Review: Imakara Atashi......

With the amount of NTR, mind break, blackmail and sex slave ero anime out there you have to do a lot to really standout from the flock. Imakara Atashi...... is an anime from Mary Jane based on a doujinshi by Kaisei Kishi which follows in the same mould as the dime-a-dozen series you will see but does it really offer enough to entice you or are you just better off staying away?

Yayoi loves her brother and reciprocates those feelings, she knows they cannot be together but would be okay whatever happens as long as she can keep having sex with him. One day at school after some sexual activity between the two Yayoi is caught by an ugly, overweight teacher. He filmed what they did and will let out their sordid secret, affecting her brother the most, if she does not comply with his perverted demands. She reluctantly obeys and thus starts her sordid hell.

The only bit that isn’t ‘so far so typical’ is that they are brother and sister. It follows the same tropes as you’ve come to expect in an NTR and blackmail series with the overweight, ugly teacher blackmailing beautiful girl over her beloved boyfriend. He then proceeds to have his nasty way with her.

The overweight ugly guy trope in particular is something many do not like; I on the other hand love it. I like the reluctance and ultimate acceptance that Yayoi has to go through with this. The horror and disgust as she gives herself to him is beautiful and never ceases to satisfy me. Watching this ugly guy have his way with her, degrade and belittle her is something I will rarely tire of seeing.

In the first episode he forces her to strip down to her panties, he gropes her, forces her to give fellatio and proceeds to rape her multiple times all the while she slowly succumbs to this new pleasure she desperately wants to forget. She becomes his object, his possession. That really is it in the first episode, standard fare as far as these shows go.

The second episode gets more interesting as things escalate more and more as Yayoi is at the beck and call of her teacher. As soon as that phone rings she grimaces, knowing the hell awaiting. Tricking her into a gangbang with the other teachers and a very nice moment where they are fucking her in front of a glass screen as her brother turns around and sees her being raped are the highlights.

I liked this, sure it was natural progression to include more guys and focus on the mind breaking aspect but it was enjoyable and arousing. Seeing Yayoi in all sorts of positions, finally giving in after constant rape and pleasure was the sweet spot, all in front of her brother as well which was a nice twist. The mind breaking also felt well paced, not rushed into it, she had to deal with this for a long time and she just broke.

The series does have a mixed presentation. Dull and monotone colours fill the background which I suppose makes sense as it isn’t a cheery series and it wants you to focus on Yayoi and what is happening to her. Yayoi herself is a twin pigtailed is beautiful; bright blonde hair, a shapely body with sizeable proportions. She is the star of the show and she looks the part, this helps with the focus as she stands out against these backdrops. Her brother is nondescript and the perverted teacher is ugly, very overweight and has an almost grey skin tone.

The main problem I have with this series is that is has been done countless times before and done much better. From the low budget to the scenarios and the art it doesn’t excel at any of these. If you have watched your fair share of these shows then there is nothing new to see here.

Does that make it bad though? I have to say no. It has the foundations there, it does everything it needs to and it is very arousing which serves its purpose. I like it a bit more because it has certain tropes I am fond of so if take those away or even sit on the other side of the fence then it will lead to less enjoyment. It also just ends with everything seemingly resolved and no repercussions for Yayoi and her brother which I was not a fan of.

This is a hard series to recommend because it doesn’t do anything new or fresh, that in itself is not a problem but the overall look and feel of this makes it hard to stand out. There are better series to recommend for newcomers to the genres and it won’t satisfy the dedicated followers. It’s just, well, fine. It does its job to the minimal level needed and nothing more. If you’ve got a spare 30 odd minutes or so though it won’t do any harm to watch this.

Studio: Mary Jane
Release: 2016
Episodes: 2
Availability: DVD Singles


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