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I was very excited when I first saw that Blackmail was being released in English uncensored. I am a big fan of Tokisana just from the few chapters I’ve read from him and was counting down the days until its release not knowing what awaited. With it finally here does it deliver or is there disappointment in the air?

This book is a collection of one-shots many of which focus on the element of blackmail so there is no overarching story here. As there are a lot of one-shots this means a lot of different content. There is content you associate with blackmail such as rape, mind breaking and sex slave play but there are also chapters featuring consensual sexual content and even gender bending so it never feels tired or trudging the same line. If part of that sounds off putting it is best not to read this.

Many of the chapters here I loved and it started off very strong sticking to the blackmail name. Rika Kitami is the captain of the fencing club and one of her members has committed an act that would shut down the club and expel him. In her attempt to save him and her dear club she bends to the whims of this disgusting teacher. She gives him oral, curling her tongue around his balls and dick, gives him oral and paizuri in his office under his desk in a game to make him cum before a student leaves amongst many other sordid acts including a nice punishment game.

As a sign of what’s to come it is very strong. Sure it plays to the tropes of the genre but the exquisite art, pacing and story twists make it oh so enticing and re-readable. It brings out the salacious nature of it all, seeing this girl succumb to this ugly, gross man only for her to slowly break was satisfying. Getting that done in one chapter is impressive.

There is much more though with a chapter focusing on an idol in a struggling agency doing what she can to protect the younger, innocent girls results in her throwing away her dignity and being humiliated by a group of fans really stuck in my mind thanks to some memorable shots of her wearing very little and offering herself in degrading ways before succumbing to the torrent of pleasure. Again the pacing is near perfect as her transformation from resistant girl to cock begging slut takes shape.

Lastly I wanted to highlight my favourite chapter. An agent trying to apprehend a drug dealer and gets laced with one of his new drugs and this is where the fun begins. She becomes hotter and hotter, removing more clothing until she stops in an alley, half naked with her uncontrollable lust as a group of random commoners find and rape her. The pacing was pinpoint precise as each page showed the drug taking further effect, humiliating her, bringing her down until she could not hold it in and the gang rape showed her being treated like the object she was.

Despite my love for this book there are chapters that do feel much weaker than the rest and these focus on the consensual side of sexual action. They just feel blander without that extra hook, that certain something that each other chapter has. Seeing a girl who masturbates to a boys clothes and scent only for him to catch her did not take the turn I expected. Likewise the chapter that focusing on an absurd book telling you how to get the girl you like was mildly interesting but quickly fell off. They aren’t enthralling even with Tokisanas luscious art elevating it past mediocrity.

Speaking of art it is what drew me initially to Tokisana. He has a very distinct style and it works magnificently. The girls all have long legs, thin waists, large breast lovely hips and some divine facial expressions. Not only that but the way they are angled and frames accentuates all of these beautiful features from girls kneeling, legs apart giving oral, close-ups of their faces as they lick the balls and dick of the man they hate, a model wearing a tight fitting swimsuit, multiple x-ray shots of the girls taking dicks or any other number of shots they stick in your mind. There may not be much variety in body types but subtle facial changes and distinct hair types set them apart. If you want a bit more variety then you will be displeased.

This review is based on Project-Hs English release and it continues the very good work offering the book exactly as it is in Japanese with full content and completely uncensored for the first time. There are no colour pages but it is still worth the price.

This book did exactly what is set out to do by offering a set of one-shots dealing with blackmail and similar content whilst changing it up to keep the freshness. It is incredibly erotic and I have re-read the stronger chapters numerous times now and they still satisfy and that is the best indicator of a success.

Mangaka: Tokisana
Release: 201X (Japan), 2016 (US)
Length: 1 Volume, 7 Chapters
Price: $24.95, £14.99
Availability: Project-H, BookDepository


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