Review: Mesu Kyoushi ~Injoku no Kyoushitsu~

Teachers having sex with their pupils is a long time honoured trope in ero works whether it be consensual or not, as such when one comes along it is going to have to dig deep to stand out and offer something fresh. Mesu Kyoushi based on the VN of the same name by BISHOP offers up a bevy of beautiful teachers gradually turned into sex craved sluts but is that enough?

Eiji loves fellow teacher Miyuki and wants to commit to her and she feels the same way. Unfortunately Eijis younger step brother Takuya is waiting in the wings ready to spoil things. Eiji looked down on him thanks to his superior intellect and drove Eiji away. Wanting to make up for the cruel years that forced him away from that house he hatches a plan to take what Eiji holds most dear: Miyuki.

There are a couple of things I like here, the first is the way the story is represented, it opens with a nice relationship between two teachers but quickly descends into sexual deviance and only gradually adds in the finer details of why the main character is doing this. This continual adding welcome as it allows a stronger focus on the sex scenes whilst injecting enough plot elements to keep you hooked.

Secondly I like Takuyas motivations, he’s obviously an emotionally shot kid and his sordid ways of gaining revenge fit in with his twisted mind after years of emotional stress. The teachers all have different personalities which you’d expect and this makes for a nice range of different training methods. From teaching the haughty Saya what it means to be a woman to playing on Rihokos feelings or twisting his motives to get the better of Makoto it brings a nice change.

There are 3 episodes here which means a lot of different sex scenes with ample focus on each of the teachers at the school. It opens with Ritsuko wearing a sultry playboy bunny outfit getting pleasured by Takuya outside with Miyuki catching them feeling something she hasn’t felt before. As the camera moves around to capture Ritsukos situation in the middle of the school Takuya pleasures her with carrots before fucking her roughly to the shock of Miyuki as the seeds are sown. A salacious and very promising way to start off the anime.

From there we are introduced gradually to the numerous girls in the series and each one offers slight variations on the training methods. There are a lot of wonderfully erotic and lurid scenes here. Takuya forcing Makoto to wear a very tight fitting PE uniform whilst tying her up and fucking her roughly in front of a gagged Miyuki revealing her masochistic side, forcefully fucking the elite and proud Saya by showing her what a womans real use is, leaving Rihoko drenched in cum in the toilets or fucking Miyuki in nothing but an apron on the roof in the sunlight amongst many more. It always changes it keeping it fresh which is most welcome.

Some of the standout scenes for me involved humiliation. Seeing Takuya degrade these authoritative women is something I can wholeheartedly enjoy. Two standout scenes were forcing Makoto to dress in a very tight girls PE uniform and satisfy him before tying her up in vulgar positions before Miyuki or forcing Ritsuko to wear a vibrator in her pussy and mesh like panties so she succumbs in front of her students. I would have liked a bit more as at times it felt lacking but it’s a minor complaint at most.

I have to give a special mention to how it wrapped up as well. Not wanting to spoil thing it plays directly into the NTR elements so well leaving a scene of pure sexual action and built up emotions that just spill out. It takes every strong point and concludes well which is what every good NTR story should do.

As nice as most of the scenes were there are some that just feel plain and, well, lacking. Take the training of Saya it starts off strong with Takuya taking her down a notch of two but it rarely progresses further from that, humiliating and degrading a higher class elite teacher in the worst way possible makes sense but is absent.

Makoto wearing a maid outfit also didn’t really do it for me, sure seeing her beg and plead to please Takuya was fun and the hardcore nature was nice but it felt a bit bland. They aren’t too frequent overall but do make me fast forward on each re-watch. A lot of these were present in the VN so it appears to be a case of picking and choosing what is cut which is a shame and results in a far weaker version of the series.

Visually the show is showing its age which is understandable. The majority of scenes flow well, recycles sparingly and is smooth which results in a very nice show to look at. The camera angles seem a bit lacklustre compared to some in recent times but it always captures the mood of the prevailing sense of dread and disgust the girls have as Takuya toys with them sexually.

From up skirt shots of Ritsuko wearing mesh like underwear and a vibrator, to panning after shots of Miyuki after rape or full body shots of Makoto tied up it never ceases to arouse. There are also some lovely little movements such as Makotos body reacting to abuse or Ritsuko wagging her ass uncontrollably thanks to the vibrator that shine.

The art helps a lot here. The character designs somewhat faithfully adapt Kagamis art, considering it was one of Kagamis earlier works the style matches and suits it well. The girls themselves all have very similar body types with thin waists, large breasts and divine curves. This I like very much and the only thing setting them apart really (apart from their personalities) is their hair colours which samples a diverse palette from red, blue, green, blonde and more. I’ll be honest it helped me remember them more vividly than anything else but it worked well.

Going in with an open mind I came out of this very satisfied with what I had seen. It takes a well worn trope and injects that something extra into it from the bevy of teachers to the way it is laid out to the substantial and satisfying sex scenes throughout. I have already gone back on multiple occasions to re-watch ad that is a sign if nothing else that a show has done something right.

Studio: Milky Animation
Release: 2009 - 2010
Length: 3 episodes
Availability: Mandarake, Amazon Japan


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