Review: Pretty Mangaka & Her Slutty Assistants

Sometimes a name alone is enough to pique your interest; this was the case with Pretty Mangaka & Her Slutty Assistants. Mangaka always interest me and this is the first I’ve seen in the ero landscape so naturally I had to order this. Expecting a light hearted vanilla fuelled fantasy of fun what did I really get?

Hiroshi is an aspiring mangaka but he is still very much a rookie. He applies for an assistant job to a top mangaka Miki Orihara who is known for her skills and her beauty. Upon arriving and meeting her other beautiful assistants Yurika and Manaka the real truth comes out. She also goes by another name as an ero mangaka. Now is to be subjected to sexual treatment in the aim of creating new ero manga.

The setup here is basic yet opens up the story for all manner of potential developments and routes whilst providing a nice, if threadbare look into the world of a mangaka. It doesn’t really need to do much else as the book is clearly aiming for a more comedic, casual yet also ridiculous tone. Seeing the girls get together to see Hiroshi model his penis or research into a different sexual position is a lot of fun and keeps this going throughout the book.

Each character gets their own chapter and chance to shine along with Hiroshi as well as exploring a different part of manga artistry which naturally lead to sexual activities. This was most welcome as it offered an insight into each of their girls and their distinct traits. Each of the girls differ, Yurika is more outgoing and sexually free, Manaka is a bit shy whilst Miki is the teacher getting her assistant to go along with whatever she deems necessary. Lastly comes the editor Oozone and she offers more variation in bringing out Hiroshis kinkier side.

The sexual content here covers a fairly broad range of kinks but sticks to the vanilla elements. I am not a big fan of vanilla content but what was here was wide ranging and arousing enough to keep me interested with oral, anal, pussy and paizuri play among others. The comedic tone and beautiful art helped with this.

It opens and jumps almost straight into the action which was a good sign. Hiroshi is overwhelmed by Yurika and Manaka at Mikis request wanting to give him oral. Yurika starts by caressing his balls, licking his penis before forcefully giving him oral. Just before cumming Miki instructs Manaka to join in on the fun as they both overwhelm him until she joins in for the finish he cums on their faces leading to an incredibly erotic shot of both girls lathed in his cum.

As the acts escalates Hiroshi wonders what he has got himself in for as his eyes open to the ludicrousness of this sexual situation. Each girl spends their time with him leading to some fresher scenarios with Yurika and Hiroshi posing nude for each other until they cannot handle it anymore, Miki taking him to a swingers bar where they can indulge to their delight or Manaka wanting her virginity taken in the public toilets. The latter was a particular highlight as its taken directly from one of Manakas first works as an assistant. The angles, the pacing and danger of being heard are all on point here for a salacious way for Manaka to have her virginity taken.

My favourite chapter though focused on Oozone teaching Hiroshi to be more aggressive. She takes him to her training room and acting as the masochist plans to draw out the sadist in him. Reluctant at first he quickly hits his groove peddling out all the insults and controlling aspects whilst subjecting her to handcuffs and uncontrollable pleasure and pain. It is fun and perhaps because of the other vanilla content stood out more. This is really BDSM 101 but here it feels fresh, a bright new innocent look from someone inexperienced.

There are also some one-shot chapters after the main story finishes focusing on various, fairly generic setups. The first of these focuses on students threatening to tear down an occult club and manage to force a girl into humiliating herself at school through exhibitionism and drinking cum. It is a lot of salacious fun. Unfortunately the remainder feel rather bland and simply did not hook me.

The art here is wonderful from Maki with detailed backgrounds and thick line usage bringing out the girls figures. All of the girls are voluptuous but have subtle changes in their physiques. The two older women look mature with fully developed figures whilst the younger girls are perkier, younger looking and curvy. They all look beautiful here that is for sure whatever they wear from accentuating lingerie to bare nakedness. That said I felt the variety wasn’t quite there and the facial expressions didn’t quite satisfy as I thought they could which is a shame.

This review is based on Project-Hs release. Completely uncensored and full original size as you’d want with nothing left out. There are no colour pages though which is a shame but it is a nice looking book for its price.

I dove into this expecting a nice fun slice of vanilla and got just that. The extra stories were a bit of a let down and the ero mangaka chapters were very enjoyable leaving me wanting more. If you like vanilla and comedy then you are going to enjoy this.

Mangaka: Maki
Release: 2012 (Japan), 2017 (US)
Length: 11 Chapters, 1 Volume
Availability: Project-H, BookDepository


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