Review: Kichiku: Haha Shimai Choukyou Nikki

Sexy, dark and depraved ero works are my favourite; I have watched so many of them over the years so of course when I come across a new one I am excited to get stuck in. Being an anime original work which is rare for an ero series these days it was even more exciting to see what Kichiku: Haha Shimai Choukyou Nikki had in store. Would it reach new heights or be stuck in mind break mediocrity?

Itou Kinichi is a pharmaceutical student and one down on his luck. He isn’t attractive, he never gets any girls and is ignored by most. After moving in with his aunt and cousins for the winter break and their constant teasing of him he has had enough. His urges cannot be controlled and he uses his knowledge to create a drug to help him unleash his dark desires.

The dejected, ugly loser trope wreaking sexual havoc is very common in ero works so to stand out it has to have that something extra or get swallowed in the sea of these. This setup goes partway to this in that he is a pharmaceutical student who has the knowledge to create a drug that can help him instead of him just purchasing the drug. That he also does this to his family instead of girls who have shunned him is another key factor.

There are 3 episodes here and as you’d expect each episode is dedicated to one family member, the two sisters and then the mother. Nao is the youngest sister who is a bit bratty and is the one who teases and taunts Kinichi, Manami is the older sister who is more mature with a boyfriend Hiroki and tries to stop Nao from acting like she does towards Kinichi whilst Hitomi is the mother who acts in the interests of her kids but also remains rather distant to what Nao does and basically ignores it. Being teased and the like only fuels Kinichis anger further which makes his revenge all the sweeter.

There are a lot of scenes here and most play by the same set of rules so to speak. All involve rape and all involve drugs to weaken the girls. The scenes are good, they flow well, the dark intent is clear to see and seeing the girls succumb to the pleasure and begin to beg for Kinichis cock when they turn into sex slaves is wonderful. Most of the action is on Nao with Manami following and lastly the mother and this was something I liked a lot, it built up to the fully figured mother whilst degrading Nao and Manami to the point of no return.

There are a variety of kinks here, the opening episodes rape, drugging and blackmail sets the precedent and the following episodes just keep adding to this in intensity, degradation and darker elements. Tying up, mind breaking, exhibitionism and even scat all come into play here. Even with a series like this the latter will put some off but it is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

One of my favourite scenes in the series is when Kinichi has broken the sisters Nao and Manami, turned them into his sex slaves, he offers them out to Manami’s boyfriend Hiroki who seizes at the chance while Kinichi films it for further humiliation and to blackmail the mother. Manami is basically abused and had very rough, forceful sex whilst Nao later joins in on it as well to the point where Hiroki is mentally beat. The girls could not stop; they could not escape their lust fuelled state of ecstasy. I do wish this type of scene was expanded upon more though.

Touching on that wanting it to be more expanded upon I did feel there was a missed opportunity with some of the scenes in that it only felt like we got a taste of what was to come. Be it the sex on the balcony scene, the forceful rough sex and the forcing the girls to have sex with another guy it felt like there should have been more. There was no real bondage or BDSM here, no more hardcore acts that would further humiliate the girls which I thought was a shame as most of the scenes, other than seeing the girls mind broken, were a little plain.

Another issue, albeit a minor one, I did have here was that the drugs plus rape and blackmail formula was used for each girl. Sure they way they built up to each girl varied but they all followed the same formula which I thought was a shame. For Manami they did have Nao help in breaking her but she was the exception.

Design wise all 3 of the girls are lusciously figured with lavish body types. They look as you’d expect with the mother the fuller figured girl with more curves and sizeable breasts and as you look at each girl their sizes and body shapes reduce to match their age range. It is a nice touch and makes it feel a tad more distinguishable between the girls.

As for the main guy, well he is an overweight, ugly and generally gross guy. This leads to one sticking point as these kinds of guys in ero-anime caters for a smaller group of viewers who like that particular fetish, those who find it gross or off putting should beware, it is nowhere near as bad as some series I have read or watched though. If you are interested in this series, and considering the rape and mind breaking within it then it should not really be an issue.

The animation is a bit of a mixed bag here, sometimes characters body and faces off model and the colour palette a bit washed out but a lot of the scenes are great with smooth flowing animation. The style is certainly different than most ero anime I have watched as it is not hyper stylised and the colour scheme gives it a grimmer, more realistic look that fits well with the tone of the anime.

I am not burnt out on these types of series so I still get a lot of enjoyment out of it. That would not be the same for others. If you have seen many mind break series then there isn’t enough here to persuade you to go out of your way to give it a watch and if you’re new there are better series to start off with. It is an enjoyable ride for me though and if you are in the gap between the two audiences I mentioned I would certainly recommend watching it.

Studio: ChiChinoya
Episodes: 3
Release: DVD Singles
Available at: Amazon


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