Review: Chijoku no Seifuku

Visual novel based anime can have problems such as not covering the right amount of content, leaving out important plot threads or not focusing enough on each girl. Chijoku no Seifuku by is adapted from the Bishop VN of the same name but does this manage to avoid those pitfalls or become another ‘what if’ casualty?

Yoshimoto is an electrician. He helps people and charges them little getting them to get on their good side. He hides a secret though; he installs cameras in their houses in the hope of seeing material that will allow him to blackmail them into sex slaves. How far can he go with this?

The setup is nothing you haven’t really seen before, it seems almost staple of the genre at this point but it works well enough in setting up the scenes. Being an electrician also helps make it tad more plausible that he could set up this web. Each of the girls has a different personality which is key for keeping it fresh. Akemi is more relaxed and accepting of Yoshimoto having other girls, Kasumi is an inner pervert and Aya is a fiercely resistive girl.

The sex scenes here offer the usual array of blackmailing into sex. There is oral, anal and pussy action here as well as sex toy use with no bondage or more hardcore acts in sight. This matters little though when the action is executed as well as it is here.

Yoshimoto starts with Kasumi and shows her the images of her masturbating wildly, from there he takes control. He rips her tights and begins licking her out until she cums and the challenges her to swallow all his cum or be fucked. The camera jumps around showing off Kasumi pleasuring Yoshimoto from all angles as she is forced into it, licking his penis and smothering his balls with her tongue before he cums and leaves her alone.

Then the actions ups a notch as a naked apron Akemi waits at home for him, already enslaved she feels pure joy in satisfying him from all angles before he makes his way back to Kasumi to finalise the enslaving where he verbally abuses her, shames her and submits her to the pleasure.

The second episode focuses, from start to finish on the breaking of Aya, a nurse. She offers a lot of resistance, fighting off as much as she can but with her job and livelihood on the line she reluctantly gives in. Days of sexual assault and rape, walking around with vibrators in, torn tights, cum seeping out of her pussy, this new found feeling enveloping her is too much to take as we slowly see her change from this continued ravaging until she breaks under the need of his cum.

Each sex scene is a joy from the point of view camera angles to their bodies glistening from the sweat as they move and react to this forceful pleasure to their moans growing ever louder and pleasurable it hits the right notes, it is incredibly arousing showing just enough of the girls in frame to elicit even more lewdness. You see their plump breasts, salacious curves and divine reactions as they orgasm and change begins to sink in. It may be basic and done before but every aspect is pristine viewing. I cannot fault the sex scenes at all.

Sadly the lack of motive behind Yoshimotos actions hinders this. Why does he do these things other than simply being a pervert? Why does he target girls? What made him like that? I’m not asking for 5 plus minutes but a bit of background would have done wonders as just watching it you feel like you jumped in midway and have missed something substantial.

That brings me onto the other negative: the pacing. There are two episodes here at around 15 minutes each. The second episode is focused on Aya and is stronger because of the extended time given to her but the first episode features two girls and it feels rushed. Kasumi breaks far quicker than I expected with the given excuse that she always wanted a man to take her and she masturbates constantly but Akemi is already enslaved. Bar a few flashback images there is little to show what Yoshimoto did or how he broke her which is frustrating. It feels disjointed having such a dramatic change in pace occur after one episode.

Visually the show is very pleasing on the eye. Anyone familiar with VN artist Mizushima☆Oonari will instantly recognise that art as he brings his salacious style to proceedings. Each girl is distinct with Akemi the blonde haired curvier girl, Kasumi the young pink haired beauty and Aya in the middle with lush blue hair each with their own salacious clothing from sexy barely there lingerie to a naked apron which are sure to arouse.

The animation is very smooth throughout the two episodes flowing naturally with little scene or frame recycling. Camera angles offer a multitude of shots displaying the girls in a succulent way from a back shot of Akemi kneeling in a naked apron waiting at the door like a pet, Kasumi exposing herself as she masturbates or Ayas up skirt shots as cum leaks out of her not to mention the array of aheago faces as Yoshimoto cums on their faces. It looks stunning.

A lack of background story or motive and some pacing issues in episode one do weaken this ero work as it feels rushed. Thankfully the sex scenes are a real delight and elevate this above a meandering ero work. I recommend it to those who want a nice, seamless does of mind breaking and enslaving.

Studio: T-Rex
Release: 2016
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: CD Japan


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