Review: Aneki no Kounai Kaikinbi

Another one-off episode brings the same thoughts I always have, will this have enough content for it to stand out and most importantly will I enjoy it? Aneki no Kounai Kaikinbi is a story containing incestuous activity but no sex so does this make for good or bad?

Hirose Anna is 23, her little brother Yuichi is coming into the age of sexual interest after catching him masturbating with her dirty underwear. Seeing this and feeling excited herself seeing it she decides to help satisfy his sexual curiosity by her performing dirty things but as these begin to escalate will she continue to do this?

It’s a basic but wonderful setup. That she would do something like this, crossing the incestuous line shows she has a perverted side and constantly ‘obeying’ her brothers demands leads to even more perversion. You know what you’re in for when it starts off with Hirose in a train station wearing the skimpiest underwear and most transparent of clothes as her brother watches on. It tells you right away the perversion is going to get good.

This is just one episode so the content has to excite rather quickly and it does just that. A lot of the episode is based on voyeuristic elements of which I am a big fan. In the span of these 20 minutes we get a nice variety of content, from oral, paizuri, satisfying numerous men, exhibitionism and seeing Hirose have sexual activity with a friend of Yuichis.

The last part is one of my favourites; the escalating lewd scenarios reach a point where Hirose is doing it for her own pleasure more than her brothers, a convenient excuse to let out her inner pervert. As she sees Yuichis friend enter the room she beings touching him, stroking him before engaging in all manner of sexual acts as her brother watches on, aroused as she starts to satisfy her friend before things escalate dramatically leading to a series of scenes that display the beautiful vulgarity of pleasure. Seeing her do this to his friend just builds up the tantalising scenario of her actually having sex with him and the constant teasing.

Whether you like this episode or not will likely come down to whether penetrative sex in your ero anime is a deal breaker for you or not. I don’t mind as long as the content is good enough to replace it and here it is as the acts just become more and more perverse with each passing second. It even finished with a nice, resolved ending which was more than welcome.

The visuals here are fine, they don’t set the world afire but Hirose looks lovely, she has a nice figure but not too accentuated, she looks like a regular, sexy girl. The colour palette though is a bit pale with most colours seeming lifeless almost which is a shame and does drag it down. Animation is fairly basic with frequent panning shots over still images late on but smooth on occasion and flows well. Emphasis on the voyeurism here is spot on with wide shots and camera filter views, they got that aspect perfectly, what the thrill is, the arousal and the pleasure.

At one episode it is difficult to criticise too much, what it does it does well but lacking in visuals does hurt it as it brings a sense of cheapness to it. It is good for re-watches though and is thoroughly arousing.

Studio: ChiChinoya, SPEED
Release: 2012
Length: 1 episode
Availability: DVD


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