Review: Mahou Shoujo Isuka ~after school.~

Tentacle play is not usually the top of my enjoyment pile and it has to really do something to attract my attention and standout. Mahou Shoujo Isuka the anime did that as did the VN. Upon seeing a manga addition to the story I was naturally interested but would the strengths transition well into the manga form?

Isuka is fighting off another witch hunter who happened to have a sister at her school and decides to keep a lookout on her. Away from that two new witches to the area Yozora and Setsuna are having trouble with a new troublesome enemy who has her sights set on something of great importance; will Isuka get involved and help the two new witches out?

What I really liked here is that this is an original story set within the same universe by the same author. Instead of going through the scenarios in the VN or anime again it sets itself apart. This also means a curious lack of Isuka in the story, she is in it but the main focus and the subject of the demonic actions are two other new Mahou Shoujos: Yozora and Setsuna.

They each have their own distinct designs and traits and they are nice addition to the world. Seeing them almost fresh into the role facing off against experienced demons is a lot of fun, seeing their reactions to the hideous acts and nature of the demons or believing in their strengths only to be naively struck down is a joy to see. All the while Isuka, with her experience continues to observe and protect on her own overlooking the twos progress as well.

So yes, despite Isuka being on the cover and having the series named based on her she plays but a small part in the actual sex scenes themselves. That is primarily given to Yozora and Setsuna and I liked this more. Isukas relative petit frame is nice and all but the curvier, sizeable nature of the two new girls was more enjoyable and preferable to me here.

That said the sex scenes do not set the world afire. I’ll go into one reason for them below but what you get is standard fare. Tentacles binding the girls, slithering all around their bodies and into their orifices, revealing they can modify the girls bodies and offering them up for pleasure.

If you’ve seen a tentacle heavy series before then this will be nothing new to you but it still packs a relatively satisfying punch and still retains the sense of arousal as the tentacles begin to worm their way around, entering the girls, displaying them in humiliating poses, impregnating them, forcing nonstop pleasure and pain until their minds break and even getting the girls together for some demonic fun.

I would have liked a bit more variety here though. With tentacles and demonic play there is a lot you can do to keep it fresh but here it just feels like retreading the same path. The human element played on in the anime and VN is not really as present here which is one thing I would have liked to see more of.

Visually there are issues which dampen the experience which I will get onto but there is much to like also. Character designs are lovely and fitting in with the universe. Yozora and Setsuna both have sexy figures that their form fitting outfits accentuate. They have curves and ample breasts but are not ridiculously so. The main villainess is more voluptuous being older and looks suitable sexy with a revealing bondage-esque outfit that leaves little to the imagination.

My issue comes during sex scenes, primarily tentacle play. Pages are cluttered, messy and the toning is not wide ranging enough making it sometimes hard to distinguish what exactly the sexual ordeals the girls are going through are, where the tentacles are reaching, how they are binding the girls and so on. Due to the rather messy nature of tentacles in general this is somewhat expected but the art style does not help. This problem I did not have with the anime and VN because they were in colour so for me this being black and white did make it harder to enjoy the book.

I liked the extension to the series world with an original series and it was nice to see Isuka again as well as fresh blood in the new characters but the lack of distinct scenes and some messy, cluttered art did hinder my enjoyment greatly. If you are a fan of SASAYUKis work then this is a recommend but to others check the anime or VN first and then come here if you want some more.

Mangaka: SASAYUKi
Release: 2011
Length: 5 Chapters, 1 Volume
Availability: Mandarake


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