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Incest related stories inevitably divide opinion since incest is a ‘taboo’ but anime and ero works are no strangers to these. Based on the VN of the same name by Blue Gale comes a story about girls and their developing lust for their father. Does PoROs adaptation leave a nice taste in the mouth or cut short a promising story?

Haruki is the father of the Kizaki family with four daughters, he tries to give them the best possible upbringing but his wife leaving them after an incident has had an effect on him. When he masturbates to Hyoukas panties in a disgraceful act just to satisfy his urges his daughter Ayame sees him. She thinks of a plan to help her father rid himself of these urges, what if she could take her mothers role and be his release?

The setup is as ridiculous as it is wonderful. The incest angle is undoubtedly going to put off some especially as they are blood related but I am a big fan of incest themed storylines in works so I was in my element. There does come a caring element from Ayame as she sees her father sad but what it takes for her to think up that plan is quite something. I also like that the setup quite clearly leads to enabling Harukis other daughters to offer themselves to him in a manner that fits the genre.

Of the girls here only Ayame and Hyouka are really given much attention and screen time as far as the girls are concerned since the other two are taken away by their mother for the time being. Ayame instigates the action through her plan whilst Hyouka lets her inner pervert take over during one scene as their attachment to their father growing ever stronger. Haruki is naturally is the focus of their desires and he does seem caring and whilst reluctant at first to indulge in this taboo he cannot resist the urge once Ayames tender naked body is in front of him.

The sex scenes here are all of the vanilla variety but with the obvious caveat that they are all incestuous. There is no getting around that, the name is in the title so if you do not like even step siblings getting it on then this is most certainly not the show for you. Those that do like it though are treated to some delicious and delectable sex scenes.

Even being vanilla there is a fair share of delightfully perverse scenes here to whet your appetite beginning with Ayame. With her inexperience in sexual ways she is slower paced in her actions. She begins pleasuring Haruki with her hands, strips in front him revealing her voluptuous frame the moves onto harder actions such as orally pleasuring him and having him take her virginity before moving onto anal to really satisfy her. She becomes hooked on this pleasure she has found and becomes insatiable in her lust for it.

This really continues much in the same vein with Hyouka but she is a bit more perverted as she is seen masturbating wildly whilst having Harukis underwear wrapped over her head so she can inhale the dirty, unwashed scent. It was really perverted and a welcome addition. With Hyouka more willing the scenes and actions progress faster and soon enough she is having full blown sex with Haruki. She also becomes addicted to the pleasure she receives from Haruki whilst Haruki himself indulges to his delight as the guilt quickly vanishes but also weariness when their appetites enter the outside world.

The way both approach Haruki is funny as it also leads to arguing between the siblings as to who is Harukis favourite and who gets to pleasure him next and when he chooses the loser is not happy. There are some comedic NTR elements here but they are just that, comedic and similar to what you’ll see in many a vanilla harem.

My one issue here is that all the girls in the family didn’t get a chance to fall in love with the Haruki and have their way with him. Ayame was the focus for the bulk of episode one and Hyouka for episode two but the rest felt like merely an afterthought. Usually you’d expect one girl per episode focus or thereabouts but for whatever reason (budget, sales, planning) this does not come to pass and I liked the look of the other girls and to see what perverse fun could be had.

Visually the show looks good with a bright colour palette. Nemi Tarous art from the VN doesn’t quite make the transition to anime well but each of the girls still has their own unique looks and naturally look beautiful. Ayame has a more idealised figure with nice curves, thin waist and large breasts whilst Hyouka fits more into the loli-esque role with a more petit frame.

The animation is also a plus point. PoRO are well known in the ero world and here again they present a lovely looking show. The sex scenes are smooth, recycled frames or scenes are kept to a minimum (though still there) and it never looks cheap, it has a layer of polish so to speak to mask its budget which works well.

I cannot recommend this show enough; it’s decidedly sweet yet also incredibly perverse, has a suitably ridiculous setup and has some luscious sex scenes to enjoy. The only real disappointment I took away from this is it being cut short and missing out on the other two girls. If you are into incest themed shows or don’t find them off putting it is a certain recommend.

Studio: PoRO
Release: 2012 - 2013
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: Amazon Japan, Mandarake


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