Review: Taimanin Sainikutsubo Jigoku

I am a big fan of the Taimanin Yukikaze offshoot in the Taimanin franchise. The games were great and the anime, whilst somewhat lacklustre, was still enjoyable. That said one thing missing for me was the lack of use of Shiranui. This doujinshi by Tsukino Jyogi goes some way to rectifying that.

After being captured on a mission Shiranui is placed in the hands of the Demon King. He has plans and he wants to break Shiranui for his own personal sex slave. This setup is very simple and in line with many other Taimanin stories where the Taimanin gets captured and ravaged sexually and it works because of that, substituting one Taimanin for another, less focused one works wonders.

So what do we have here? Well it’s very much a typical mind breaking / enslaving doujinshi. There is a copious amount of rape, some degradation and a small splice of demon play. It goes without saying that if any of that sounds off putting to you then do not read.

The sex scenes here are plentiful and arousing if lacking a tad in variety. We get to see Shiranui from the start, just captured after a mission and already part trained / modified ready to be taken and trained with all of her orifices but in a less extreme manner. She is resilient as all Taimanin are but as the pages go by, as the acts become more cruel and the effects of modification strengthen we see that resilience break. It is paced very well in this regards.

Some of my favourite scenes came as Shiranui was about to break from these pleasures; seeing her react to these experiences for the first time, not knowing how to handle it but her facial expressions changing ever so slightly was a joy. The scenes, whilst fairly basic featuring oral, pussy and anal play, were still arousing thanks to the sublime art and angles used to show Shiranuis ordeal.

The pacing here really helped as each act is given just enough show the layers of Shiranui break, just enough to see her react differently to this reluctant pleasure and see herself question these new feelings she is having. Before it drags on too much it makes subtle changes to keep it fresher from the sexual positions to Shiranuis thoughts and actions to some ‘challenges’ pushed by the Demon King himself.

My only disappointment here is the relative lack of hardcore elements, considering the universe it is set in and powers at be I felt the more natural breaking, whilst wholly enjoyable, a tad disappointing. No brainwashing machine, no harder acts and only a bit of degradation.

The art combines Tsukino Jyogis style well with the set design of Shiranui. Due to her incredibly voluptuous design there wasn’t too much room for manoeuvre but he draws her wonderfully. As with his other works I have to give a special mention to the facial expressions which display Shiranuis sheer anguish and reluctant pleasure from each step of her breaking.

I liked what was on offer here as Tsukino Jyogis distinct styles remains intact whilst being faithful to the character of Shiranui. The lack of harder elements was a disappointment but not enough to hinder this. Well worth a read to fans of the Taimanin series.

Mangaka: Tsukino Jyogi
Release: 2015
Length: 1 volume
Availability: Mandarake


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