Review: Chichikuri Choukyou Kitto: Saikyouban

Compilation volumes always run the risk of the individual stories being outshone by others or not feeling fleshed out enough. Mustang Rs Chichikuri Choukyou Kitto volume is a compilation made up of various one short and stories he has drawn over a couple of years. The contents differ wildly and offer something unique but does that mean it avoids the pitfalls of the compilation volume?

The first story takes up roughly a quarter of the book. It is about an everyday school girl who comes home and hears a noise; she spies her mother masturbating with her modified and large clitoris. Rina cannot help herself and begins masturbating to this, she looks up clit growth and modification and orders a kit. It ends up in the hands of her overweight and ugly neighbour Takeda who gives her some photos of girls he has ‘trained’ and helped modify their clits and bodies. Seeing this and the overwhelming urge of potential pleasure she agrees to be trained by him.

I’ve seen clit and body modification in general before in anime and manga but this took it to a level with the detail and methods. Seeing Rina in a constant state of pain and pleasure from the bevy of unusual and harsh methods was an. From electric shocks, anal beads, tweezers, pins and grips stretching her pussy it is a sight to behold as Takeda trains her and modifies her body to more of what he wants.

A lot of the scenes were sensational, my particular favourites the punishments for not obeying the rules such as giving oral but not being allowed to play her clit and the final scene where Rina is taken for a walk by Takeda around her village. With rope attached to a piercing on her clit she is dragged around, disgraced, blindfolded and her modified body on show for all to see as she is given away to anyone who wants to try her. She is reluctant as she tries to disobey and feels the brunt of the pull on her clit. It is a fitting scene for the final breaking of her.

My one issue with it was that it felt rushed, some of the scenarios played out could have used a chapter to themselves and because of its length the eventual breaking of Rina didn’t feel as impactful and erotic as it could have been. It may be but a minor quibble in an otherwise incredible story but it did stick in the back of my mind.

I talked about that first story a lot longer than what I will for the rest, the reason is I like to talk about the positives in a book where I can. The rest of the volume is compiled of various shorts and this is where I’m afraid it lets itself down. The first story was so strong and out there that the remaining shorts just seem like a disappointment. They never hooked with me, some of the stories felt bland, others only moderately exciting.

The strongest of these stories is the third one focusing on a school teacher being treated as a pet by her very young students, she is taken for walks, all manner of devices shoved in her orifices, forced to satisfy all the students and more degrading acts. It contains all the bizarrely beautiful and disgusting elements of the first and it is good to read if not quite matching Rinas story.

The remaining one-shots don’t hold up to these two I’m afraid. From a mother on a train being molested as they play with her weird body, a woman and her master exploring exhibitionism through painting her body or a boy and girl who explore their love for each other they do feature Mustang Rs signature style but they are lacking something for me, they’re too plain considering what has gone before.

This volume caters to a lot of fetishes and kinks, and I mean a lot. There is body modification through the clit growth, anal sex, oral, mind breaking, sexual training, public humiliation, rape, bondage, electro stimulation, exhibitionism and more if you go further into it. It’s sure to satisfy those, like myself, who like to see a broad range of kinks and fetishes but that list is going to deter many who find that content abhorrent, disgusting etc. so if that is you I’d give this a skip.

The art here by Mustang R is very different from the norm as far as ero works go; it is more of a niche style catering to those who like the imperfect look. The girls are drawn with large proportions yes but it is the other parts of their shape that make it different. They aren’t pristine or idealised to the norm, they have size and weight to them.

The most noticeable aspect of this style is the way he draws the women’s parts. From incredibly extended nipples, clit, large breasts, wide open pussys and more he sets it out in a very perverted, disgusting and exaggerated way. It is a style that will not appeal to everyone that is for certain. I liked it though as it matched the absurd content fittingly.

While it’s hard to recommend the volume on the whole I would certainly recommend the first story. It is dirty, disgusting and bizarre but it’s so salacious and out there that you have to read it. Unfortunately the rest of the works here, whilst passable in their own way, do not cut it.

Mangaka: Mustang R
Release: 2012
Length: 9 Chapters, 1 Volume


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