Review: Kanojo wa Dare to demo Sex Suru.

What would you do if the girl you had a crush on had sex with another man right in front of you after turning down your confession? A strange question but one that befalls Kazuhiro Sayama in Kanojo wa Dare to demo Sex Suru. an ero anime based on the game of the same name.

Kazuhiro Sayama has a crush on Erika Sakurai a girl at his school. He finally musters up the courage to ask her out but she turns him down and proceeds to have sex with a teacher in front of him. She turned him down as she is a sex addict who cannot be satisfied with just one boy. Hearing this and not wanting to part from her they strike an unusual deal. He will help her fulfil her sexual fantasies and film them but he will not be able to have sex with her himself.

No matter which way you look at that it is an odd predicament but one that sets up a very exciting anime. All the potential scenarios running through your head and that appear on the screen, the girl playing on the boys feelings whilst using him and the boys trouble he has gotten himself into. On that latter point there is also the element of seeing whether Kazuhiro will be able to control himself when he sets Erika up in these vulnerable, sexual positions and whether he will eventually get with her.

Kazuhiro is fairly plain as characters go. He’s just the nondescript boy who falls for a girl. There isn’t much too him but his desperation not to be apart from Erika leads him to a rash decision that will only cause him more trouble, got to give him credit for going through with it though. As for Erika well she is ideal my idea of perfection, she is a sex addict and perfectly willing to use Kazuhiros feelings against him to fulfil her dark and depraved fantasies. I like this approach from her, she loves sex and is going to use any means necessary to delve further into the sexual mire.

Keeping on that point this was one of the real strengths of the show, here we have Erika that is a willing sex obsessed girl. I watch a lot of shows with darker content where the girl is raped, blackmailed or mind broken into a state of sex fuelled ecstasy but it’s nice to have a change where the girl is in control, where she wants these sexual plays turned real and does as she pleases for her own pleasure. She is in charge of her body and uses it how she wishes.
For a series where the main girl is a sex addict you’d expect some lewd, perhaps even degrading scenarios and this anime does not disappoint there, it is full to the brim of scenes that will cater to numerous fetishes and kinks as Kazuhiros crush is defiled and used in all manner of ways much to her pleasure.

There are a lot scenes played out here and their level of intensity and perversion only increases. From plain sex in a school, a gang bang, some exhibition play, the use of sex toys and a lot of sex with older and overweight disgusting men to the almost constant display and mix of voyeurism and exhibitionism it is a plethora of perversion and debauchery.

There are a fair few scenes that I enjoyed above all others. One particular scene was where Erika was bound onto a chair, blindfolded, almost completely naked and with a vibrating dildo in her pussy whilst in a net cafe cubicle. The vulnerability she displayed, the facial expressions she had as the anticipation and cauldron of emotions built up, of not knowing who was going to use her and in what way was a real pleasure and sight to behold.

Another stand out scene was where Erika dressed completely differently to the point of being unrecognisable, wearing extremely revealing and tantalising clothes to entice some male workers that she had her eye on. This almost gyaru like look contrasts greatly with her usual look and it added a nice variation which allowed her to indulge herself without a care in the world.

There are obvious NTR elements here, Erika feels little for Kazuhiro, he is just a tool in order to help fulfil her fantasy so you don’t really feel anything for her, she is just enjoying herself as much as she can but seeing Kazuhiro helpless as guy after guy take their turn in having their way with Erika does make you feel a bit for him. That and you can see when he shows Erika the film of her exploits just how uncomfortable he becomes.

The abundances of scenes aside I did feel it was lacking a touch. Erika is a sex addict but it didn’t play to as wide a range of fetishes and kinks as I expected. In this genre you have to stand out and other than the boy helping her meet her sordid needs there isn’t that much that sets it apart from its contemporaries. You’d expect she’d want to experience as many new thrills as she could but it only reaches a certain level and then the show ends. It doesn’t detract from what it does (and does very well) but I could not help but feel it was missing that extra something.

The character designs are drawn by Sanagi Torajirou and this is a match made in heaven as far as I am concerned. His art is sublime, he draws so erotically, so salaciously that you cannot help but keep your eyes trained on the screen. Erika is a bespectacled beauty, she is not perfectly thin, she has curves and all parts of her body are accentuated to a very erotic and sexy degree. His art also transitions well from the page and still illustrations to anime. His style is there and kept as faithful as could be which really helps it stand out.

Speaking of animation it is up to scratch, it flows more than your average series and the sex scenes are well animated. Recycling of scenes and motions is present but used sparingly where possible. The art helps it reach a level above, I cannot stress that enough as it adds a layer of polish to the look.

I came away from these 2 episodes very satisfied for the most part, other than the lack of truly out there fetishes I felt was needed to truly show Erikas addiction to sex it was a very joyful ride. The art is superb and easily offsets the typically weaker animation for ero series and the setup is just fun from start to finish.

Studio: T-Rex
Release: 2015
Available: 2 DVD Singles


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