Review: Ingyaku no Oukoku Auger ~Hakudaku Senki Eleanor~

Whenever a Taira Hajime works comes up a large smile appears on my face because his works never let me down. They always have a great mix of kinks, sex scenes and a well set up story. Does Hakudaku Senki Eleanor continue this trend of never disappointing or does it improve on what has gone before?

Didier is a minister serving the queen Celestine and her two daughters Anrietta and Eleanor. Anrietta has been blessed as a saint Eleanor is a noble warrior, both will lead the country into a new future filled with prosperity and peace. This future has no place for Didier though and he knows it. Looking after himself first and foremost he hatches a plan with Risette of the Diabolic Legion the eternal enemy Eleanor is aiming to wipe out. This plan involves turning the mother and both daughters into their own sex slaves thereby ensuring his future is both pleasurable and peaceful.

I liked the setup here, it is very similar to other works by Taira Hajime but he alters just enough for it to stand on its own whilst keeping his style. The minister seeing himself out of a cushy job decides to put himself first and take down the ruling royals a peg or two is a bit farfetched but he is malicious, nasty and selfish enough to make it work. That he would team up with the direct enemy for his own gain helps make him so intensely dislikeable. The girls have different personalities that fit well in the breaking department especially with Eleanor being a noble warrior but that’s all we really get to see or need as it’s played on thoroughly.

I also liked that instead of a generic aphrodisiac potion that breaks the girls minds it is a parasitic worm or two. Usually these are glanced over but here that wasn’t the case, it actually goes into an explanation of how that works with it having two worms, one in the brain one outside and the connect in a way which forces the girl to be very susceptible any words put in front of them which leads to all sorts of sexual scenarios. I found it quite interesting and it helped make sense of what is happening to Eleanor and the other girls. It’s a little thing but helps tie together all the elements in their breaking.

There is a wide array of sex scenes here to whet your appetite ranging wildly from standard sex to some really out there kinks. What starts off with mind control and body modification quickly delves deeper into the sexual mire to bring some of the most lurid, salacious and degrading content you could want.

Eleanor is subjected to all manner of heinous acts under the guise of helping her with ‘a disease’ thanks to the suggestive nature of the parasitic worm. She is forced to constantly drink orcs semen whilst cumming from the mere taste on her tongue, travelling home naked with but a cloak for modesty, a hole in the wall scenario where the homeless get to fuck all her orifices and even urinate on her to humiliation plays, sex slave plays, copious amounts of rape and mind breaking. There is a lot here to look at and it all is so arousing to read.

One of my favourite fetishes touched upon here is exhibitionism. It has been present in Taira Hajimes work but the degree of its focus here is what puts this above all other of his works. Eleanor, having been under the effect of these parasites for a while now is lead home with nothing but a cloak concealing her naked body. She is given to her two servants and made their sex slave, only when they begin to punish her is that they see her exhibitionist needs.

They take her for a walk outside, fully naked with only bondage binding her and a latex mask but they slowly peel it away revealing her face for all to see. Passing it off as an imposter posing as the princess they unleash her wildest inner desires by humiliating her in front of the town, leading her by the collar as bit by bit she succumbs to the pleasure as their actions progress more and more rapidly and into more degrading acts. It gets right so much of what exhibitionism so enthralling, the voyeuristic element, the humiliation, the helplessness and the pleasure derived from it.

As with all of his books recently the pacing is superb. It never dwells on one scene for two long nor does it rush through them. It leaves you thoroughly satisfied but wanting more just as it should be.

With most other works from Taira Hajime my complaints usually came in the form of wanting to see more of fetishes touched upon but here they do just that so it is hard to pinpoint any issues I had. That said there is the aura that this work is very similar to his other works, especially in the art which I will get to but in the general setup and scene selection. He tweaks it enough to differentiate but those wanting more freshness may be disappointed.

The art here is wonderful featuring Taira Hajimes signature style of thin women with ample breasts, long legs and curves in the right places to accentuate their bodies. All three of the main girls look very similar as to be expected from mother and two daughters but they other than slight difference in breast sizes and facial features there is little differences. If you want a bit more variety in girls in your ero works then this is not going to please you. There is a slight difference here in that one of the girls is darker skinned but she rarely gets in on the action. Still it does make a nice change up here.

As usual the focus on the sex scenes is wonderful with full body shots to emphasise the elements on shows such as body modification, bondage and humiliation amongst others. It draws out the best of these kinks, what is most likely to arouse and what the focus should be so very well.

If you’re already a fan of the mangakas works then this is a definite recommend and if you’re new to his works then this is an easy introduction to his works. The setup may be similar but the sheer salacious nature and lusciously arousing content is too hard to resist.

Mangaka: Taira Hajime
Length: 9 chapters
Release: 2013 - 2014
Availability: Mandarake


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