Review: GKGT

As with so many ero series the cover attracted me to this, the tight, miniscule outfit, the girl on the brink of orgasm, it hit the right spots for me and so of course I plumped for it. Boy am I glad I did.

We start off with Hump Bang, here we see two friends who live next to each other and begin to experiment sexually. They go from normal sex to slowly getting a bit more perverse and into a master and slave role. This leads to some really sexy scenarios and some rather risky ones as well. One of my particular favourites was them having sex between the houses with the girl initially giving him oral through the window then standing on the ledge. It was something I hadn’t seen before which for an ero series is impressive.

Kouji is the one in more control as the master, he asks for sex anytime, he taunts Hiro into wanting more, he arouses her by fantasizing all manner of perverse acts. Hiro on the other hand starts off a tad more reluctant but wants it more and more by the end until she becomes obsessed. These two do fit into a well worn pattern in ero manga but the execution here makes it stand out. It is a master and slave relationship but a willing one that never veers into truly dark territory like many others. She naturally becomes more sex obsessed and he naturally becomes more controlling.

The other story here is GKGT. This feature Keichi and girl called Shiroyama who want to be together but the guy can’t because of his otaku brother. Shiroyama reveals herself to be an otaku as well. This leads to her and his brother getting into very lewd cosplay and eventually into a sex with Keichi.

What starts off feeling generic quickly hits its stride. The sex scenes initially didn’t entice me but the sexy cosplay photography did with the assortment of poses, costumes, ‘playing’ and the like eventually leading to sex which really got me. The slow build-up is what worked well here with the beautiful girl gradually losing more clothing and thinking more perversely until she cannot hold it any longer.

I am tempted to call this a vanilla series as whilst the first story does feature a master and slave relationship it is very tame by most standards. Nice happy sex between characters that really want it is basically it. There is the odd darker scene or hint at darker content in Hump Bang. Hiro begins wearing a collar and the Kouji tries to arouse her by making her imagine she will be gang raped which is shown via some shadowy figure but this is only a brief imaginative sequence and does not actually happen to her.

The weakest parts for me were the ‘plain’ sex scenes that started both Hump Bang and GKGT stories. With it being the main guy having sex with the girl it looked great thanks to the art but never stood out, felt slightly generic. Only when the stories both advance to more perverse acts did it really get good.

The art here is divine. Ryohzoh really knows how to draw the female form, how to accentuate the features the reader will like. All the girls are voluptuous, ooze sex appeal and the positions he draws them in and subsequent angles we see are the icing on the cake.

I really liked GKGT, I have read works from Ryohzoh before and though I have liked them they never stood out. Here that is not so much the case as we see more from him and what he can create. As good a vanilla story as I’ve read in a long time. Well worth a read.

Mangaka: Ryohzoh
Release: 2009 - 2012
Length: 9 Chapters, 1 Volume


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