Review: Uchuu Kaizoku Sara

Lilith is a large company producing goods for the adult market encompassing an array of sub labels such as Black Lilith, ZIZ Entertainment and more. With years and years in the business they have expanded from VNs into, novels, manga, art books, drama CDs, live action and anime. In this review I will be looking at what is one of their one-off properties: Uchuu Kaizoku Sara.

Sara is a pirate who is the scourge of the galaxy empire. She skirts around them leaving a trail of destruction. Keen to finally put an end to her evil doings they begin to set a trap for her that eventually leads to her capture and downfall. With her now captured there is nothing they will enjoy more than breaking her for all the trouble she has caused. Meanwhile Sylia, a knight, is aiming to bring down evil aristocrats and their never-ending corruption. What will the future hold for these two on the opposite sides of justice?

I like pirates, be it in space or on the sea, they are under-represented in anime aside from the big hitter. As such my interest peaked when I read about this. Being always on the sides of the pirates did not affect my enjoyment of this series one bit. The story is interesting and engaging, the characters have depth and the scenes are phenomenal. It hits the marks wherever it aims despite not featuring as much of the pirating aspects as I’d like.

There are two main girls here who both feel the brunt of the perversion. They are Sara the leader of her pirates and Sylia a silver knight. Sara is strong willed as you’d have to be being a female leading a group of pirates, she does not back down, is intelligent and will not crumble under pressure easily. Sylia is similar but she airs on the side of justice, she is a knight and noble one. It’s interesting to see two characters put together with very different paths yet very similar attributes.

On the villainous side we have Blankenheim, an obese, ugly man who orchestrates things and his subordinates Cecil and Karin. They are twins who love nothing more than to sexually torment, experiment and humiliate. You also have various other unnamed characters who inflict suffering upon our two leading ladies such as Saras own crew and some rich aristocrats. You can understand why they want to do these things to Sara, she has caused untold harm to so many (mainly them) through her lifestyle and they want to set an example to others.

The content here really, really goes out of its way to present something different. There are all manner of fetishes catered for. There is copious amount of rape (including gang rape), sexual humiliation, BDSM, electro play, bestiality, body modification and futanari. These all feel natural in the sense that it makes sense they’d progress into more and more perverse and inhumane acts. They don’t feel tacked on just so they could tick a box nor do they feel throwaway in the sense that they spend time and effort on these and they affect the story going forward in big ways.

It should go without saying that if you do not like any of the above then this is most certainly not for you. The acts are degrading to the girls in it, they are humiliating, torturous and more but that is what the show is aiming for.

One particular scene was special and instantly got me liking Sara. Whilst most characters would break with even a fraction of what is done here Sara does not break so easily. One scene where Sara is in a cage being raped by a reptilian creature for the publics amusement she turns to Blankenheim, smiles and then asks the creature to move faster, thrust harder. Even in these situations she has control, mocking those who have imprisoned her and it is lovely.

Whilst this series may not have the biggest of budgets it still looks the part more often than not. The animation is smooth, the sounds is great and more importantly than anything the art is superb. The character designs shine here. Sara is rather buxom, she has large breasts and curves in all the right places as well as long flowing blonde hair. A true beauty which makes the sight of her being degraded all the more satisfying. Sylia is also plenty developed but not as much as Sara and has dark orange hair instead of blonde. The twins Cecil and Karin, both fit the loli-esque design and as such add some real variety to proceedings.

There is also a bonus video that comes with the DVD box. This is a 4 minute scene of Sara and Sylia, now endowed with their penises sexually torturing the twins. After all that happened to the leading ladies in the series it is a refreshing change to see them get their own back here so to speak. I would have liked an entire episode like this but the short is still great to watch especially if you like futanari.

I feel like a broken record when it comes to these ero reviews but I have to say it again, this is not for everyone. This contains a lot of hardcore content that some will surely think of as grotesque. If you do like it though, or have a very open mind I cannot do anything but recommend this. It rarely puts a foot wrong other than the somewhat limited animation we’re accustomed to and has some of the most delightfully absurd content you will see in a while.

Studio: Pixy
Episodes: 4 + Bonus Video
Release: DVD Singles and DVD Box
Available at: J-List, Amazon


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