Review: Eritama! eri love middleage

I’ve never watched the phenomenon known as Love Live! nor have I ever really wanted to since I get my idol fix elsewhere but I have always been somewhat interested the in the doujinshi created for it from my favourite mangaka so when one comes along from Takeda Hiromitsu I was very eager to check it out.

The setup is very simple; Eri is an idol in μ's. Her younger sister Arisa approached a wealthy patron to help support them and now she is going to help pay him back. Pushed mainly by Arisa but using Eris desires she helps do what is best and satisfy this ‘daddy’ for his support. She subsequently gets enamoured with the love making. It is basic enough and does tap into that idol trope of doing everything for the fans.

Knowing little of the series I have no idea whether the girls act similarly or have the same mannerisms as they do in the series but I do know some slutty characters when I see them and from seeing Eri right at the beginning salivating I knew I was in for enjoyment.

The difference here from some other Takeda Hiromitsu works is the lack of blackmail, rape and the like. There is still humiliation and degradation but there almost seems a vanilla touch to this which I found a nice departure from the norm but also left it a tad lacking in content for me both in variety and nature. Eri wants this, she wants to be taken and made someone’s woman and that is great but the darker, more perverse elements I normally see in Hiromitsus works are lacking a bit.

As is usual in a work by Takeda Hiromitsu the main guy is an older man and overweight but he seizes his chance to get it on with an at first reluctant Eri. That reluctance soon waivers for her though as her embarrassing desires become known and this newfound pleasure from the older man is too much to resist.

After Arisa teases Eri whilst riding the man in her lingerie he takes her, begins receiving oral, he praises her before seeing her perverseness come to the fore so he punishes her, bringing out the pervert in her even more. He fucks her in her pussy and anally, uses a copious amount of sex toys all the while she sees an upturn in her μ's career both personally and in her work thanks to this pleasure since she is now feeling good.

Some of my favourite scenes here were Eri admitting to the pleasure and consequently ceding control to the older man as well as implementing idol scenarios into the sexual play. From making her perform a song in an incredibly erotic outfit to scalding her for acting like a slut and ordering her to apologise to her fans whilst being roughly fucked or seeing Arisa masturbate to the scenes in jealousy of not having her own ‘Daddy’.

The art here is as wonderful as ever. Both girls are beautifully drawn but Eri naturally receives the most attention since she plays the biggest part. She looks just like her anime version but with features, be it her curves, breasts or ass accentuated for maximum eroticism. Of course there is also the wonderfully erotic outfits Eri wears for her ‘Daddy’ that add both luridness and degradation as she is treated like an object to be played with.

If you are a fan of Takeda Hiromitsus it goes without saying that this is a recommend, even if you are not a Love Live! fan like myself you will still find great enjoyment. Because of the lack of harder, more perverted scenes and perhaps because of the disconnect to the series I wasn’t as enamoured with this as his other works.

Mangaka: Takeda Hiromitsu
Release: 2015
Length: 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake


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