Review: Kangoku Senkan Anthology ~Hidou No Sen'nou Kaizou Koukai~

I am a big Kangoku Senkan fan from anime to the VNs to the manga and JAV films. It goes without saying then that I would be eager to read any doujinshi based on it and that is what we have here. A four chapter mini anthology showcasing works based on the original game. Does it hold up the high standards set?

Being an anthology there is no story linking these together though you do get the same overarching setup. Lieri Bishop and Naomi Evans are on a space battleship, they have been brainwashed by Donny Boggan to believe their job is to serve the crew as comfort women when night comes no matter how perverse the act. These four chapters each take this and go somewhere different with them and each is distinct enough to make them all worth reading.

There are four one-shots here and for me it was a split in quality. Due to the short length of this collection I can go through each chapter with relative detail. On the content front this does contain a hefty amount of more hardcore content like rape, mind control and humiliation so if any of that is off putting to you then this is not going to be for you.

The best chapter by far is the last one by B-RIVER. After scolding a couple of members of the crew during the day Lieri and Naomi put their authority down. At night however they revert to their comfort women roles, forced to state their roles and what their purpose is whilst having their outfits revealing their breasts and skirt riding high to reveal a number of vibrators in their pussy and ass. From here they play a little game.

Said game was hugely enjoyable and the reason I keep coming back to re-read this. They are blindfolded and must guess whose cock is ramming them hard to ‘win’ the game. One after another line-up to ravage them, the girls minds are torn feeling something is off as they succumb to this onslaught of rough pleasure. It takes exactly what is good about the series, the reluctance, obedience and perverseness and focuses on it.

The art helps with lovingly detailed backgrounds, nice use of darker colours and voluptuous character designs. The girls are faithful to their originals designs but have that flicker of B-RIVERs art to distinguish his work. There is also almost a blur like filter over it as well which makes the characters in prominence stick out more which I really liked.

The chapter from ZOL is the other really great chapter here and does take a bit of a swerve. Here Lieri and Naomi enter the canteen wearing the skimpiest of underwear, after being quipped at by the crew they are not happy and challenge them on it by forcing them to strip naked and let them satisfy them.

It takes the authority / control aspect of Lieri and Naomi as officers and mixes it with the brainwashing aspect perfectly. They are asserting their authority but the brainwashing elements means they sort it out in a sexual manner while feeling in control ultimately being humiliated and degraded without even knowing it. It was both refreshing and true to the original game which rose it above the others. It also helps that the art from ZOL is fantastic with loving attention shown to the girls.

That is where the positives really end. The remaining two chapters are poorer that is for sure but they don’t do anything actively bad. Let’s start with the second chapter by Yamamura Natsuru. It is as fine as fine gets as a by the numbers chapter focusing on more hellish treatment of Lieri and Naomi. It doesn’t do anything wrong per se and has a suitably erotic amount of rape and mind control but feels inadequate compared to the others here, likewise the art has the same indistinct look. Again it is not bad but did nothing to set itself apart both in art and content.

The remaining chapter I did not find to fit the series was Mizruyuus Kei chapter. The content was fine featuring rape and mind breaking but the art was the deciding factor. I love his style but its hyper stylised look does not work for me with this setting and these characters. Lieri and Naomi look wildly different from any other iteration of the characters from their facial expressions and body types and proportions which Mizuryuu Kei is known for. It just feels too out of character, likewise their personalities are changed slightly which is not present in the other chapters just combines for too much of a different take for me to enjoy.

This is a good doujinshi in many ways, for fans of the series then it is a enjoyable read getting to see Lieri and Naomi in new scenarios and if you’re new to the series it gives just enough for you to see if you will like it or not. With two much weaker chapters it isn’t quite reaching of that top tier status though.

Mangaka: Mizuryuu Kei, Yamamura Natsuru, ZOL and B-RIVER
Release: 2010
Length: 4 chapters, 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake


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