Review: Hyoudou Ibuki ~Kanpeki Ibuki Kaichou ga Kousoku Do M!? na Wake~

Usually in hentai certain genres stick to certain staples. Here though we have a series about bondage, humiliation and sexual play that is entirely consensual which from what I have seen is rare. Hyoudou Ibuki is based on the Grand Cru noir VN of the same name but does removing well known elements that make up other bondage heavy series leave it standing out or standing in the cold?

Hyoudou Ibuki appears to be your normal high school girl, a model girl even as school president but she hides a secret. She is actually a masochist and wants a fellow student Itono Hiroto to do dirty things to her. She fantasizes about it, panders to his every whim so she can feel this sense of pleasure. This means wearing risqué underwear at school, having vibrators in her and being taken whenever and wherever he wants.

What struck me instantly is that Ibuki is the main instigator here. She has seen this entire other seedy world and wants to feel it with her childhood friend. Initially he seems a bit off about it but quickly gets into the groove to satisfy her perverted urges. The harder elements and the wording may seem to veer out of consensual but they are just what Ibuki wants to satisfy her so be safe in the knowledge that there is no rape here.

The scenarios that occur here are based on some of the typical scenarios but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. It starts with Ibuki wearing her latex bondage outfit underneath her school uniform that was skin tight, rubbing against her sensitive areas leaving her in a state of near constant pleasure which really did it for me. The camera angles showing under her skirt, the tights on her thighs and even her gloves as well as collar area, these images alone and the element of risk elicit a salacious tone. An ideal way to start a series and leave a lasting impression.

That’s before we get to the scenes themselves. When she unzips the part of the outfit near her crotch area, the latex latching onto her skin tightly and her breast becoming exposed as she submits to pleasure is a sight to see. Itono is teasing her, letting her know that anyone could come in and see her, telling her that he could stop at any time and making her beg and plead.

From there it goes just about everywhere you could expect of students as Itono fucks Ibuki in the gym storage room, in her bedroom and even on the rooftops all the while giving her just what she desires to let her suffer humiliation she craves by being in view of other students ramping up the risk and pleasure factor even more. It’s not just normal rougher sex either as we see a lot of oral, vibrator play, paizuri and anal to offer a nice selection of scenes.

There are two episodes here, the first focuses on Ibuki whilst the second features Rie Kirisaki the teacher as well. I much preferred the first episode as Ibuki was much more likeable character, both visually and in what she did and how she acted being the starter instigator and all whilst Rie fell more into the typical teacher overcome by perverse actions she sees role. That didn’t make her scenes bad but felt a bit predictable and plain bar a few scenes featuring Ibuki as well since they play off each other well.

I can’t help but feel it was a bit tired and didn’t get as perverse as I would have liked. Without the darker elements we normally might see it doesn’t quite have that broad spectrum of scenes it can go for. If you’ve read any reviews of mine or seen any of my favourites you’ll know that vanilla esque anime has a hard time appealing to me. This tows the line and it works but could have gone further.

The art here is, as you’d expect, a big reason the show succeeds as it does. The girls featured are lusciously shaped with exquisite curves, large breasts and just an all round beautiful figure. Ibuki is the main girl here in the two episodes and she really stands out, it was her that caught my attention initially. Her bright purple hair and nigh on perfect shape grabbed me. The combination of her school uniform and bondage gear that accentuates her features underneath hit the sweet spot.

We also get to see the teacher who eventually succumbs to Itono after seeing him and Ibuki. Like Ibuki she has the right curves but didn’t attract me as much nor does she wear the same bondage outfits which did have an effect, perhaps Ibuki was just too perfect looking for her to compete as on her own she would look great and easily be a highlight.

In terms of animation it looks great, scenes are smooth, recycling of scenes and frames are kept to a minimum and general movement looks good which combined with the wonderful art creates a visual treat. It is certainly up in the higher budgets and it looks sensational.

If you want a more consensual based look at humiliation and bondage then Hyoudou Ibuki is an easy recommendation. With some sensational sex scenes, nice setup and lovely visuals it excels for the most part. It is let down somewhat by a weaker second episode but overall still delivers in spades.

Studio: PoRO
Release: 2014 - 2015
Episodes: 2
Availability: 2 DVD Singles


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