Review: Mahou Shoujo Isuka

I’ll be honest, when looking at the array of Lilith properties Mahou Shoujo Isuka was not one that stood out to me. It looked like a typical magical girl ero game and anime and I wasn’t enthused. Mainly because I am not hugely into tentacle play of which Mahou Shoujo ero anime focus on. Still, I persisted but would this change my mind or leave me feeling those same feelings after?

Isuka is a witch that protects the Maseki, a stone that holds the power of the demon lord. The demon kings minions are on the search for these and become known as witch hunters as they seek to revive their lords power. Isuka manages to avoid and fend off these hunters but a chance encounter with a normal schoolgirl Tsumiki changes the course of events drastically.

It’s a fairly typical setup that has been done before time and again but it sets up what is going to happen nicely. Isuka is pleasant enough a character. She protects the Maseki stone and seems earnest whilst Tsumiki is your normal schoolgirl. She hangs out with her friends and is kind enough to track down someone after they lost an item, a hair clip belonging to Isukas sister who disappeared.

The sexual content on offer here is most certainly of the hardcore variety. With stomach deformation, tentacles raping all orifices of the girls, pregnancy, demon rape, mind breaking, mind control and body modification it presents a nasty and grotesque form of ero, one which will put off a lot of people. It goes without saying that if any of the sounds off-putting then avoid this.

What it does so well with these fetishes is that it spreads them out well and differentiates when it needs to. The all tentacle play of episode one is a delight but it switches to demon humanoid rape in the second and then to a mix of the two plus some new content in episode three. This changing keeps it fresh and offering up something new to the viewer just when you think it might get tiresome. This is especially true in the last episode where it goes all out in its dedication towards twisted content.

The show starts inside an organic hell with defeated magical girls suffering an unrepentant disgusting pleasure. Girl after girl is bound, raped, impregnated and broken by these tentacles as they are in a constant cycle of rape, impregnation and giving birth to small horrid monsters as one, yet to be broken girl, witnesses these horrors and her fear sets in of what is to come. It sets the tone well, that this is going to be a dark and nasty show.

Other than that opening scene there are many more standout scenes here which I could talk about, from Lux tormenting and raping Isuka and Tsumiki as she takes their virginities from them like it’s nothing, the multiple impregnation scenes, the girls finally succumbing to this disgusting pleasure or Isuka being forced to relive the painful experience her sister went through as a vision of her caresses her there is enough variety and very arousing material to keep you interested.

As someone not enamoured with tentacle play it left me with a good and lasting impression. From tentacles travelling through the body, injecting demonic substances into the girls, slithering and wrapping around them, positioning them in vulnerable ways, pumping them full of cum to the point they choke on it and toying with them it was a pleasant surprise to watch. My fear was that the tentacles would be too overbearing on the screen thus taking away from what is happening to the girls but this was not the case so my fears were allayed.

I do have a couple of complaints with the show though. The first is that whilst episode two is a change of pace from the frenetic tentacle action it is a bit plain. Sure there is a bit of mind control and seeing Isuka unable to resist these degrading acts was arousing but the almost plain sex scenes with the demons are a bit run of the mill. Not to say it isn’t good or arousing as it is but for a demon in control it felt a tad lacking considering what powers were at play.

The other main complaint I had is in regards to the story elements. Early on Tsumiki absorbs part of the Maseki which unleashes a great power in some instances and Genji notices this but by the end of the show it is completely forgotten about as the power never resurfaces when Tsumiki is going through her ordeal nor do any of the characters bring it up. It was touched upon with enough time earlier on but subsequently forgotten which did irritate me. A few more nitpicks here and there I could bring up as well but they don’t break the enjoyment I had.

Visually the show looks great, one of Pixys stronger efforts and it tells. The animation is smooth and shows the sinister movements of tentacles and inhumane acts perfectly. Camera angles demonstrate the peril Isuka and Tsumiki find themselves in with close ups and angled shots to show their full bodies being raped by these monstrous beings. What I also loved was the x-ray like shots of the monsters swirling about in Isuka and Tsumikis wombs, seeing them ready to be birthed as the girls feel them moving was beautiful yet disturbing.

The art is handled well also. Isuka with her bright blue pig tails and petit body stands out and her magical girl outfit is a nice refreshing change with futuristic / technological elements such as booster like leg parts. Tsumiki is a short haired well endowed schoolgirl who doesn’t stand out as much but she doesn’t really need to. Lux in her human form is lovely, tanned with blonde hair that fits a never caring almost delinquent type, seeing more of her was most welcome.

Then we come onto the demons themselves. Whilst we do have a lot of tentacles the demons designs are also lovingly crafted. Lux provides the usual tentacle fare but Genji is a spider like demon manifesting arms for a hideous humanoid look but also goes full circle when he needs to notching up the gross factor even more. The baby monsters deserve a special mention as well for offering a heinous appearance when they are birthed from the magical girls themselves.

I came away from this feeling very satisfied with what I watched, my preconceptions were misplaced and Pixy offered up a great show that I could easily recommend for fans of tentacle play and those more ambivalent to the genre such as myself. A few minor hiccups and there can be easily overlooked in the grand scheme of things and it is worth it do so.

Studio: Pixy
Release: 2010 - 2011
Episodes: 3
Availability: Singles + DVD Box


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