Review: Kashiwazaki Miki wa Ironna Basho de Zenra Sanpo shite Mita.

Of all the fetishes and kinks in the world of ero the one that I love most is exhibitionism, there are so many elements that tie together to create something wonderful. The embarrassment, the pure enjoyment and the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability just make it work like few others. There are a fair few ero series that display exhibitionist acts (check out any Suehirogari manga) so does this one stand out from the crowd whilst being a vanilla book?

Miki is a beautiful girl in college. She is like any other student, she hangs out with her friends, goes to class and socialises with them but she hides a dirty secret: she likes exhibitionism. She likes and wants to walk around naked, wear no panties in public and go further with this to see what pleasures it brings. After enticing her teacher what sexy and liberating acts will she get up to?

I like the setup here, it doesn’t mess about, it’s simple and that gives more room for expansion which we do see as Miki goes from one act to another all the while the level of risk and excitement keeps growing. Miki is a nice girl, she has an innocent aura around her that continues throughout the book and this only helps her become attractive and likeable.

The exhibitionist acts here progress naturally. It begins with Miki not wearing any panties to an extra lecture in college, the thoughts of being caught and what would happen to her only increase her arousal to the point she is very wet and opening her legs in the chance the teacher might see. He notices and they begin a master and servant relationship with Miki always the one pushing for more risqué adventures. She walks around campus completely nude whilst her master watches, walks to the college wearing no underwear and has sex on the balcony.

She moves onto a new master after the teacher leaves by enticing an older, overweight cleaner. With more exciting and risqué acts ensuing such as sex in plain sight of others and peeing in open areas there are more developments occurring. The cycle repeats meaning she is without a master once he parts leaving Miki with a craving. After a darker turn (more on that later) it then escalates more and more to the point where she is having full nude walks outside where people do see her, outdoor sex with many men to being filmed and more.

There is a lot here to like. Most of the acts here are vanilla, straight sex scenes, naked walks, masturbating in public and such like. Other than the darker elements I’ll touch upon below there isn’t really any fetishized aspects to put off those who aren’t into that. Sure you have Miki peeing and that will put some people off so beware if that is you but it is never done in a lurid manner and never devolves into degrading material.

Whilst this initially starts off with positive tones it does reach some darker places along the way. There is a rape scene and further on in with those escalating scenarios she becomes entrapped in it. I liked these darker aspects as it showed what an indulgence in something like what she was doing can become dangerous. It also handled those scenes more tastefully than a lot of others which would take this and run into hardcore and degrading elements so it is refreshing to see.

Being a fan of exhibitionism in general I loved almost all of this but a few stood out among the rest. The initial walking around campus fully naked was lovely. Seeing her hide her clothes and take a walk round, seeing her reacts to the wind on her skin and pussy, it was a sensationally erotic scene that showcased all the plus points of the series and if this was the beginning it got you more excited for what was to come.

Another part I really loved was later on in the book. Miki is going for her first full walk, naked, around a park. You can see her trepidation as she leaves her apartment with nothing but her bag. You can then see her embarrassment, vulnerability yet also the pleasure she is feeling from it, the freedom she is feeling from it as she then begins to have sex with people looking on and she cannot contain her emotions any longer.

The art is sensational. MARUTA is an artist that has a distinct style, the characters look like real beautiful people, there are no fantastical size proportions here, the girls look like normal girls but just touched up with the art to look ever more beautiful. This carries over into the sex acts themselves with Miki displaying all manner of facial expressions as she enjoys herself to the fullest, from the singular acts to the gang bang and when she is taking a walk naked it looks beautiful erotic without ever becoming seedy. The angles emphasise the risk involved, the rewards, the pleasure Miki is experiencing as all the emotions encompassing her are displayed here.

MARUTA knows what works and what is needed for exhibitionist works as he draws Miki in the open that creates the vulnerability, excitement and freedom that exhibitionism entails and the manga prospers all the more for it. Further adding to this is the locales and backgrounds that are intricately detailed which for a series focusing on exhibitionism matters more than you’d think, it adds to the overall level of dedication, care and craft gone into this that equates to a greater sense of realism than you’d get.

Now is there anything I didn’t like? Honestly, no. I’ve re-read this countless times and each time I find it as erotic and engaging as the time before. I could nitpick here and there about the ending and what happens to Miki or some of the acts not quite going far enough but they are just that, nitpicks.

This is an easy series to recommend for fans of vanilla ero manga. The salacious art, the engaging character of Miki and the intriguing escalations and developments make this not only an easy read but a thoroughly enjoyable one with great re-readability. Who knows, maybe it will open you up more to the wonderful world of exhibitionism.

Mangaka: MARUTA
Released: 2014
Length: 10 Chapters, 1 Volume


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