Review: Boku no Yayoi-san -Manga-

I’ll be honest, I had no interest in this until ZIZ announced they would be making an anime of it and that peaked my interest so I decided to give it a read. Multiple reads later and I am so glad I gave it a chance as it has quickly shot up to become one of my favourite reads, one I can go back to again and again.

Hiro lives with Yayoi, a nurse who was once married to Hiro’s older brother before he passed away. After he died she decided to look after his little brother Hiro. It’s been five years since then and the two have developed a real bond. Hiro though has a crush on Yayoi and he cannot contain his feelings any longer. After giving in Yayoi decided to make a man of him and proceeds to show him the joys being an adult can bring. After enjoying it so much they continue to have sex to inject something extra in their relationship after Yayoi cannot get it out of her head. All is not well though as an old face from Yayoi’s past appears and this sets their relationship on a downward spiral.

I like the setup here, it instantly warms to you to Yayoi whilst also easily setting her up for a downfall somewhere along the line, it doesn’t overload you with characters either, just the three main ones which enables greater focus on them and thus draws you in more than if it had a bevy of characters.

A great, truly great NTR series will leave you a glut of emotions at the end whatever the outcome. It will make you feel down and sad and Boku no Yayoi-san did just that. Yes the content is suitably salacious and arousing but by the end you genuinely feel for both Yayoi and for Hiro after their relationship has hit so, so many rocks.

Part of this is the fantastic build up in the first few chapters. We see Yayoi as a caring person who works as a nurse and Hiro is the sweet innocent boy who has a crush on her despite feeling uneasy considering it’s his deceased brother’s widow. They do care for each other deeply, it’s a strong bond formed after 5 years and shows on Yayois part especially that she is a lovely person but it’s when they take their relationship to the next level it really sinks in and makes the remaining chapters that much harder to take.

You see this person slowly but surely taken down mentally and physically as she does her all to protect Hiro and the bond they have developed over time. You see her thoughts and mind, bit by bit, erode into thinking of nothing but this inescapable pleasure and tears begin to fall as she thinks of all the hurt she is causing. It is desperately sad to see and you feel no confliction either as she simply does not deserve it, she had wronged but redeemed herself, it is pure malice from the guy instigating it.

Speaking of the guy Hebitsuka, he is a nasty piece of work. He, like Yayoi is a former delinquent, and now wants revenge on her for ousting him and his nasty ways so he plans to emotionally blackmail and sexually train her for the pain she has caused him. He has all the tricks of the trade, playing mind games, humiliating Yayoi, ravaging her with his cock and even drugging her as the effects take their toll and Yayoi begins to break. He is a despicable piece of work, he was wronged in the past but what it was for leaves you with no qualms of hating his guts.

There are a lot of sex scenes here and a good variety in them as well. The first few chapters where Yayoi and Hiro develop their relationship features a lot of vanilla sex but it is presented in a way that makes it all the more tantalising, from Yayois facial expressions to her lovely body sweating, gyrating and cumming from the action to even wearing sexy costumes for Hiro.

Then we move onto Hebitsuka Jouji where the bulk of the scenes come from and here we enter far seedier territory. Hebitsuka forces her to strip, forces her to give oral the moves onto her pussy all the while talking dirtily to her. From there it moves onto even more degrading acts such as using large dildos to keep the cum in her pussy all day even at work, anal sex, piercings, exhibitionism and eventual mind breaking. It’s dirty, sordid and degrading as he teaches Yayois place as a woman, all the polar opposites of Yayois scenes with Hiro.

What I liked here is the slow progression with Yayoi and her training. Normally series like this jump straight into full blown action but here it takes it’s time as Hebitsuka submits Yayoi to humiliation and pleasure. He breaks her slowly by playing on her mind and her fear of anything happening to Hiro. He lets her taste the pleasure of his bumpy cock (pearls inserted to make it more pleasurable for the women) before making her beg to let him cum as she cannot take the pleasure any more, she is at the brink and cannot contain herself. It escalates from here with sustained nights of full on sex to the point where all she can think is of this craving and would even give herself to him at work to feel the pleasure once more like an addiction.

The artwork here is wonderful. Jyogi Tsukino knows how to draw a woman and knows especially how to draw them in a state of ecstasy. Yayoi is curved in the right places, has plentifully sized breasts but all in a generally realistic way, there are no fantastical proportions here; she is just a picture of beauty. I especially loved the facial expressions drawn here as they perfectly show off what state Yayoi is actually in, from her eagerness to taste Hebitsukas cock, the reluctant acceptance of pleasure as tears roll down her face and her ahegao expression at the end of it all. Facial expressions are such a key part of ero art and Tsukino has nailed them down.

As ever with an NTR series there are parts where you have to let your suspension of disbelief take you and just go along for the ride. Yayoi at one point says herself that the best option to this scenario is to phone or friends for help but doesn’t on the off chance of something happening to Hiro. It happens a lot in these types of anime or manga and it will be sure to cause some to roll their eyes at it. I personally have no issue with it as in personal circumstances your mind does not make rational decisions.

The motivations behind Hebitsuka wanting revenge are also fairly typical. He was caught out when they were in the same gang, looked down upon as a lackey and now wants revenge for this against those who wronged him. It is the execution that made it work so much better than other series. Another nitpick is that the exhibitionism and humiliation angle I would have preferred more of as I felt it was an opportunity ripe for the taking.

This for me was a real surprise hit. Thinking of it as nothing more than another NTR series I was so wrong as it had a real emotional impact on me which is incredibly rare for an ero series. The sex scenes were fantastic, the characters engaging and NTR elements were gripping. Even after multiple read throughs it still holds up incredibly well. I highly recommend this but don’t expect to come out of it in a positive mood.

Mangaka: Jyogi Tsukino
Release: 2012 - 2014
Chapters: 8 Chapters, 1 Volume
Available: Amazon, Mandarake


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