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Based on the manga of the same name by the fantastic mangaka TANA comes Oyome-sama Honey Days by King Bee. A vanilla romp with plenty of tantalising sex scenes but is that enough to grab your attention and make itself stand out among its innumerable peers?

Yuuji and Haruna are husband and wife, they love each other dearly and they are both open perverts to each other. They enjoy all sorts of lurid acts and especially love anal play. When at a hot springs they meet Youko, a host of a well known cooking show and little do they know that she will be bringing into their relationship and what they will do to help her.

There really isn’t that much more to the plot here, it follows Haruna and Yuuji as they act out all manner of sensual and perverse acts with each other. Sometimes the simplest of setups is all that is needed and I think that works here as we get to see them engage in anal and more carnal acts for the majority of these episodes. Just two people in love with their more adventurous sex lives though things do change a bit with Youkos prominence in episode two.

Predominantly vanilla sex with lots of anal play, oral, paizuri and some nice threesome action is what make up the most of these two episodes. There are glimpses of BDSM, training play and hardcore acts when Youko enters the fold but nothing much comes of it. Episode one is the least interesting with just a lot of regular anal focused sex with Haruna and Yuuji but with an added layer of salaciousness thanks to the scenarios themselves such as sex in the hot springs which is a thumbs up from me.

It isn’t until the focus of Youko in episode two that it really took off for me. Her body has had BDSM, slave play and a lot of hardcore acts ingrained onto it thanks to her less than clean former career and she thirsts for pleasure since her husband is veering away as he doesn’t believe he can satisfy her. Because of this she brings a new element into play, a second woman. We get Haruna and Yuuji pleasuring Youko with multiple sex toys, Yuuji satisfying both girls and the girls playing with each other until they reach the excess of their pleasure.

This added injection is what made the show stand out a bit more. Girl on girl play is always a plus for me vanilla series or not so to see that here was wonderful. Her background made it all the more tantalising as well because she has incredible sexual experience. I also particularly liked that she, whilst beautiful, was married to a fat, ugly, grotesque man. I am a big fan of that fetish so to see it here with ample screen time as this ugly, fat guy ravishes Youko is another big plus point. It’s just a shame we couldn’t get a bit more on her background of sexual history.

TANAs art from the manga is as faithfully transitioned as it could be. His signature style is clear to see with the faces and facial expressions distinct and intact. They almost look stretched a bit with large open mouths and long eyes to create the most wonderful ahegao expression, drawing women in a state of ecstasy is a specialty here. This faithfulness is what you want from an adaptation and I personally love the style but can see where it might be a bit off putting for others.

Whilst the facial elements are recognisable the rest of the art is more standard. The girls are very large breasted with luscious curves and accentuated features to ramp up the eroticism and features some heavy outer lining on their bodies which is noticeable in some scenes so stands out. It still looks a bit basic though and keeps the long almost stretched styling though. Voluptuous bodies aside it is lacking that refinement from TANAs artwork which is understandable.

Animation is rather relaxed going at a pace that feels, well, cheap on occasions with more stretching and very slow moving action that almost looks like layers being moved over the top of each other. That latter effect is also very noticeable on Queen Bee productions, I am okay with it as once you get used to it you’ll think little of it.

It also lingers on the same angles and scenes for a while and recycles partially. That said the camera angles and shots are wonderful and really help add to the amorous nature. Angles play to the action perfectly with close ups, x-ray shots and always managing to fill just the right amount of the screen with salacious content such as showing all 3 engaged in their threesome acts to keep it arousing.

The focus on anal play and the character of Youko really elevated this series above standard vanilla to me. The production values might lean towards the mid to lower end of ero production but it still looks lewd and seductive. I would certainly recommend this for fans of vanilla shows as it provides a nice, fresher take on the usual routines.

Studio: King Bee
Release: 2014 - 2015
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: 2 DVD singles


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