Review: 3Ping Lovers!☆Ippu Nisai no Sekai e Youkoso♪ The Animation

The ‘isekai’ trend has become its own genre at this point such is its popularity in the anime world. As such I’m surprised there have been so few attempts at an ero version, in fact this is the first I can remember in anime form at least. So what does 3Ping Lovers! based on the VN of the same name by Hadashi Shoujo bring to the table that its ero cohorts don’t?

Tomohiro is your regular student, he loves gaming and is into anime and manga, one day when walking to school he is enveloped by a white light, suddenly he is thrust onto the hard ground. Opening his eyes he sees two beautiful women, he has been transported to another world. He is told his semen can bring out greater magical power in the girls and is chosen to become not only their leader but their supporter. How will his new life fair in this world?

It is as basic an isekai setup as they get until the semen part and that is where the fun begins. It could have gone down many routes but this distinctly vanilla route adds humour and a lighter tone. There is an overaching plot that it very briefly touched upon but for this episode it matters not. After the initial intro this acts more like a clip show with scenes that interlink. It also means we see very little of the characters personalities and the like which is fine for what it wants to focus on.

The content here is strictly vanilla but has enough variety and sheer salacious content to stay fresh. I was expecting Tomohiro to be weak willed and the girls to be aggressive but that was not the case with Tomohiro not afraid to get down and dirty which is good.

The first scene focuses on Frey and Alice as they begin pleasuring Tomohiro orally, licking his balls, wrapping their tongues around dick as the camera pans around showing off every angle of their pristine beautiful bodies. Showering in his cum they cannot resist the urge and ask him to fuck their pussies. With Frey and Alice crawling atop each other, their sweating bodies rubbing against Tomori he begins fucking them.

Everything about this scene was pitch perfect. The backdrop of the bedroom was lovely, the art was scintillating showing Frey and Alices bodies glistening from the sweat and accentuating their voluptuousness, it naturally advances and the camera angles display the luridness in its full glory with so many memorable shots. This is how to do a vanilla sex scene and make it interesting, the girls with each other helped immensely in setting a wonderful vanilla opening.

From there we get some more action scenes, character interaction between the party members, a hot springs scene furthering this and setting up the delicious finale. It paces well never overstaying its welcome and quickly passing over the action scenes for the real meat of it.

There are some inventive scenes and plays on typical harem series as well. Towards the finale the party discus what they want to do with Tomohiro and only being one of him that is a problem. The solution? To clone him so two girls can have one each! It’s a lot of fun and seeing the girls split off and have their way with him is decidedly lurid. It gives the girls who aren’t Frey and Alice a bit more screen time which allows for a few spins on the sexual formula which is welcome as well as leaving you wanting ever so much more.

If there is anything I didn’t like about this episode it’s a scene after Frey and Alice perform a large magical attack. Now I like big breasts but for me personally there is a limit to my enjoyment and this was it, they balloon to incredible proportions because of leftover magic and the look just does not do it for me. It reminds me of Seme Chichi and the sizes there are just too out there for me. It is but a personal preference though and doesn’t detract too much from the scene.

Visually the show is, quite simply, gorgeous. It is one of the higher budget and better looking ero works I have seen. All scenes flow smoothly from the sex scenes to the standing about to the action scenes, yes the actions scenes so often afterthoughts look good, real good, almost series level. The camera angles play a big part in this as well with an array of differing ones to capture the erotic nature, always filling the screen with the girls bodies from behind as they pleasure Tomohiro or long shots as he fucks them both.

The art here is stunning. The colour palette is bold and vibrant, lush bright colours fill the screen in every scene, detail is packed in from the backgrounds to the shine on the girls skin it is beautiful. Each girl is unique from the tanned beauty Frey to the pink haired Alice which the main focus is on but also to the petit Cature and the rest of his party. Almost all are voluptuous with accentuated curves and breasts, this hit all the right points for me and left me wanting more. There is also some pixel art and chibi versions to show between major scenes which was a nice highlight.

For a vanilla show I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this, it hits the right notes and oozes lewdness. It combines humour, great production values which I cannot praise enough and some sultry sex scenes. If you’re looking for a short bit of fun and sexual action set in a fantasy world then this is for you.

Studio: Pink Pineapple, Office Takeout
Release: 2015
Length: 1 Episode
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon JP


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