Review: Jutaijima

Paradise comes in different forms. One such form is being isolated on an island with a group of sexy women, with you the only man in sight. Such is the case with Jutaijima an ero work adapted from the VN of the same name by T-Rex. With two short episodes what can it offer to set itself apart from other ero works?

A cruise ship is wrecked at sea and the survivors, a class on a school trip, land up on an island that appears to have been inhabited at some point. Only girls and one male, Tanaka Shouta, an ugly guy who all the girls looked down upon survived from the class. The girls start to feel weird, they have an overwhelming urge for sexual activity, the medical doctor diagnoses this as a virus and their only cure is mens semen. With only Shouta left he now has control over all the girls who looked down on him.

I really liked this setup. It’s so simple yet so understated. The girls need semen and he is the only man left. This guy who they belittled, thought of as a gross pervert now has control over them. I have always liked seeing girls like this get taken down a peg so it was suitably satisfying here. What’s more Shouta fits the bill of overweight gross character trope I adore so much. Seeing beautiful women plead with someone so ugly and disgusting is something I greatly enjoy.

Other than Shouta the girls offer a nice group to humiliate. There’s Shizuka the shifty medical doctor who first diagnoses the girls viruses, Rei a red haired feisty gang leader, Aoi one of the teachers and lastly but not least the blue haired Shiho the class president who feels high and mighty and specifically looks down on Shouta. All have their own unique traits that set them apart so it was nice seeing their different reactions to needing Shoutas cum.

For both episodes about 95% of it is pure sexual action with only brief moments and constant dialog refreshing and updating the plot. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show with such a carnivorous lust. I liked this as, there is no needless going into why this or that has happened, it knows the what the focus should be and focuses on that giving just enough plot information so it doesn’t just come off as 30 minutes of mindless sex.

Shouta gets to have his fill of his sexual desires, both those natural and those with a darker twist. The doctor coerces him into doing what must be done and he takes great pleasure in fucking those who belittled him because of his looks. There are straight sex scenes here but they quickly escalate and provide an array of salacious perversion.

He forces them to give him oral and paizuris before making them beg for his cock and fucking them anally and in their pussy. He has sex outside with them, makes them beg for his cock even more, degrades and humiliates them, forces them to kiss each other, kiss him and pleasure the other girls all while ensuring he is in control by forcing them admit to taking pleasure from the man they thought so little of.

Each girl is taken slightly differently which was a nice change. Take Shiho one of my favourite girls in it, the class president he forces her to masturbate with a dido in the toilets to show much she really appreciates and wants his cum. Only then would he ravish her. Later on he tries bondage on her for a greater effect making it even rougher whilst making her feel more humiliation. It helps set each girl apart and provide a bit of freshness.

What makes this all the more great is the little bits in between. As the girls contemplate not obeying Shouta for his cum he quickly reminds them of what happened to the other girls and brief flashback shots of deceased set their mind on living. It’s nice to see the point of why they are obeying the perverted demands of Shouta hammered home instead of veering off into just sex. It also comes to a head with the ending that does wrap it up without feeling overly worked in, it feels natural.

The visuals here are some of the best I have seen in an ero work. The bevy of beautiful girls helps with their voluptuous bodies on display in all manner of promiscuous positions helps. Skin tones and hair colours separate most girls as their body types are very similar with large breast and luscious curves that accentuate their stunning, idealised bodies. They look particularly lovely when they are being fucked by Shouta in darkened rooms with the lights glistening on their flesh to create an almost shine like effect as they succumb to the pleasure. It never overdoes it either.

The camera angles here emphasise the salacious nature of the series perfectly keeping just enough of the ugly guy in shot to keep to that trope when needed but mainly focusing purely on the girls and their predicaments. Whether that be in bondage like acts, the toilets or outside it always captures the strengths of the setting. There is also some nice filter effects here such as when Shouta is filming himself fucking Rei at night there is a night vision filter with the green and black. Add to that the incredibly smooth animation with few recycled scenes and it all adds up to a superb looking show.

I cannot recommend this show enough, if you wanted heated, animalistic like sex with the girls and their ravenous appetites then look no further. If you can get past the main guy being an ugly overweight guy which is going to turn people off. If sex with little else in the way is all you want then this is the show for you.

Studio: T-Rex
Release: 2014 - 2015
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: 2 x DVD singles


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