Review: Taimanin Asagi 2

Several years after the first anime Taimanin Asagi 2 is based on the sequel game of the same name from the masters of the ero world Lilith. Since then a lot of changes have happened with a new studio handling Liliths properties and a change in director leading to a very different feeling anime but does it still stand above it contemporaries?

After the closure of the Chaos Arena a new location has been created for the demons to gather and partake in their uninhibited ways. Asagi and Sakura, Taimanin who were subjected to degrading treatment at the hands of Oboro in the Chaos Arena are dispatched to Tokyo Kingdom to wipe out any wrongful acts and find out about a missing Taimanin who was sent there. What awaits them though is a surprise or two that will lead to old nightmares being revisited and a humiliating yet pleasurable experience.

I like that it continues where it left off whilst delving into the Taimanin world even more to add greater depth to it. It becomes more immersive and thus greater enjoyment comes from it more than a standalone episode might. I also like that the training Asagi and Sakura went through didn’t just go away, they still feel the effects of it and have to medicate for it. Its small things like this that really put a smile on my face because it doesn’t cheap out on the story elements like it could have.

The main trio of ladies return and all keep their key personality traits but there is one new addition here in Saya: a supposed genetic experiment by Oboro to awaken a Taimanins hidden power. She is a lot of fun both in human form where she likes to tease and in her other grotesque form.

This being a Taimanin series there is of course the array of bizarrely beautiful sexual scenes which is a large part of the appeal. Not only do we get the usual bevy of sordid acts but we go further with some salacious acts. Naturally if the first anime made you turn away in disgust then this will not change your mind.

After being captured in episode one Asagi is treated to somebody modification but the manner in which it happens can only be called glorious. Extreme nipple modification is the big focus with tentacles, needles and the like all toying with her nipples. They inject her, continue to modify and even insert tentacles into them with a lovely x-ray live view of it happening. All as Oboro demeans her, humiliates her with what’s to come. Nipple play isn’t usually top of my lists for enjoyment but the inventiveness, cruelty and arousing nature of it here really stood out.

Episode two takes a different approach with modification now complete the aim is to break and humiliate Asagi and Sakura. They are shackled, blindfolded with their breasts bearing to all and forced to be raped for 3 days by a number of demons. This was even more enjoyable. Seeing them in stocks, helpless as these monstrosities had their way with them, filling them with cum, treating them like public toilets all the while their minds break from the pleasure. This is exactly my type of thing so I enjoyed it immensely but this is also where I had a bit of an issue with pacing.

Episode one is good, it goes at a steady pace and gives a good focus on the sordid acts going on to both Asagi and Sakura. It is this episode two where it comes undone. The shift to the humiliation scenes where Asagi and Sakura are to be raped for 3 days straight by the demons was tantalising but it went by so fast. Seemingly glancing over some of the standout scenes from Asagi and Sakura in the stocks being humiliated, Asagi being raped by a demonic horse, gang rape to stomach defamation it was rushed through. It was a real disappointment.

Visually the show is step above ZIZs efforts of the time. The art is superb, finely detailed and faithful to Kagamis designs. Asagi and Sakura ooze sexiness with the sizeable breasts and sumptuous curves on display in the skin tight suits the Taimanin wear. It is also a bit brighter than the first anime with more vivid colours helped by clear images and no filters in sight. The animation for the most part is also good. Smooth but when it comes to the sex scenes in episode two in particular it slows down and almost chugs along. It does not break or ruin the enjoyment but it is noticeable.

The big difference here from the first is that this loses the special touch and style of director Teruaki Murakami. His motion based animation style with extreme close ups, fast moving camera angles and general distinct input is missing and it makes it lack that certain extra something. Repeated viewings have lessened my thoughts on this but at the time it was so iconic and having it removed does feel odd, taking a bit of time to get used to.

With a new studio and staff adapting the second game I was nervous, I adore the Taimanin franchise and after a somewhat lacklustre Yukikaze adaption I was hoping for an improvement and that is what I got. The extreme hardcore acts are present, the scenes are luscious and the perverse goings on are second to none. If you are a fan of the series it is essential watching.

Studio: ZIZ
Release: 2015
Episodes: 2
Availability: DVD at J-List or Mandarake


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