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Lilith is a large company producing goods for the adult market encompassing an array of sub labels such as Black Lilith, ZIZ Entertainment and more. With years and years in the business they have expanded from VNs into, novels, manga, art books, drama CDs, live action and anime. In this review I will be looking at what is one of their properties: AneHaramix.

Takami Akitoshi and his elder sister Hitomi live together alone after the death of their parents at a young age. Takami harbours many dirty thoughts for his sister but never lets them out. One day, a strange girl named Mina enters his room. She claims that she is Death and has come to take his soul because he’s reached the end of his lifespan. Naturally he freaks out and screams, Hitomi barges in upon hearing these screams and asks Mina to spare his life after hearing the whole story. Hearing this Mina has a slight change of heart, she will let Takami live another 10 years but only if he fathers a child in the next week. Hearing this he looks over to Hitomi and the series truly begins.

Right, I have seen some weird plot synopses in my time and this ranks up there with the most bizarre, even for an ero series. It’s a nice twist on normal angles associated with an incest story. It is actually engaging as well as we see the relationship develop between Takami and Hitomi from just a means to saving Takamis life (well, for 10 years) to something more as they develop more feelings towards each other. I also like how Takamis mind goes straight to his sister exploiting any chance he can get to be with someone as beautiful as her. With Death staring you in the face why wouldn’t you go for it?

I also like that they are brother and sister by blood. One of my pet peeves is series where they are step siblings because it is too controversial, granted this is more apparent in late night anime rather than ero anime or manga where the same risks aren’t there but nevertheless it is nice to see.

Takamai is your typical lead in these series, his dirty thoughts for his sister only come to the fore when Mina arrives and he is very happy about this despite his grim situation. He has no qualms about what he thinks which I like. Hitomi is a sweet yet sexy elder sister. She cares deeply for her brother as one would expect but more so since their parents passed away. What she would do for him goes above and beyond what any sister would do (though with some reluctance).

Mina is just doing her job but she also brings some comedy to proceedings which lightens the mood and gets into the spirit by spicing things up between them with more erotic situations and even getting in on the action herself. My one complaint with her is that even with her demon bondage-esque design and plentiful proportions I expected a bit more from her, something more perverse and perhaps extreme to come from her. I liked what she offered very much but did feel it was a tad lacking.

This is a story about an incestuous relationship so naturally this is instantly going to put people off as incest is still a taboo topic to mention or discuss never mind glorify and arouse in this form. For me I have no issue, I am as open minded as you get and my views on incest in general means I had no issue here.

Aside from that particular subject this series is very much a vanilla series in terms of content. It’s usually straight sex scenes, some enticing lingerie and so forth but there is nothing here that is hardcore, not extreme fetishes catered for so this leaves it more accessible than other series, if you ignore the incest angle anyway. I did say usually as there are a few scenes such as groping on a train and pregnancy which do increase the variety you get here.

Being essentially a vanilla series it, for me, has to really catch my attention and keep hold and it does just that: the sex scenes are well animated, the characters and lush and the story more than helps. One issue I do have with vanilla series in general is that the sex scenes can be a bit plane and need other factors to draw on to really grab me, this is the case here initially but they do grow on you, they add bits here and there to splice things up.

The animation is smooth if unspectacular; judging from the standards back when this was made it looks good and holds up well, the sound, other than Hitomis sounds of pleasure, didn’t really stand out to me. The art though is truly lovely. Whilst the style may look a bit dated now that is understandable (the anime is 10 years old and the VN it is based on it 13 years old) it still looks beautiful today. The girls are lusciously figured and Hitomi in particular is the standout with her bright red hair she is flat out gorgeous.

This is an easy recommend if you can be on board or do not mind the incest angle. It will be a deal breaker for many but those unperturbed will find a wonderful series full of mostly great sex scenes, lush characters and a bit of humour which goes a long way.

Studio: Pixy
Episodes: 4
Release: DVD Singles and DVD Box
Available at: Amazon


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