Review: Momone

A teacher being taken advantage of by their students is as old and well worn as it can get in ero anime. It’s hard to make it stand out so what can Momone, a single episode OVA from 1998 offer to set itself out from the competition?

Momone is a teacher who has nightmares of her youth when she was sexually abused by her classmates. After confiscating a porn mag from one of her students another students claims the mag was his. At home and after feeling wet from looking at the mag which conjured up old feelings her student arrives and lets his motive be known forcing Momone into a pleasure she had no idea about.

If you’ve seen one teacher and student ero work you’ll likely be familiar with most of this setup. That is not inherently a bad thing but it does make it more predictable, meaning it needs something to stand out which it doesn’t really have.

Momone does hide secrets but what she does here is typical when she can’t help herself looking at the confiscated porn mag. Her secret may tie into this but is never really developed. The only other character of note here is Hino the one orchestrating this. He is your generic student wanting to take advantage of the sexy teacher.

Being one episode it needs to make good use of its time and it does that as it fits in some nice and varied sex scenes. It is more vanilla than I was expecting given the cover art of Momone in that divine bondage outfit but nothing hardcore comes to pass. Momone is taken in her flat, she is teased and pleasure by her student who then proceeds to have sex with her, forcing her to admit her pleasure before continuing, holding out as she suffers.

What proceeds is some nice, if well worn, scenes following the lewd acts Momone is forced into at the behest of Hino. She wears no underwear to school and inadvertently shows off to all the students while revelling in the pleasure before Hino removes and punishes her for not having his permission.

It is wonderfully erotic and seeing Momone give in to this pleasure, to really sink to depths for sexual release. Not all of it she wants but she does succumb and her reactions, her response is suitably ideal as the sensory overload just hits. Having her act this way in front of her students brings her newfound and old feelings alike.

The overriding feeling I had watching this, other than arousal, was thinking this to be a longer story. The glimpse of Momones past in school and what happened to her sexually, the gradual training elements progressing naturally and the inconclusive ending all made it feel as if it was going to be continued, that there was more to come. One look at the manga it is adapted from tells the story.

The manga is four volumes long and follows as Momone falls deeper and deeper into a sexual spiral from which she cannot escape. We see her put into more embarrassing, more humiliating acts, adds more girls and becoming the pet of her students whilst also looking at what happened to her. It is frustrating to see this but not completely unexpected. It acts more as a teaser for the manga to help sell it and it does work as after I wanted to read it but as a standalone episode it does feel disappointing.

Visually the show looks its age in the designs from clothing to body types to facial features. Considering this came out in 1998 that is to be expected and there is a certain charm seeing these retro designs again. It still emphasises Momones sexy body as it lingers on her focusing on just the right places though and the bondage outfit she wears is still a thing of beauty despite its simplicity. In terms of animation it’s not bad either. The sex scenes flow well, recycling of scenes and frames is kept small and it does look smooth.

Approaching two decades since its release Momone still holds up well, it has a good range of content and progresses. Nothing really stood out though and it feels lacking in areas which to drag it down. Watch it and if you like it go read the manga as that is worth it.

Studio: NuTech Digital
Release: 1998
Length: 1 episode
Availability: DVD Single (OOP)


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