Review: Kurutta Kyoutou ~Danzai no Gakuen~

One off ero anime are usually hard-pressed to stick in your head but Kurutta Kyoutou did just that when I first ventured into the world of ero anime even whilst watching a poor quality rip with no subs. Revisiting this series further down the line when I’ve become more than a bit acquainted with the ero world it’s time to see if it holds up as well as it did back then.

Noumori is the new vice principal of a school, taking over from previous vice principal who nearly caused a scandal with a pupil, Noumori vows to right the wrongs and ensure all students set an example, he will enforce his own increasingly perverse methods to bring order and control to the school.

That is a simple setup but one that works well in enabling all sort of sordid acts to occur. The teachers engage in the perversion thanks to Noumoris lead and act with glee when the chance arises for them to put these acts into motion. Noumori is determined to enforce his strict policy through sexual means if necessary on all the students but this leads to some funny moments as well where he fantasizes, loses control or in general tries to establish new rules whilst being serious. It made me laugh on more than one occasion.

Of the girls of note there are really three: the pink haired Misao, a purple haired delinquent (it actually does not give her name) and the green haired Touko. The latter is almost an authoritative figure because her uncle is the principal of the school and thus is immune to all the seedy antics. Misao is the girl who Noumori had his eyes on and even fantasizes about toying with her sexually whilst the purple haired girl acts like a delinquent and gets punished for it one more than one occasion. To be honest you aren’t going to remember their names, you’ll most likely just remember them from their hair colours which makes it distinct.

This is only one episode long and it fills that time with a lot of content yet surprisingly manages to not feel bloated or rushed. The content segues naturally and the acts likewise with the lewd acts only escalating in perverseness. We have policies to see if the girls are wearing the correct panties, thorough body checks to make sure they are not hiding any unapproved items in school and that’s just to start with before the real fun begins.

This escalates with the punishments handed out including the girls rubbing their crotches with towels, cleaning the gym floor whilst their asses are in the air and panties pulled down before being raped by members of staff in the finale. Of particular note is the purple haired girl receiving a unique punishment along with the others where the girls have to rub a towel between their legs on their crotch, she does it wrongly and is forced to remove her bloomers and use a towel with large knots to rub against her crotch and exposed panties causing more pain, pleasure and humiliation as the teacher even helps.

The final scene is the only one throughout the episode where we really get actual sex scenes though, sure we had the video at the beginning and a fantasy scene but they amount to so little, everything else before hand is teasing, groping or some form thereof. I actually liked this as the humiliation they laid upon the girls was more to my liking and the final scene felt like a fitting end after the build up. If you aren’t into the humiliating aspect and just prefer more action then this may not be for you.

Visually the shows hold up quite well. Whilst the animation may not be great and sometimes characters are off model there is little use of recycled animation and the art is appealing with a very colourful palette. The girls have different figures to cater for all viewer preferences and this works well to distinguish them.

As a standalone episode this is a good, fun ride that is more comedic than most. It doesn’t break ground but does introduce memorable scenes involving the girls even with little actual sex. There are dozens of series that do it better but this is a nice introduction to the sub genres on display. On that basis it is certainly a recommend.

Studio: Studio 9 MAiami
Released: 2009
Episodes: 1
Available: Amazon


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