Review: Inda no Onihime Annerose

Taira Hajime is an ero mangaka that puts out some of the most consistently arousing and perverted books there is with a plethora of fetishes catered for so when I saw another of his books I had to read it. Predominantly featuring sex slave training does Inda no Onihime Annerose match up to his prior works or fall flat?

The kingdom of Gridania is heading into financial disarray because the finance minister Hingen has been fiddling the figures. With the queen sure to find out he proposes a plan to fix their financial woes: a co-operation with the southern Kingdom of Skivious. Gridania has decided to send Queen Hildegard and her daughter Princess Annerose as emissaries to mediate and sign the deal. But this plan is not all as it seems as Hingen has his eyes set on something more perverse, humiliating and degrading to save himself and fulfil his own lurid wishes.

The plot is fairly simple at the outset but it works so well thanks to the execution. Hingen is lacking morals so it doesn’t surprise that he would stoop to underhand means to get what he wants and he does just that. He wants Annerose and taking her down from her lofty heights is worth it all to him since he’s a goner anyway.

Hildegard is the queen and always acts with due diligence as a queen should. She cares deeply about the people and her own daughter who she worries over due to her high risk occupation. Annerose is the leader of the Knights of the White Eagle, a group that eradicate crime and bring justice. She is high and mighty, looking down on many who would dare even look at her the wrong way. They contrast perfectly and are ripe for a breaking and enslaving.

The acts themselves all stem from Hildegard and Annerose drinking the aphrodisiac laced water. They slowly begin feeling hot, their mind starts to turn and that is when they separate them and then convince them their current conditions is down to an epidemic and the only remedy is mens cum. Hildegard goes through the more normal of the twos training and is given less page time which I did not mind, figure aside I prefer seeing those with authority and feel higher and mightier than others get broken.

Annerose is where the focus is (hence the name of the book). We are treated to all manner of training methods. After first drinking the water her now feverish, unfocused state allows manipulation. She voluntarily drinks a glass of cum in the hope of curing this remedy, she moves to the whims of Hingen, walks around wearing revealing clothing, masturbates in public, crawls naked around the castle, having sex with all the members of Knights of the White Eagles, and offering herself up in exchange for a cock. There are a lot of scenes here, most tied with chapters but the variety is wide enough to keep you reading.

All of these acts were sublime and salacious. It isn’t the hard breaking but softer with more suggestive actions, putting words in Anneroses head and letting the aphrodisiac help push her along into sexual ecstasy. Seeing her react to the pleasure of embarrassment, proclaiming she is a slutty sex slave, begging for cock and pleasuring those she demeaned in the past is a sight to see and only enhanced by the pacing which doesn’t rush into the nastier, filthier acts but instead natural escalating path.

Whilst the sex scenes are the obvious highlight the setup around them I also loved. Skivious acts as a kingdom specialising in the sex slave trade through training and selling women on the underground so to speak. Because of this there is much more to it than a lot of mind break series as the training and breaking methodically planned out. They have researched the two women and crafted up plans to best break them. It makes a nice refreshing change from all he ero anime you see where it is just one guy on his own.

The one issue I had with this book is that the sex scenes didn’t go as far as I had hoped. It’s determined early on that Annerose is a masochist so they start training her using methods to humiliate, to degrade her and whilst they did proceed down that path it felt somewhat lacking. There was some exhibitionism (including public masturbation and sex) but more humiliating outfits and acts, introductions of hardcore acts to further degrade Annerose into a sow was absent. It is the only minor quibble I had with the book as what was included was still fantastic.

The art is simply wonderful as expected from Taira Hajime. With a focus on long legs, slim bodies and sizeable proportions it looks divine. There isn’t as much detail as a lot of other mangakas might put in but it doesn’t need it, the focus is on the beautiful girls getting broken, enslaved and the focus on them ramps up the carnal look. As usual with Taira Hajime a lot of the girls here feature the same body type. If like me you take a liking to the girls then there will be no issue but those wanting a bit more variety need look elsewhere.

I came away from this book having enjoyed it to the near fullest. Whilst there was some mild disappointment in what wasn’t there what was excelled in creating a thoroughly erotic and arousing story. If you are a fan of mind break, training and sex slave series then I cannot recommend this enough.

Mangaka: Taira Hajime
Release: 2012
Length: 10 Chapters, 1 Volume
Availability: Mandarake


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