Review: Samayou Midara na Lunatics

Sometimes you look at a property, be it a game, book or play and see that they have adapted it into another form. You think it must have something to it for them to take the risk. These were my thoughts upon seeing Samayou Midara na Lunatics from the ero masters at Lilith. Their Pixy animation studio have adapted this but does it have that extra factor to make it worth watching?

Eifa and Alois are brother and sister of royal blood, Eifa longs for Alois and believes he feels the same but not being able to reciprocate their love fears she may never be with him. It is their mother though who provides a solution; she offers Eifa a potion that if both drink it they will be able to profess their love for each other and engage in the darkest desires. Not wanting to miss what could be the only opportunity Eifa takes and drinks it but what will be in store for her?

It’s a basic enough set up but one that works well. Though we are never shown explicitly why Eifa harbours these feelings bar a brief flashback of them playing as kids it sets up the story for the events to come and the mother acting as just about no mother would rings alarm bells that she is up to something. I liked it as the incest fetish is one of my favourites so here where it can be realised between royals is a big positive for me.

Both of the episodes here are taken up primarily of sex scenes in the bedroom and whilst both are primarily plain sex scenes with no hardcore content to speak of there are some smaller scenes that pop up which do such as a tentacle scene which is brief. If you are fine with the sound of that and not put off by the incestuous angle then you’ll have no issue with this show content wise at least. There is no getting around that incestuous angle though as it is the only focus of these two episodes so beware if that is not something you can tolerate.

The sex scenes themselves are certainly the shows strongest aspect. In both episodes we are treated to an array of sexual delights as Eifa makes love with Alois in all manner of ways, she pleasures him orally, in her pussy (in various positions) and even anally. After though Eifa cannot stop masturbating to what they did, the pleasure sticks in her mind. It is here where the mother steps in again.

The second episode we are treated to even more sexual plays because of the addition of their mother. Her experience enables Alois and Eifa to reach even more pleasurable heights and she teases Eifa even more through a seemingly magic sex toy that reacts whenever she thinks of Alois and a chastity belt to keep it in her so she is mercilessly teased, we really don’t get enough chastity belts in ero works. It greatly improves on the relatively plain first episode as the mother enters which is intoxicating.

In fact the entire second scene in episode two, minus the brief tentacle part, is my favourite of the show, it is exhilarating, incredibly erotic, beautiful to behold and so very arousing. The camera angles help immeasurably by showing the perfect positions as their bodies are stretched out in pleasure, sweating, orgasming, cumming and drowning in pleasure, there have been few more enjoyable threesomes in anime.

The show does have problems though and a big one is why events occur as they do and motivations for certain characters. It is never clear whether Eifa and Alois’ mother has been replaced by a witch or if she was one all along though it is partly hinted at as her motivation for marrying into noble blood is touched upon. It also never gives her actual name which was irritating.

The ending is another big negative. It is very open in what it does and if anything sets up even more events to occur which never do. It feels like it was cut short as we are shown storybook illustrations similar to the opening of what happens to Alois and Eifa and that was it.

Visually the show looks fantastic, the aforementioned storybook style illustrations fit the setting and story well and whilst the animation looks above average with smooth, fluid scenes it never sets the world afire. It is the art that sets this apart though. Both episodes take place in the same bedroom, this means more detail and attention can be paid to the actual sex scenes themselves and this is where it pays off. As Alois, Eifa and their mother ravish each other all night you see the moonlight shine upon their flesh as their skin glistens from the sweat and pleasure.

Eifa is a plentifully proportioned young woman and her almost transparent negligee in episode one is beautiful. Alois on the other hand is nothing special, medium length blonde hair and relatively good body shape. Their mother though is the star of the show as she enters the sex scenes in episode two. She wears dark stockings on her legs and that cover her arms, she has long blonde hair and a voluptuous body which makes for an even more tantalising scene for me.

The unsatisfying ending is why I can’t recommend this as highly as I might have and the feeling that they cut content out that would make the story flow better. The content is good with great sex scenes, an interesting and dirty setup along with fabulous art but it comes down from a higher position as these issues regarding the actual story greatly disappoints.

Studio: Pixy
Released: 2009
Availability: DVD Singles (OOP)


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