Review: Energy Kyouka!!

EDGE have made great strides in 2016 producing some of the best animated and enjoyable ero anime you’ll see. That is reason enough to check out an anime that initially struck me as being a bit plain and too vanilla for my liking. Underneath the plain exterior was a beautiful array of sexual indulgence and exploration that you will want more of.

Here we have Kyouka, she is a happy, free spirited, energetic girl. She also loves sex and money so loves to take advantage of the boys in her school to give herself pleasure and money. Upon noticing her seemingly seedy acts she is caught by the student council members Reona and Erina who effectively blackmail her and invite her to their mansion for something she may be interested in. What will this hold?

This isn’t a complex story or setup, its basic and it doesn’t need to be anything more for what it is. It’s a fun loving vanilla series full of sex that the girls want and allows them to explore all manner of sexual activities. The characters here take control of their own body and fully enjoy their sexual practices. Despite being polar opposites in almost everything Kyouka, Reona and Erina can share in their love for this world.

Being the name in the series title Kyouka is the clear focus for these episodes. She loves sex and in this new found haven she can indulge herself all she wants and oh boy does she indulge herself. She almost salivates at the sight of the mass orgy, straight away she is enticing an older member, giving them oral, and showing off her body before engaging in a full blown gang bang.

Straight from the off you get the idea of what this series will be about. The sex scenes here are generous and plentiful, it is a very sex heavy show with little to no time spared for anything else and that is fine by me. There is something for just about everyone. We first have Kyouka in the boys toilets siphoning away the boys’ money by performing all sorts of lewd acts from showing breasts, performing oral to full on sex as they cum on her. She takes their money and goes on merrily.

From there we continue to have all sorts of acts, a giant orgy where the girls can unleash their lust to the full extent and enact all their fetishes, Kyouka goes for the old men, Reona and Erina get stuck in with the others and even their mother who overlooks this haven for lust gets in on the action. Of course during all this the girls are erotically dressed from lingerie to school swimsuits whilst the guys wear masks to cover their identity.

This is all consensual and essentially a vanilla series. The girls have sex with all these guys, indulge in the pleasure because they want to, there is no elements of the girls being forced into it, no dark elements at all really. That’s just the first episode though so it already packs in a lot of action for the time.

The second episode does differ though as in that there are two boys, a young shota style boy who they are paid to make a man of so to speak and another at the mercy of the girls as they proceed to have their way with him. The second boy happens to be Kyoukas stepbrother who we see at the beginning receiving oral from her. It is a bit of a tonal shift by now focusing on just one guy at a time effectively whilst the other girls use dildos to ravage each other but in a way it makes sense as the girls are still in control, still sex mad and in a way it is a natural progression for them to make.

Showing the girls in charge and the boys helpless (though they certainly are not against it!) as they all take advantage of them is a next logical step, it is consensual so anyone who feared a darker turn will be relieved. These are girls in full control of their own bodies doing as they please; they crave pleasure and will do what they want to get it.

That said this does bring up one aspect many people may not like: the incest. Yes Kyouka and her brother go from oral to full on sex without a care in the world after she becomes jealous as the other girls having their way with him. Blood related or not as is the case here this is going to turn off a lot of people who do not like or approve of this particular fetish. I had no issues and thoroughly enjoyed what occurred.

I do think this second episode is a bit weaker than the first because of the focus on them playing with the boys and whilst there is still a lot of content and action here I could not help but feel that the lack of general variety in the scenes themselves left it a bit more generic and plain.

Visually the show is very strong. It comes from new studio EDGE who created the wonderful Dropout and Netoraserare anime and though the art may not be as sharp or polished it still looks head and shoulders above the majority of what you will see. The animation is smooth and the show is vibrant and full of colour. It’s a nice change compared with most ero anime I watch though it does take a slight dip in the second episode.

This is also helped by the array of character designs here. Kyouka being the gyaru type has a certain look to her, bright blonde hair, tanned and with a very well endowed body shape with curves, plentifully large sized breasts and a shapely ass. The other two main girls have their own unique designs as well, Reona has the loli-esque design with smaller breasts and in general a smaller frame. Erina on the other hand is kind of in the middle with healthy proportions but not ludicrously so.

There is more content in the manga itself which I haven’t gotten around to reading yet but there is no more confirmed anime on the horizon so with only 2 episodes it is a satisfying anime. It is a no nonsense series with copious amount of sex that many will enjoy. I certainly do recommend it for anyone who just wants to see some pure happy sex scenarios in their ero anime.

Studio: EDGE
Episodes: 2
Release: 2016
Available: CD Japan, Amazon


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