Review: Ijou Chitai Jikken Dorei

How far would you go to save something precious to you? That is the question facing Azusa in this anime adaptation of the VN of the same name by Pin-Point. With blackmail, rape and more what does this do to set itself apart from other likeminded ero works?

Azusa Konno owns an apartment building that was inherited f parents before they passed away. With just Hiroki Moriyama left and the threat of closing it down if he leaves she is worried. When he does announce his intentions to leave the emotional grip on the building surface and she begs him to stay. He agrees but has a request, he wants her to be his sex slave, she reluctantly agrees and begins her new life.

I liked this setup a lot, the simplicity of it is clear but works well playing into the emotional aspect of attaching yourself to loving memories and helps bring a modicum more rational behind her actions. Azusa is innocent enough and her clinging to this apartment building makes her very vulnerable. Moriyama we see so little of other than his taking advantage of her. He is basically just a means to an end in stark contrast to Azusa which is disappointing but that seems to be the purpose, it’s all about her.

The sex scenes here offer a varied selection with some rather unique and sordid scenes among the more predictable plays. With rape, blackmail, body modification, drugs and more thrown in for good measure this is not for those who find any of that distasteful. It doesn’t go fully down the hardcore route and merely samples parts which makes it a nice bridge to harder content.

Opening with a scream of anguish and pleasure Azusa is on the floor cleaning with no panties and a dildo vibrating in her pussy as she struggles through it. Her pleasure known as her nipples are erect and stick out through both the clothes she wears and her apron. Moriyama quickly takes control, teasing her and preying on her need for him to stay. He uses this to fuck her roughly in the hallway as cum drips from her pussy behind the apron. It is a wonderful opening with a memorable scene that oozes luridness.

From there it flitters between the ordinary and the beautiful. There are some scenes where he pleasure her orally, with his hands before fucking her wildly leaving her cumming and exhausted as the actions keep on escalating. He forces her to take a drug that modifies the size of her clit and nipples before tying her up, fucking her and offering her to his juniors from college before making her beg to feel his cock once more. Then the finale starts with a weird yet oh so wonderful bout of electro stimulation and body play with Azusa bound in a lab chair, suction cups wrap around her nipples and clit as she is forced through all manner of new pleasure centres.

The standout scene apart from the finale had to be when Moriyama forces her to take a drug and ties her up in red rope tightly. The bondage elements were promising but what came next was most unexpected. With her clit now larger and more sensitive he begins teasing her mercilessly before bringing out an electric toothbrush and pleasuring her clit until she cums. I didn’t see this coming and the originality was welcome. It was so lurid, so different and makeshift that I loved it.

My main issue here is some of the scenes do feel a bit bland. Once the initial arousing feeling is over it mostly doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary for the genre. These blander scenes only make up around a quarter of the episodes though and whilst they are perfectly fine to watch do not make well for repeat viewings. There is nothing to elevate these scenes above that feeling of fine. Fortunately the other scenes more than make up for them.

The ending also just kind of ended with us not knowing what happens to Azusa, no short clip after the credits, no ‘next time’ nothing, it just ends straight after a scene and the credits roll. It is very frustrating and mars what was otherwise a well built up ero anime.

Visually the show has its problems. The animation is towards the lower end of budgets meaning lots of slow movements, still images frame recycling and long panning shots. It certainly isn’t the worse I’ve seen and for a lower budget anime I don’t want to be too harsh but it is very noticeable. That said the camera angles and shots do always accentuate the situation whatever it may be bringing out the sordidness of it all be it Azusa being tied up and seeing her helpless or the full body shots of her in the lab.

The art only helps a bit. Azusa’s character is distinct with lovely, short pink hair and an idealised body with a thin waist and large breasts but something felt off with her. In a few shots her breasts do not look naturally attached to her body and it looks weird, almost like she’s a figure. Not a big issue but something that stuck out to me especially as the camera angle did not help in this instance. There was also a bit of roughness to the look in some places which again whilst not constant is noticeable.

This was actually one of the first ero anime I bought and whilst further re-watches have diminished the enjoyment somewhat there is still enough here to recommend to those who have seen plenty of these types of shows but more enjoyment may be found if you are venturing into this genre fresh.

Studio: Studio 9 MAiami
Release: 2011 - 2012
Length: 2 episodes
Availability: J-List, Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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