Review: Saimin Class

The latest show to come from the EDGE label is one I was hopeful for seeing the setup and all of the shows from them I have enjoyed a lot so of course I was excited. The initial art was a bit off putting but I had hope especially considering the name as hypnotism based ero works have worked well before so does the adaptation of the VN from OLE-M prosper?

Daichi finds himself in the possession of a lighter but it holds a much greater power than he could ever have anticipated: the power to hypnotise anyone he wants. He uses this to let out his wildest desires and begins hypnotising the girls from his class to act in all manner of lewd ways. What else will he do and why does one girl in particular spark his interest?

The story elements are what makes this slightly different to most other hypnotism based setups and it was interesting somewhat to see where it goes, likewise the conclusion and getting to find out what has happened had me intrigued slightly but that is really all there is too it. As bare bones as it gets but that’s okay as it means much more of a focus can be laid on the acts themselves.

Unfortunately most of the acts here are very by the numbers though it does start off well as Amamiya suddenly stops class and allows the class a 15 minute masturbation break. She starts masturbating herself as she slowly starts to reveal herself and then the other girls in the class start to masturbate by fingering themselves, rubbing their pussy and clits against the corners of desks and playing with their nipples all as the boys watch and eventually cum over them. Seeing all the girls get into it, letting out sounds of pleasure was a real treat.

As openings go it was very arousing but that would be where the highlights end as what follows is a very predictable set of scenes as Daichi hypnotises the girls into all manner of acts from pleasuring him with their mouths and breasts to having sex with them in front of others as part of health checks, none of these stood out and felt very tame by ero standards and thus forgettable. The only slight difference is that the main girl Sakura always appears to be of more focus, more out of it so to speak which I found interesting.

It doesn’t help that apart from one girl we see little from the other girls and their personalities. Knowing how they act or what they think it a key part of what hypnotism works mesh as we see them overcome, unable to act against their own thoughts but here they are disposable, just a shell and could be swapped out easily.

Visually the show has problems that drag it down. The colours are a bit faded, almost washed out which I did not like as it lessened my enjoyment of what was presented as it looked so plain. I also wasn’t that fond of the designs for the girls bar their very nice hair styles. They all have very large breasts and curves to compliment their voluptuous bodies but for me at least it went a bit over the top with it. For others, especially those who love breasts, will enjoy it much more though.

The animation also didn’t help. It was basic but smooth enough and limits the recycling of scenes and frames only somewhat. There were animation mistakes I noticed as well. When the teacher Amamiya is masturbating vociferously in the opening scenes her pantyhose and panties are ripped off but then they appear again, fully intact, in the next scene and this continues for a minute or so. If it had been minor such as a collar I probably would not have noticed but that is a big thing to get wrong.

I don’t want to be too harsh on this. It did have a nice scene or two but nothing else here stood out. Countless hypnotism based ero works have done the concept before and done it better in every department. Go watch one of them instead as you’ll be treated to much more enjoyable experience.

Studio: EDGE
Release: 2016 - 2017
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: 2 DVD Singles


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