Review: Taimanin Asagi ~Chigyaku no Ankoku Yuugi~ The Comic

A new Taimanin manga (the second so far) brings with it a very different change to the anthology in that it is a sole work and sole story by the two mangaka at the helm: Takahama Tarou and Kyphosus. So what does this new manga offer to really get your attention and more importantly is it worth reading?

Asagi and Sakura are on another assigned mission to rid demons and their corruption from the city. On this mission they strike down those before them with ease but the locale reminds them of their ordeal at the hands of Oboro where they went through a hellish sexual torture. This only increases their lust and erotic side to extreme levels but near the end of their mission they come across a girl and a Taimanin outfit who quickly cuts them down, who is this and what new hell awaits them?

This follows on directly from the first game but what sets this apart is a new and original story instead of simply basing it off of the second game. I really liked that they did this; it gives an extra incentive to read and allows for all new scenarios and extra focus on other characters such as the Snake Lady. Crucially the general feel and story fit right into the Taimanin world perfectly drawing on what makes it mesh so well. It may be somewhat expected in setup but it fits.

Sakura and Asagis characters are very much the same here, strong willed and fighting on the side of good. They both react and act the same way as they do in the VNs and anime. The focus here is on the Snake Lady. She appeared in the first game and anime and gets a large role here and she is wonderful. As cruel and sadistic as Oboro but hides a few kinks herself, she enjoys toying with and humiliating the Igawa sisters through all manner of degrading acts.

Coming to a Taimanin series you expect a lot of bizarre and hardcore elements and in this regard it does not disappoint. Naturally there is a lot of degrading, humiliating scenarios as well as a large amount of rape so it goes without saying if those put you off then steer clear of this.

It starts almost normally as Sakura begins to satisfy the urges Asagi is having as the feeling of similarity on their missions brings back but quickly escalates into the most lurid and perverted of acts. Nipple piercings, copious amounts of rape, futanari, public performances, body modification, bondage, degrading scenes such as Asagi taking the place of a public urinal (a personal favourite of mine) and so much more all to whet your appetite.

Two scenes really stood out here; the first was a really bizarre scene as Asagi, dragged collar and all, by the Snake Lady for a performance is bound to a demonoid like grotesque motorbike. It has two faces and she is placed, in-between the two of them with her outfit torn revealing her breasts and pussy. She is forced to ride it through public streets as both faces pleasure her pussy and anus all the while parading and humiliating her. Seeing her convulse, the expression on her face is perfect.

The second is a very simple one as Asagi and Sakura go through the torture at the hands of the Snake Lady, nipple rings attached, forcefully pulling on them as machines are forced into their pussy and anuses giving them unrepentant pleasure as they begin to feel the electric shocks. The hardcore nature, the real perverseness is beautiful.

Both of these scenes really highlight what the Taimanin series is known for, hardcore sexual torture, modification, abnormal acts, humiliation and rape. Seeing the pleasure on both girls faces as they succumb to this, their bodies going through so much modification before breaking and accepting their fate is a real pleasure to see and simply incredibly arousing.

There were no disappointing scenes here, they kept them all fresh from each chapter to the next, the steady progression and changes in the characters matched their new scenes such as Asagi becoming eager as she dresses in a slutty, provocative manner on a train as she pleasures guys before initiating a full on gangbang. It is a natural development and makes reading it much more of a joy.

The art helps a lot here with one artist and one consistent style compared to the greatly varying art of the previous manga. Takahama Tarou takes over and his styles works wonders for the series. The designs are faithful to Kagamis original designs but there are subtle changes from facial expressions to body types but they looks ideal with the luscious curves, ample breast sizes and distinct designs all in place whilst always framing the ideal angle to accentuate the lurid scenes on offer. There is also a nice almost sheen to it, no roughness to be seen. You cannot ask for more.

If you are a fan of the Taimanin series you probably have already read this but if you haven’t I highly recommend it. With a new story to read it doesn’t retread previous plotlines, it offers a new different focus and provides plenty of sordid and arousing scenes. Some knowledge of the world is required to fully understand what is happening but even newcomers will find great enjoyment.

Mangaka: Takahama Tarou / Kyphosus
Release: 2012
Length: 8 chapters, 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake


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