When I first caught glimpse of High School DxD I was in drawn in and this quickly turned to awe after reading and watching it. I was disappointed to see the relative lack of doujinshis available to satiate the darker elements I wanted to see so when I first saw High School DxIF by one of my favourite mangaka I was excited and now I know why.

The setup is very simple raising a ‘What If’ scenario, taking place after the Rating Game between Rias and Riser it questions what would happen if Rias marriage with Riser went ahead and Issei did not wreck the ceremony. What happens is Risers insatiable appetite is unleashed on Rias as he is determined to make her his masochist harem slave.

I think the setup for this is perfect, it comes at one of the few times in the series where something wild like it could happen. Rias is overwhelmed by her love for Issei but Riser is intent of breaking her both physically and mentally. It also works well because it works in aspects not thought about but make some sort of sense. Riser displayed a sense superiority so him breaking Rias in mind and body makes sense.

So what happens in this book? Sex, and a lot of it. Pretty much nonstop bar a few pages near the end which is what you want really. Riser fucks Rias mercilessly thanks to his phoenix like power blessing him with near unlimited stamina. A ‘How Many Times Has Rias Cummed’ counter begins as he continues to fuck her.

He fucks her orally, in her pussy, anally, in various positions, in lewd outfits, in her school outfit, in bondage scenarios and so much more until she eventually breaks and the ‘brand’ appears. The near constant stream of it was wonderful and showed Rias’ gradual decline and unstable mind break into one being reliant on this sexual pleasure. She slowly starts suggesting scenarios and ideas until her love for Issei dissipates.

There are some really nice NTR moments here such as Rias wanting to wear the blindfold so she can think of Issei during this ordeal or Riser getting his harem members to make a mold of Isseis small penis to put in Rias ass to make her lust more towards Risers large, pleasure filled penis right up until the ending which was beautiful.

The art here is gorgeous. Seeing Rias partly in her wedding outfit with a blindfold and nipple rings is an outstanding start and shows just what Katsurai Yoshiaki knows to do: draw women in an incredibly erotic way. Her curves, large breasts and voluptuous body are on full display in a number of scenes from all manner of angles to accentuate the scene at hand from bondage, to erotic swimsuits and much more.

I’ve long wished to see Rias and her group broken and this doujinshi provided the ample opportunity to see it realised. The rampant amount of sex and sheer salaciousness of it all was well worth it. Everything adds up to one of the most satisfying doujinshis I have read. If you are a DxD fan and love NTR then it is a must read.

Mangaka: Katsurai Yoshiaki
Release: 2012
Length: 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake



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