Review: Oppai Infinity∞! The Animation

When you have just one episode to tell your story you really need to make every minute count because you’ll be lost in a sea of forgettable shows otherwise and this is especially prominent in ero anime. Oppai Infinity∞! The Animation is a one episode ero anime based on a short story by Erect Sawaru, so does it manage to stand out or merely fall into that sea and never surface again?

Miu writes a love letter to Haruka hoping that she would accept her feelings but things take a turn for the worse when instead of reciprocating or even letting her down gently Haruka has a sick and twisted form of humiliation planned for. Little does she know this could be about to set herself up for a mighty fall.

The setup is engaging from the off, sending a love letter is always sweet so seeing someone trample on those feelings like dirt does get me riled up. Haruka is a nasty person who has no problem demeaning and toying with others so to see her get her comeuppance is oh so sweet especially as it comes from one of her victims.

Said victim Miu seems innocent enough but shows her own warped side to those who causer her pain. She was humiliated and defiled but her reaction to one she still loves is wonderfully perverse to see play out. Seeing them play-off each other was a highlight throughout and brings in a twist or two. It is these twists which added the extra layer and made it stand out to me.

What I liked most here is that it never feels rushed, at just one episode long so it has to productive to fit in and showcase scenarios it wants and it does just that. The many scenes here all feel well paced, giving just enough time for each act to leave an impression before moving on to something more lurid and degrading. This goes right up until the ending as well where it ends satisfyingly.

The content here is of the darker variety. There is copious amounts of rape, mind breaking, revenge and degrading acts that all tie together nicely. If that sounds off putting to you then this is not a show for you.

Scenes take place mainly in the classroom and toilets as students rape Miu and Haruka at the behest of the other girl. Initially sex scenes are heavily rape based but as Haruka becomes accustomed to and enjoy these degrading and defiling acts it turns into mind breaking as she is broken into loving and wanting cock. From there it escalates to public toilet and sex slave plays where student after student, no matter how disgusting line up to get their enjoyment from the now public urinal Haruka.

The acts themselves with their escalating depravity never disappointed. A couple really stand out to me. One with Haruka, now a public toilet being ordered to take a large, fat and ugly guys virginity to add extra humiliation. Instead she takes this by the reigns. She initiates, flatters him and strokes his cock before giving him oral and then having him take her. It’s a nice change from the norm and throws a spanner in the works as they say to Mius plans.

The second was the first scene where Haruka becomes aware her actions have come back to haunt her as Miu orchestrates a group of students to take her, hold her down and rape her just like she was. It is always satisfying to see a bully or a horrible person get what’s coming to them and that is certainly the case here.

Visually the show looks good. Sure it can be a bit slow at times but scenes flow and animation is smooth for the most part, one or two minor hiccups are not worth mulling over. The art though is where this really shines. Erect Sawarus distinct art style is translated faithfully from the page. His penchant for large breasted girls is here with a large focus on very healthily proportioned breasts (hence title) but also luscious curves on the girls with lovely asses and hips.

At just one episode it takes a staple genre and freshens it up a bit which is nice to see and it makes the episode all the stronger because of it. With satisfying sex scenes, a simple yet engaging setup and a distinct art style it will stick in your head, it elevates itself amongst the hordes of ero one-shots thanks to this. If you are a fan of the genre it is an easy recommend.

Studio: Pink Pineapple
Release: 2014
Length: 1 episode
Availability: DVD Single


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