Review: Maitama

The latest doujinshi from Takeda Hiromitsu is based on the Musaigen no Phantom World anime from KyoAni released last year. I am a big lover of his works and the anime so was duly excited to read it so ordered as soon as I could find a copy but does it keep up to his high standards?

Mai is sent to defeat a phantom that is causing havoc in the town as only she is equipped to handle it. What awaits her though is a very different kind of threat. An expected setup and meshes perfectly with the world of Phantom World and that is what you want from a doujinshi, a sense of familiarity with the series it is based on and doesn’t feel out of character but doesn’t exclude anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Naturally you come here for the sex scenes and just as they are in each of Hiromitsus works they are outstanding. The full gamut of NTR, mind break, ahegao, humiliation and degradation are on full display here to whet your appetite.

It starts off with normal sex but quickly escalates from there as Mai keeps on returning to this phantom to receive pleasure. She dresses more provocatively, becomes far more perceptive to this new pleasure and more. She acts at the behest of the phantom, giving oral, having sex, having anal, making animal noises and more before finally submitting to him and the pleasure he can offer.

I won’t detail it all as it is worth reading yourself but there was one scene that shone and showcases Hiromitsus strengths: when Mai submits to this phantom. She prostrates on the floor begging for pleasure, the angle is divine displaying her figure in full view before the old man with a pristine focus on her ass and curves as she is too wet to resist. He offers his foot which she gladly accepts and begins to caress before he forcefully takes her on the bed. It is wonderfully built up and incredibly arousing much like the rest of the doujinshi.

So what sets this apart from Takeda Hiromitsus other works? Other than the setting and characters not too much. It follows the same pattern but altered to suit the world he is basing it on whilst also changing up the sex scenes to make it feel a bit fresher and it works, it just works. Seeing the beautiful girl broken and turned into a sex craved pervert never ceases to thrill thanks to the subtle changes and the way he draws it is a big reason.

The art here is sensational and perfectly salacious in every department. Takeda draws Mai with delectable curves, sizeable proportions (matches the anime) and the right angles to really highlight and focus on the perverse nature. The incredibly perverse outfits Mai wears are worth a mention as well, hole to display nipples and her pussy, piercings, body writing, penis shaped earrings and the like really make her look like a slut dependent on sex.

If you are a fan of Musaigen Phantom World or love Takeda Hiromitsus works then this is an absolute recommend, countless re-reads later and I still loving it. It takes enough of the original series to show respect but also enough to allow any non fan to quickly adjust and enjoy.

Mangaka: Takeda Hiromitsu
Release: 2016
Length: 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake


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