he excels in each one of these is testament to his skill as a mangaka. The first manga that led me to him was Choukyourankou starting off with a few incredibly enticing colour pages which straight away showed off his art. Then the content grabbed me and sealed the deal as I saw as he broke down the girl through sexual acts and blackmail, it was a real treat.

The art in general is as beautiful as you can get, all the girls have lovely curves, nice range of breast sizes, inviting facial expressions and desirable body proportions. There is a real range here, sure most fit into the big breasts model but throughout his works you will find so much more to cater for almost anyone. His plentiful doujinshi work just adds more to this with even more sordidly riveting tales. That he stands out in an ocean of artists doing similar speaks volumes.

Recommended Reads:
- Kokuhaku Black Rubbers
- SEX p.a.r.t.y -hard drug lesson-
- Kokuhaku Lovers


It was Hakabas work that gave me that first look at the really hardcore sides of BDSM and humiliation. His art is instantly recognisable. The girls all have a certain look and he uses bondage in just about all his works though some earlier ones are lacking. It is extremely idealised and very polished with shines on the leather and latex used, perfect toning for the girls skin as they endure the harsh acts. It is as high class art as you can get and few can rival this.

The inhuman ways he comes up with to torture, rape and inflict more harm on the girls is fascinating and well worth the read. Being the first, from tubes connecting their pussy to their mouths, blocking out all sense to mind break a girl, using them as actual pets and so much more. While it does feature this and more it doesn’t quite go for the full torture level which I found to be for the best as it would not quite work with the art style.

Recommended Reads:
- Koukai Benjo
- Break Me
- Kakusei Aido


The works of Oyster focus on some real niches, even within ero-manga and he combines them to create some of the most galling yet tantalising manga you can read. The majority of their works focus on loli-esque characters, torture, humiliation and rape. I say loli-esque because not all the characters are lolis, some are much older but the style Oyster uses is very specific. I like the style and it makes their work easily recognisable.

All of their works are very brutal, from actual physical assault on the girls, body modification to inhuman means of training them and constant rape. It is not for the faint hearted. Even I myself took a fair while to really get into his work and appreciate it. Of all the artists on this list Oyster is the one most divisive as you have to be really open minded and be able to accept a lot of dark, horrific acts to read them.

Recommended Reads:
- Watashi Kirei?
- Hitodenashi no Utage
- Miru mo Muzan

Takeda Hiromitsu

When I first stumbled across Takeda Hiromitsu works I was in awe at how erotic he can make even the most mundane of situations become. It was Mayo-tama based on Mayo-Chiki that opened my eyes to his work. The scene more so than any other that got me was where Kanade begged the fat, ugly guy who had been blackmailing her to give her anal. As she was there, begging on the floor, ass in the air pleading and the guy put her foot on her head and she came it was something that stuck in my mind as my (slightly more innocent) mind had not seen that in porn before. It set me off.

Not only does his work include some of my favourite fetishes but the art is always divine. He combines just about everything you can think of, exhibitionism, mind breaking, humiliation, gangbangs, pet play and so much more. He draws them so perfectly you cannot help but be absorbed. The girls all have delectable curves, sizeable breasts, lovely asses and their expressions and actions just hit me right where I want. Since then I have scoured all his works and eagerly await any new work, original or doujinshi.

Recommended Reads:
- Tsundero
- ImaRia
- Sister Breeder

Sanagi Torajirou

Sanagi Torajirou really knows how to take what may not be to everyone’s flavour and make you take notice. From futa stories to sex with really ugly losers it just makes you sit up and pay attention. That latter point is one of my favourite fetishes because of Sanagi Torajirou mainly, without him and a few others on this list I wouldn’t enjoy that. He makes it really attractive to read; that these beautiful girls can be ravaged, trained and controlled by these ugly men and he turns it into something beautiful is incredible.

His works never really verge in to the hardcore elements, sure it has some elements of rape, the majority is not out and out as they’re mostly built around the girls giving in to the pleasure or being blackmailed into having sex with them. The others border on the girls not knowing what is happening but succumbing to the pleasure. It’s definitely rape but not in the usual sense if that makes sense. Just give him a chance and you will not regret it.

Recommended Reads:
- Aheochi3-byoumae
- Asobare: Dear Sex Friend
- Cast Aoi


When I first got into ero-manga it was an Inomaru volume I first came across. It was Camellia which was about a female prisoner being humiliated, tortured and raped in prison by a guard who had a vendetta against her. Like Hakaba above Inomaru was one of the first artists I came across in the ero-manga scene. His art caught my eye, it didn’t over idealise the girls nor the men, it had them be voluptuous but not overly so and it made it work so much more and stand out because of it.

His works range wildy but mostly focus on school settings. With girls being chased after by their dirty minded principal and eventually caught / blackmailed, girls being trapped in an erotic nightmare by their step parent and more. He also verges into more adult settings with housewives and the like. What’s more is that it isn’t just the men taking control in these series, there are multiple scenes where the girls are in control and do what they wish to the boys. It is a nice variety on display.

Recommended Reads:
- Itazura Senyou Hanabira Seitokaichou
- Hazukashime
- Camellia


An artist mostly known for more vanilla works and somewhat of a rarity for my personal favourite types of ero-manga but they draw so exquisitely that anything from their hands is a blessing. From yuri stories to risqué exhibitionism Maruta can draw anything and make it beautiful. It’s not just the characters either, backgrounds are given fantastic detail which, for ero-manga, is unusual but just adds that extra level of polish.

My favourite work of theirs has to be Kashiwazaki (see full name below) which is about a girl who loves exhibitionism. It really caught my attention and after numerous re-reads I still adore it and appreciate the artistry. It felt so real, so engaging as you genuinely care for Miki by the end. You see the real focus on exhibitionism from the girl who wants to do it, not being forced on her which makes a refreshing change from what I normally read in regards to it. The expressions on her face at the joy of being able to walk around naked and the risk of being seen. That it progresses nicely and finishes wrapping everything up with a happy ending was most satisfying.

Recommended Reads:
- Kashiwazaki Miki wa Ironna Basho de Zenra Sanpo shite Mita.
- Kimi no Suki na Onnanoko no Katachi
- Amanojaku ga Koi wo Shite

Taira Hajime

A lot of the mangaka here I have said left a lasting impression on first seeing their works. None more so than Taira Hajime, his works were, along with Crimsons, the first ero-manga I ever read. That I can recall without doubt. The reason is simple as well, his works have key attributes, unique art, demeaning stories and a stunning range of perverse cruelty. His art style is very retro in the sense that it would fit in the 90s style, characters are thin and beautiful with facial expressions matching that retro style. Not to say that his art isn’t beautiful on the eye though, it is but seeing as art is so key to any ero work it can be a divider.

The main series I found from him, and to this day I hold in extremely high regard is Nise Dragon Blood. It contains a beautiful princess being gradually degraded through all sorts of perverse acts. From sex with the homeless, being pissed on in toilets, sex with animals, being branded and being led around as a pig. It blew my mind at the time and still, for me, sets an example of how to do it. His other works take on some of the same fetishes but also add more vanilla elements though they are almost always in the minority.

Recommended Reads:
- Nise Dragon Blood
- Inda no Onihime Annerose
- Hakudaku Senki Eleanor

Murasaki Syu

If you couldn’t tell from some of the above I like exhibitionism, humiliation and training. Murasaki Syu combines all these into some of the most compelling ero-manga I have read. Take Ane Inu and the world where human like pets are available for any and all pleasure. One human girl gets trapped like this, abused, humiliated and raped. Content like that more make up most of the ero-manga Murasaki draws. It does lean towards hardcore content more often than not so again, if you do not like that or any content mentioned here steer clear.

His art is very distinct. All the girls have a thin looking aesthetic, you can almost see their bones in very extreme situations. It never looks unhealthily thin though which is important, it looks like your average lower weight person. This thin look is sets it out from most other artists, it feels more real than most other artists where most girls are idealised with large boobs and asses, again this feels fresh and makes reading a nice change of pace.

Recommended Reads:
- Ane Inu
- Zenra de Chokuritsu Hokou
- Kouzen Waisetsu

Shindo L

Lastly but certainly not least as they say is an artist not from Japan but one who moved there and his art has blessed us all. His works contain subject and fetishes you might not consider reading but after giving it a shot you’ll come away with a mix of emotions and be more open minded if nothing else. It helps that is artwork is outright gorgeous with incredible detail, salacious designs and ideal expressions when the girls climax or begin to acknowledge the pleasure.

His standout work in my eyes and the one that brought him to the fore of ero was TSF Monogatari. It’s a gender bender series that includes sexual addiction, futa and mind breaking. It’s the dream that many have had; boy wakes up after accident and is turned into a girl to save his life. He then sets about his new life and discovers the joys of being a woman. From initial experimentation to groping on a train to entertaining older men and effectively becoming the class public toilet it’s incredible to see and enjoy.

Recommended Reads:
- TSF Monogatari
- Henshin -emergence-
- Sarashi Ai


  1. A pretty good list especially considering your clear interest in some of the more hardcore domination/sexual degradation. Which we all are to be honest.

    There are two more artist you should take a look at.

    The first one is Roy tong-koh or Tonkou. He's not that prolific and his art is a bit old-school but I always go back to his work because his sex slaves are just amazing.

    I would recommend Inen Gangu Hime Naburi which is one of my favorite work.

    The second one is Onikubo Hirohisa. He has a more realistic art style and sometimes his drawings can get quite busy but his skill for this "borderline beautiful sadism" is amazing. One of my favorite artists.

    Recommended work: Reward of Blood and Beautiful Lewd Slave Mariko.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I haven't heard of Roy tong-koh / Tonkou so will definitely check him out, I don't mind a rough style (Amano Ameno springs to mind).

      As for Onikubo Hirohisa I do remember Reward of Blood as one of the first ero works I read a long time ago but wasn't totally into it at the time, kinda has to be slow movement into that type of content instead of jumping right in so will go back and re-read it and his other works since a more relaistic style is a prefence for me. Many thanks.


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