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Lilith is a large company producing goods for the adult market encompassing an array of sub labels such as Black Lilith, ZIZ Entertainment and more. With years and years in the business they have expanded from VNs into, novels, manga, art books, drama CDs, live action and anime. In this review I will be looking at what is one of their larger properties: Kangoku Senkan.

Lieri Bishop and Naomi Evans work as officers for the Universal Federation. Their new mission is to board a space battleship to report crimes on the Neo Terrors. Donny Bogan is the captain of this ship and of the Neo Terrors. With past memories of being arrested for an attempted kidnap by Lieri and Naomi still ingrained in his mind he has revenge in his sights of the lecherous variety. Will Lieri and Naomi being able to resist or is their future set in stone?

Sure it’s a typical revenge angle being played out but the scene, execution and characters set it apart. That and I am always in favour of authoritative figures, whether right or wrong, getting degraded like they are here. Big plus point. The battleship itself acts as a prison (hence the name of the series), there is no escape for the girls, the wide variety of fetishes displayed keeps the series fresh and luscious art always helps.

Lieri is the senior commander here, Naomi looks up to her as a role model for her job. Both are stern and always abide by their duties. Lieri being the senior commander she asserts herself much more, she has an aura of control. When it comes to the sexual scenarios she takes the lead so as to make a good impression on Naomi who is rather reluctant and finds it hard despite it being her duty.

To round off the main trio we have Donny Bogan, the guy who was once arrested by these two girls years ago after he was caught attempting a kidnap mission. Being the type of seedy guy he is he holds a bit of a grudge and plans to humiliate and break them in revenge. Sure what he wants to do seems a bit overboard and a bit generic but it works and works well here. He has a sick motivation and is hell bent on ensuring it works.

One of my favourite aspects of this series is the mind switch. Because Lieri and Naomi have been brainwashed they switch from normal, duty abiding officers during the day to effectively comfort women during the night servicing the male officers in any way they want. It’s the look on their faces and how they are feeling which really did it for me. They think this is normal and a duty but despise it. Lieri gets into it more being the senior commander with Naomi more reluctant but it’s the gradual decline and move into more perverted and filthy acts where the series gets it so right.

What’s even better is that when they come around in the morning they remember none of it as the guys on the ship give them seedy looks which disgusts them. That they do not know what is exactly happening to them is what is thoroughly exciting, they have an inkling something is up but have no idea what.

In terms of what content there is here, well there is a lot. All sorts of fetishes are catered for. There is large amounts of rape (though the girls think its their duty), torture, erotic maid outfits, use of stocks, the use of nose hooks (I really, really love nose hooks), scat and brainwashing. This goes down the more extreme line of fetishes and increases the lengths they go to each episode and anyone with even slight aversion to this should steer clear.

A special mention to a rather interesting brainwashing machine that covers their heads as numerous sex toys, vibrators are strapped to themalong with constant injections as they cum incessantly and begin to lose their mind. The image of them sat in these chairs, with their uniforms (and later without) being subjected to this is one of the many standout scenes here. Every episode this gets more and more hardcore, it is a sight to behold.

The art here is exquisite. Just like with Taimanin Asagi the art is done by Kagami Hirotaka who knows how to draw the female form. Both Lieri and Naomi are rather buxom with large breasts and accentuated features. It is ideal for an ero series as both girls look incredibly sexy. Their uniforms deserve a mention as well, the colours stand out well, the long leggings and short skirts that only just cover their panties.

Just like Taimanin Asagi the director for this series is Teruaki Murakami and that means it has a very similar animation method: the method here is in the motion. When Lieri or Naomi is performing a sexual act, be it orally, anally or otherwise it switches between slow and ludicrously fast motion and incorporates extreme close ups of the girls bodies and faces. It also contains a lot of blurry imagery fading in and out whilst the camera never stays still.

Again it works so well and does make it seem higher budgeted than other ero anime. That said the same issues may still apply here. It is most certainly not something everyone will like, it can take a bit of getting used to and even myself with this very series a few years ago found it too off putting but I grew to like it, to appreciate it.

It goes without saying that I recommend this series. At 4 episodes it covers a lot, the animation is excellent for an ero series, and it wraps up in a nice (well, for me) way. If you like mind breaks, rape or breaking strong willed women down in your ero series then this is a must.

Studio: Pixy
Episodes: 4
Release: DVD Singles and DVD Box
Available at: J-List, Amazon


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