Review: Haramasete Seiryuu-kun!

Sometimes it takes multiple re-watches to appreciate what a series has to offer, this is most certainly the case with Haramasete Seiiryuu-kun! a show about descendants of gods wanting to preserve their powers through heirs. Adapted from the Lilith Visual Novel of the same name it is the only Lilith property in animated form you could consider a vanilla series which is interesting, why this one? Well let’s find out if it merited this treatment.

Long ago 4 gods who protected the land were depleting in power, in an attempt to preserve this power in the bloodline they decided to cease fighting and focus on this, they passed their power onto their descendents whose best option to keep this power alive is to mix their genes, having a kid basically which sets in motion the story. In the present day the 4 descendents attend the same school but with there being 1 boy who still holds the power the girls fight over who gets to take his genes, become impregnated and restore their gods power.

As setups go it is quite bizarre but this actually suits the tone of the series well. The craziness of the premise leads to wild antics in the show itself, it’s over the top but it’s also a lot of fun as we see the girls fight over Seiryuu and how they want to be the one impregnated and chosen by him. It gives a reason for the girls to fight over an otherwise dull male lead. That said the story does kind of take a seat on the back burner to squeeze in the scenes they want which is understandable.

The characters are a varied bunch. Suzaku likes to take control and is very outgoing in the way she approaches Seiryuu for sex. She develops quite the rivalry with Byakko, a close friend of Seiryuu. She can be fiery when needed but is more caring. Kitami and Seiryuu fill out the remaining two descendants of the gods and both are male though Kitami likes to stretch the definition of gender which brings its fair share of confusion.

On Kitami I have to say the decision to keep him as a bit part player paid off well, both in allowing greater focus on Byakko and Suzaku scenes as well as making his comedic aspects a bit more impactful and unexpected, he is a madcap and unpredictable character that helped Byakko and Suzaku play off each other and transition scenes.

I’d say the weakest of these characters is Seiryuu himself. He isn’t dense but a bit bland, he knows how to take advantage of a situation though as seen with Suzaku and playing to her needs and wants for sex with him to carry his genes and obviously acts his age when confronted with both girls vying for him, I mean who wouldn’t take advantage of that? He is still generic though which makes him the least memorable character here.

This is a vanilla series so the sex scenes are more positive and lighter which is fine. This means though that is has to present its scenes in a more appealing way for me personally and it does just that for the most part. From Suzaku seducing Seiryuu in the locker room, Seiryuu taking advantage and making her strip and beg for his cock, Byakko providing a paizuri, straight sex and more there is a lot of content here that is sure to satisfy if you are a fan.

I did not take a liking to all of the scenes it offered though. Some such as Byakko giving Seiryuu a paizuri or wearing a maid outfit felt a bit bland and retreaded without much extra to make it stand out. Suzakus scenes didn’t emit this feeling as much because of the way she seduced him, where they had sex and the manner in which they did it. I much preferred the comedic scenes and the teasing of moving into the darker elements in general though of which there is plenty of the former.

One of my favourite scenes is one that isn’t actually a sex scene. As the girls battle to gain Seiryuus attention on a school trip Kitami comes along in a very nonstandard swimsuit of ribbons that cover his genitals and nipples, Suzaku and Byakko then battle to ‘one up’ him by wearing progressively skimpier swimsuits until they’re basically naked. It’s funny and very sexy at the same time which works so well for this series.

Another highlight was one of the final scenes where Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryuu take part in a threesome on the beach. It is a beautifully shot and well built up scene with camera angles showing all the positions and the luscious foreplay which makes it all the more tantalising as bit by bit it reached the climax. A special mention to the ending as well which wrapped up events in a way befitting what had gone before and in keeping with the tone of the series.

This is a comedic ero anime and as such makes a nice change of pace (for me at least). I can’t say all the humour hit its mark and certainly some of it will be tiresome for those who been trampled on by years of numerous harem series. A fair portion of the comedy left me with a good laugh though, especially Kitami’s gender experimenting antics which leaves everyone puzzled, I especially loved the final scene with the girls and Kitami and the culmination of all that’s gone before.

Aesthetically it looks really good. The animation is smooth, the sex scenes flow well, there is no overabundance of scene recycling and even the fight scenes or those with a bit more action aren’t lacking. It also has a nice and colourful palette. Everything from locales to characters is bright and vivid to match its positive tone and nature. Pixy hit the nail on the head again here in being faithful to the VNs look and feel as much as they could.

Character design wise it also varies itself enough to have a lasting impression. Whilst Nobushito’s luscious and polished look from the VN expectedly hasn’t transitioned that well into the anime it keeps its distinctiveness. Suzuka is bright blue haired and amply figured whilst Byakko is brown haired with large proportions. Kitamis fits the shota and or trap quota for a nice change. Each is distinct and the series remains in your memory because of it.

It wasn’t until my first re-watch that I actually appreciated this series for what it was. It’s an entertaining and sex filled vanilla series that provides plenty of naughty fun. The humour complements the story and scenarios so well and it works much the better for it. I do recommend watching this if you are into vanilla series and even if you’re not it’s still worth a watch if you can find the time.

Studio: Pixy
Released: 2011 - 2012
Length: 2 Episodes
Availability: DVD Singles (OOP) and DVD Box


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