Review: Taimanin Asagi

Lilith is a large company producing goods for the adult market encompassing an array of sub labels such as Black Lilith, ZIZ Entertainment and more. With years and years in the business they have expanded from VNs into, novels, manga, art books, drama CDs, live action and anime. In this review I will be looking at what is arguably their largest property: Taimanin Asagi.

Asagi and Igawa are sisters who hunt demons hell bent on destruction and death in a world where demons and humans actually coexist. Though Asagi is now retired so she can live a happy life with her boyfriend Kyousuke. Not set on allowing this to happen an old arch-enemy Oboro is set on vengeance for her previous losses and pain at the hands of Asagi and manages to capture her. This is where the fun begins. Oboro begins to torture her, treat her as a plaything, give her to demons and other monstrosities to humiliate her and make sure she regrets ever crossing her path whilst there are goings on in the background setting up something larger at hand.

This is not a ‘vanilla’ series, oh no. This is very hardcore in terms of content. It caters to a lot of fetishes such as and contains a lot of rape, humiliation, degradation, body modification, tentacle play and more in the 4 episodes. It is not for the faint hearted. I enjoy all of the above (all fetishes to be fair) so found this series to be thrilling, incredibly arousing and all around perfect in terms of content. If any of the above sound disgusting, awful or downright despicable then you should steer well clear of this.

One of my favourite scenes in the series is when Oboro offers them a chance to potentially leave but they have to satisfy a wealthy and influential yet disgusting old man. What it involves and the attention to detail is noteworthy as you can see the old mans pubic hair curled and sticking to Asagi’s mouth after her initial attempt to satisfy him. It also slowly sees signs of change in both characters into their broken state.

Asagi is likeable for a main character, she has earnest wishes and just wants to settle down. Doesn't stop you enjoying what happens to her though. Her sister Igawa is younger and more naive and you do feel slightly more for her after what happens. Again though that doesn't last long.

Oboro is a wonderful antagonist for our heroes. She is an absolute sadist who lets loose all her dark desires on her pursuit for revenge, when you think she might have had enough she just keeps on humiliating Asagi and Igawa more and more.

Design wise they follow Kagami Hirotakaswonderful designs from the game. Asagi is slender and has large breasts, Igawa is a bit more plump whilst Oboro is the more mature looking one. Being an adult series catering to a certain audience there isn’t going to be too much variety in the way the girls bodies are but there body modification to the breasts on one girl to a ridiculous size if that is your thing.

The director for this series is Teruaki Murakami and he extremely notable in the hentai animation industry, by fans and producers alike. What he brings is a certain style which can be extremely hit or miss for most people. Heck, even myself when I first watched Kangoku Senkan some years ago I was caught a bit off guard and wasn’t keen on it. Now though I have grown to appreciate the method.

What I’m talking about is the animation itself. As most will know anime is done on a budget, usually a limited one and adult series tend to get even less. As such creative means are required to make it look better. The use here is in the motion. When Asagi or Igawa is performing a sexual act, be it orally, anally or otherwise it switches between slow and ludicrously fast motion and incorporates extreme close ups of the girls bodies and faces. It also contains a lot of blurry imagery fading in and out whilst the camera never stays still. It works so well and does make it seem higher budgeted than most.

I've seen a lot of mixed reactions to it and I can see why. It takes some getting used to and could potentially cause motion sickness on some with weaker stomachs. It's weird to be talking about this in an anime but it's true and most likely will be a big reason whether you come away from this liking 
or disliking it.

A quick mention to the bonus short that comes with the DVD box (no Blu Ray available) where Asagi is blindfolded, helped by Igawa attend to a customer, the camera stays with the view looking down on Asagi and it’s a treat for all fans.

To sum up Taimanin Asagi is a fantastic series and a good length for a hentai release. It tells a story, has likeable characters, scenes that are bound to entice and arouse as well as leaving open to a sequel (which there is). If you want something in this category to start you off the this is ideal and even if you’ve seen many of these before you’ll still find something enjoyable. Lilith are masters of the adult industry as far as I’m concerned and this is just a drop in the ocean of their content but an amazing drop nonetheless.

Studio: Pixy
Episodes: 4
Release: DVD Singles and DVD Box
Available at: J-List, Amazon


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