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Full colour works in manga are incredibly rare so when you see one you have to seize the chance to read and support it, more so when it comes to the ero world. Oda Non is a well known ero artist known for his full colour displays of voluptuous women and has provided character designs for Bikini Warriors. Non Virgin collects many of his various one-shots together so how does this release from Fakku stack up?

There are a variety of one-shots here covering different scenarios and sex scenes. You have a slave fantasy, man with a wife who is a wrestler, a captured space officer, a cat burglar, a boss training her new recruits and so much more.

I really liked this variety, you never know what you are going to get next and it keeps it fresh also since it never puts similar content after each other. You could be reading about a wife getting NTR’d one chapter then a couple of school lovers the next only to read some darker material after that.

Most of the content here is consensual, vanilla works but there are darker parts as well featuring rape, mind break, body modification, humiliation and more they are sure to satisfy those like myself who prefer the more hardcore works. They are in the minority of the content though so if that sounds off putting to you then you can skip the few chapters that contain it.

These darker chapters were the highlights for me with two mainly sticking out despite their relative short length: the Slave Fantasy and Molestellar Shackles. The first offers a standard setup as two demons enslave two beautiful women, a priestess and commander. They humiliate them in front of their people, rape them and sexually torture them until they cannot fight back. It is wonderful to see and even with the limited page count Oda Non manages to bring out the best accentuating the cruelty and perverseness yet also the pleasure.

Similarly the opening chapter about a captured space commander was also highly enjoyable. She is captured, put through all manner of hellish and perverse ordeals, raped and humiliated daily, made to wear slave clothing and her body modified until she is broken. Yet again the short page count does not harm this with a near perfect tale told.

There is so much more to talk about as well. Some other standouts were a secretary giving pleasure to her bosses for knowledge in work whilst also fully enjoying it herself, a thief entering a home only to pleasure the guy in there, a wife being NTR’d by her former group of students who offer her a release for her needs and more. Such is the variety of content you can enjoy the vast majority.

Some chapters feel bland though and these are the largely vanilla ones. I am not enamoured with content like this so it has to do something to really stand out and other than the full colour, gorgeous art it doesn’t. Seeing a woman at an onsen come onto a guy, a couple of students make love in the classroom or seeing women in sexy swimwear is only so arousing. Even ones that do spice it up a bit by including warriors or thieves still have this feel to them. If you enjoy this type of content then you are sure to find more enjoyment than myself.

I have mentioned the page count and potential limit it offers but this is one of Oda Nons strengths. Every chapter the limited page count does not hinder Oda Non. He knows what he can and cannot do, makes perfect use of the page count, cramming as much detail in without overcrowding, making use of each panel, pacing it immaculately and leaving unnecessary clutter out. If it doesn’t need to be told it isn’t there. This allows each chapter to dive into the sex scenes as quickly as possible with minimal yet well written setup which is incredibly difficult to master.

The art is obviously a big selling point of this book as it is full colour, very rare for any manga work let alone ero. Every section is lavishly detailed from the backgrounds to the girls to the outfits, more so than any other ero work I have read. I loved gazing at every page from the immaculate detail of a slave outfit with clamps gripping onto a girls nipples or clit to the incredibly sexy lingerie a wife wears or the warrior-esque outfits of colosseum fighters it shines. It is glossy, detailed and vibrant which a black and white manga cannot offer and this raises even the blander chapters somewhat because of it. Sensational.

If you are looking for a bit of variety in body types then this may not be to your tastes as all the girls in this book are very voluptuous. Large breasts, curvy bodies, beautiful faces and the like. Their sexual features are accentuated through their clothing, angles to display them in fully perverse or sexy ways, their expressions and their body positions.

This release is from Fakku and it is gorgeous. Full original size as always, every page fully coloured, very high quality paper used and most importantly 100% uncensored which makes a big difference. The price as a result of this is a tad higher than their other works but well worth it.

There is so much about this book that I adore and the art is sublime, easily some of the best I have seen. That said it alone doesn’t mask the somewhat bland chapters that I skipped during re-reads. That is perhaps just my personal taste but they are still competent and enjoyable chapters. I absolutely recommend this for fans of Oda Non and fans of full colour works in general.

Mangaka: Oda Non
Release: 2015 (Japan), 2017 (US)
Length: 16 chapters, 1 volume
Price: $24.95, £18
Availability: Mandarake, Fakku, UnitedPublications


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